My New Small Business: Dove & Olive Print Shop

Hello everyone! You don’t know how excited I am to be sharing this post with you. I have a huge announcement: I started a new small business! For quite some time now I had been wanting to start my own business and I have officially opened a PRINT SHOP! At Dove and Olive, you can find digital prints (all original photography), Instagram highlight covers, phone wallpapers, and more. In this post, I want to let you guys in on all the details including why I picked the name, why I decided to start this, and what’s to come. Keep reading to find out!




Why did I choose the name Dove and Olive?

So let’s start off with the name and how I choose it, because it truly does mean a lot to me. When I was first started brainstorming names I considered using my actual name, Sage Olivia, however it felt too closely tied to this blog and my personal brand. I wanted my shop to be something completely new and unique, where I could use my design skills and put together a unique brand. So I focused on my middle name (Olivia) and the root of why I was given it. My parents always told me that Olivia was derived from the Biblical story of Noah and the Ark. In the Old Testament, Noah builds an ark to save his family and the animals from a great flood. After forty days of rain, a dove brought Noah an olive branch, symbolizing an end to the flood and of course there was the rainbow (symbolizing that God would never flood the entire earth again). The name Olivia comes from the olive branch which was brought by the dove…so Dove and Olive was born! This was my way of keeping this new business close to me while still creating something new.

Why create a small business?

When I was in college and creating my graphic design portfolio as my senior year project, I was told by my professor that I had a very entrepreneurial spirit. I had never heard that term before, but I was starting to take my blog more seriously and it was even a part of my portfolio! Now as I’m a couple years out of college, I find that term to reign so true in my life now and am honored that my professor thought that of me. I crave to do something creative with my life and for that to become my career. My blog has brought so many incredible opportunities and my own business seemed like a fantastic next step.

Not only is Dove & Olive allowing my to be creative, but it’s combining my graphic design skills, photography, editing, interest in brand development, and of course my entrepreneurial spirit into one. It truly has been the perfect outlet, especially during a difficult pandemic. Speaking of the pandemic, quarantine has really forced me to look at my life and think about the trajectory I want it to go on. Living in Southern California, it’s almost essentially to have multiple streams of income, however that shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice what you love or not have enough time for it. Whether I am young and fully employed, or eventually a mother, and even passed that, I would love to always have something that is 100% mine and that I’m passionate about.


What’s waiting for you at Dove & Olive!

Initially, Dove & Olive was going to only be a print shop where I could share my photography from around Southern California. However, as I reflected on other things I loved designing, I realized there was much more I wanted to offer. Not only can you find beautiful California inspired prints for your home, but you can also purchase Instagram highlight covers to spice up your Instagram feed. Currently, there are tons of different color combinations and SO MUCH more to come! Not to mention, if you’d like a custom set of highlight covers to match your Instagram, you can use the “Request Custom Order” button on my Etsy shop. Additionally, any of the photography you see on my shop or on my Instagram can be made into phone wallpaper! We spend so much time on our phones, and I know personally I love having a cute wallpaper that means something to me. My wallpapers are SUPER affordable and add a beautiful touch to your phone.


Lastly, I wanted to give a huge thank you to those who have supported me so far. My shop has only been released for a couple of days and I’ve already received overwhelming support from both IRL family and friends but also from my online community. It truly means the world to me to create something that others can enjoy. My goal for this blog and for my Instagram was to bring light and beauty to this online platform I have, and this shop has been so fulfilling! There are so many ideas swirling around my head that I can’t wait to post on Dove & Olive, it’s insane. I could rant all day about how grateful I am, but I won’t do that to you. Just know that every comment, like, follow, and purchase does not go unseen and I thank God everyday for providing this opportunity for me. Sending love to you all!



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  1. August 29, 2020 / 8:56 am

    Congratulations! This sounds like such an exciting new chapter for you! xx

    • sagepetersen
      August 31, 2020 / 1:49 pm

      Thank you so much girl!

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