Black Friday Steals 2020

Hey everyone! Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving tomorrow? Honestly, it feels like we went from March all the way to November and everything in between is a blur. Nevertheless, I’m SO excited for Black Friday this year. I’ll be doing all of my shopping online, and I hope the rest of you will as well! I wanted to write a post dedicated to tons of deals that are available from some of my favorite brands! From fashion to beauty, you can have it all in this one post! I’ll be linking as many items as I can from my Like To Know It, which will make everything SO easy for you to shop! Each category will be broken down based on the brand and there’s plenty of great options. Be sure to get your shopping done early this year since most people will be ordering Christmas gifts online. You don’t want packages arriving late! With that said, let’s get into the deals!


Many of you might not know this but I actually worked seasonally at Nordstrom throughout college. I’m a huge fan of the brand and enjoyed my time there. They have some awesome deals going on right now, including the hexagonal Ray-Bans I’m constantly wearing in my photos! I also included a bit of a splurge item from Nordstrom. If anyone in your life is extremely into skincare and wanting something more high end, there is a great sale on La Mer. This is definitely an investment but it really does do incredible things to your skin! Check out some other great items I found below:


I have completely fallen in love with Lulu’s lately. I recently posted one of their extra long cardigans on Instagram, and you guys went crazy for it! They really do have the cutest stuff and it’s SO well made. I’m actually a newer customer of theirs but I totally understand why people love it! With the cold weather coming in, they have TONS of cute sweaters in their Black Friday Sale right now. I rounded up some of my faves and you can shop them here:


I’m sure all of you know how popular Matisse has become the last couple of years. Their shoes are truly beautiful and so unique. Their mid calf snakeskin boots have had everyone mesmerized (yet I still haven’t gotten my hands on a pair yet, but you better believe they’re at the top of my list!) While this pair are not included in the Black Friday Sale (sad) they have plenty of other versatile options! Check em out!


Let’s take a step back from fashion for a sec and dive into some beauty products. Unfortunately, a lot of the products I was interested in this year at Sephora weren’t included in the sale, but I was happily surprised to see some other items I love that were included! For example a few Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes. I’m a sucker for the Urban Decay palettes and they make up the majority of my eyeshadow collection. I’ve included a couple of them in my selects as well as some Stila products (I also use this brand almost everyday!)


So I wasn’t able to link any options from Lack of Color on Like To Know It, but I still had to include them in my post! This is probably the best time to purchase a LOC hat if you’ve had your eye on one (or two). I’ll definitely be purchasing a new one from the sale since their hats are pretty pricey without a discount. I love that they offer so many different colors, styles, and sizes. They’re also constantly offering something that looks completely different and brand new, which I really appreciate in a brand. Check out some hats I have my eye on (also I’ll be linking each hat through the photos, so be sure to click on it!):

Zulu Rancher

The MackNoir RancherSeaside BoaterSierra Rose

I hope you found some amazing new additions to your wardrobe in this post! Black Friday is a great time to finally purchase that item you’ve had your eye on or finish up your Christmas shopping. Let me know if there’s any great deals you’ve found recently! My DM’s are always open on Instagram. Have a great Thanksgiving to all of my readers in the States and stay safe! xx



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  1. Joy Petersen
    November 26, 2020 / 7:05 am

    Going to check out all of this!!! 🎉🎉🎉

  2. November 26, 2020 / 6:24 pm

    That long cardigan !!! So cozy

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