Post Grad Life (What to Expect in Life After College)

Hello my lovely friends! For today, I wanted to write a quick chatty post to you all about life after college. As you know, I recently graduated from Point Loma in San Diego with a degree in Graphic Design. The last four years went by in the blink of an eye and I’ve been trying to take some time to reflect. I went in as a small 18 year old, met lots of friends, lost touch with a couple of them, had my heart broken, explored the wonders of San Diego, and grown into a stronger more confident person. But what about after college? No one really prepares you for that. That’s what I want to do in today’s post, or maybe even make a few posts around this topic!

I’ll start with graduation day. One of the happiest and proudest days of my life. Every person should feel so excited and accomplished on this day. There was a bit of fog from the marine layer that rolled in (my school was right on the ocean) but overall, it was a beautiful sunny day. The ceremony went smoothly and before I knew it, I was a college graduate! Throughout this week we were also moving furniture out of my apartment and cleaning every nook and cranny (wow what am I, a grandma?) The cleaning itself took an entire day, but before I knew it, I was headed back home to Orange County to really start my adult life.


What No One Tells You

For the first few weeks after my graduation, I was simply waiting around. My family and I had our Europe trip planned as you know, so I took this time to let my mind and body relax after these past four years of studying and stress. However, with my kind of personality, too much time without having anything to accomplish can be detrimental. To be honest, I felt a bit lost not having any projects to design, tests to study for, or small homework assignments to finish. On one hand, its a freeing feeling, but on the other I felt a bit purposeless. For the past 16 years, I’ve been a student. That was my job and title. Without that, I wasn’t really sure what my “label” was or what I should do with myself. I suppose the best feelings to describe this point are: angsty for things to get rolling, excited for what was to come, and honestly just a bit impatient.

I’m someone who constantly wants things planned out and ready. I do best with routines. That’s just who I am and it works for me. This was a point I had never been in life, and it was very uncomfortable. Luckily, we went on our Europe trip and it was very inspiring. I planned to go back home and work tirelessly to apply for jobs in my field. I had a retail job lined up, which has been a great way to pass the time and save some money.

I’ll sum this up simply so the post doesn’t go on to long, but this has been my life post grad:

  • Wake up
  • Go to work for 8 and a half hours
  • Come home and get ready for bed (or have dinner depending on when I get off from work)
  • Sit down with my laptop, searching on sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor for jobs I’m interested in
  • Some days I had time to take photos to prepare for a blog post
  • Go to bed
  • Repeat

Some mornings I have tried to fit in gym time, since my health journey has been going quite well recently. However as you can see, most of my time is spent working or searching for a job in either Graphic Design, Social Media, or general content creation. I knew this would have to be my routine if I wanted to find an amazing job I loved, and I was ready to take on the hustle. I’ll admit there were days I got a bit bummed out and down on myself when I didn’t get responses from companies or received straight up rejection emails. However, let me provide a little light at the end of the tunnel. After about a month of this same routine, I got three interviews in one week. Positive emails rolled in like a giant wave and I was overwhelmed with happiness! After so much silence, opportunity was screaming at me. I’ve gotten so much better and more confident when it comes to interviews and it has paid off!

I’m happy to announce that I’m officially a professional Graphic Designer for a magazine in Orange County! It was my very first interview of my post grad life, and I am over the moon that I got the job. I’m starting this new position in a couple weeks, so I think I’ll hold off on the actual company’s name until that date. I’m so excited for this opportunity and to share my experience with you guys! If you would like a detailed post about how exactly I found and applied for this position, let me know in the comments below! I’d be happy to share my job searching process, because I know how confusing it can be straight out of college. Hope you guys are having a great week and I hope you’re okay with my transparency in this post!


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Expectation vs. Reality: Living in Southern California

Hello loves! Wow, life has been seriously so hectic lately. Like, busier than I’ve been in a long time. On one hand, it feels so good to have a routine again and on the other, I’ve been simply exhausted and sore from being on my feet all day. I’ve also been applying and interviewing for lots of companies from graphic design to social media. Post grad life has truly been a whirl wind and a roller coaster to say the least, so I’m just trying to keep my head above water right now. It’s all good things, but it feels even better to sit down and write a blog post. So for today, I thought I’d do an expectation vs. reality post! Which I’ve never done before, but it will be completely California themed. I’ll be debunking all the myths about living in Southern California and confirming anything I believe to be true. Straight from the mind of a Californian!

Expectation: Let’s start with something that has taken LA, Orange County, and San Diego restaurants by storm. Californians eat avocado everyday, without fail. They are all OBSESSED with it! 

Reality: While avocados are delicious and good for your body, not all of us have fallen head over heels for the fruit. I’m a person who enjoys the occasional avocado toast (complete with an egg and salsa) but I’m actually slightly allergic to avocados. I know others who are from California who seem to have the same intolerance. I’m actually super bummed I have this issue, because they are filled with healthy fats for your bod. So unfortunately, not all of us Californians have an avocado addiction.

Expectation: Oh, you’re from California! Do you surf?? 

Reality: True and false! Well, probably mostly false, depending where you’re from. I grew up with most of my friends spending mornings or entire days at the beach surfing. Especially in the summer, the water is filled with surfers at my home beach. It’s something I love most about my city! However, if you’re asking someone who lives more inland, they might not have ever surfed in their life. Most of the state is not near an ocean, so most likely the majority of Californians will not label themselves as surfers. It is a very frequently asked question, but simply depends on who you’re asking.

Expectation: California can totally be shortened to “Cali.”

Reality: I’ll keep this one short and sweet. You will never ever hear a Californian say “Cali.” It is simply a big old nope for us, LOL.


Expectation: People from California always put the word “the” in front of freeway numbers.

Reality: Absolutely, undeniably true! I’m not exactly sure why we do this, but it would sound weird if you didn’t say this in California. Very frequently I end up saying, “I’m taking the 5” or, “You have to take the 405.” I take these freeways everywhere! Down to San Diego, to Los Angeles, and even to work everyday. It’s a part of life here in Southern California, and I don’t know what we’d do without the 5, 405, 101, or even the 73.

Expectation: In N Out is every Californian’s favorite fast food location! 

Reality: This is a definite myth for me. While many people come to California for the beaches, the sun, and In N Out, I’m actually not the biggest fan of the restaurant! I usually get their grilled cheese sandwich, once in a while with french fries or a chocolate shake. These are very rare occasions though. In N Out usually has an extremely long line, no matter what time of the day you’re going. While the food is by no means bad, its simply not the place I’d chose if I had to eat fast food. Personally, I’d way rather have Taco Bell! Anyone with me on that? I do love that In N Out  is a Christian company though; they have little Bible verses on the bottom of their cups! Check it out next time you drive through!

Expectation: California always gets hit by earthquakes, it’s so scary to live there! The state will break off the continent one day!

Reality: We definitely experience the occasional earthquake. I’ve lived through a few in my lifetime that have been a bit scary, knocking down ceiling tiles and small objects. I remember being in my English Honors class during high school, which was on the second story of the building. Everything shook and we experienced a rolling feeling. That’s another thing: there are many different types of earthquakes that are more damaging than others. Luckily, I’ve never lived through something extremely devastating and the aftershocks are usually not as bad. I don’t feel it’s a valid reason to not live here though, since earthquakes are pretty rare. While “The Big One” is set to happen some time in the future, I don’t think we should live our lives in fear of something we can’t control. If you move to SoCal and experience an earthquake, you will be totally fine!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little expectation vs. reality post! It was super fun to reflect on my life here in Southern California and debunk some stereotypes of Californians. I feel very lucky to have grown up here and it’s definitely where I want to raise a family one day. Let me know if there’s any other expectations about living in California you’re curious about, I’d love to answer more down in the comments! See you there!


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A Typical Summer Day in Orange County!

Hello beautiful readers! Wow has it been a hot summer so far in Southern California! Like, even warmer than usual…into the triple digits some days! While extreme humidity is not my forte, there’s nothing better than sunshine beating down during a pool or beach day. My city is made for the summertime, which of course makes it my favorite season. I thought I would share with you a typical summer day in Orange County, where I grew up! When I’m not at work, you can probably find me in the ocean, on the beach, or of course chilling in my favorite pool floaties!

Pool Days & Mermaid Tails





Little fun fact about me: I’ve lived in the same house for 17 years (excluding my four years in college of course). I learned how to swim in this very pool, and it continues to be one of my favorite spots during the summer. My family loves buying these unique floaties for our pool; they add a bit of pizzazz to our backyard and are the epitome of the summer season. This year, we purchased an adorable mermaid tail floaty. It’s all pink with a scale pattern and of course a giant mermaid tail at the back. Throughout my life, I was called a mermaid because I spent so much time under water, and this floaty really brings that image to life. I can finally be a real little mermaid! We also got a rainbow themed floaty that arches all the way over your head. If you look closely, you can see the bits of sparkles inside the actual ring. It’s so fun, whimsical, and brings me back to my childhood!

Other days if I’m not getting into the water, I love laying out a towel and tanning. I bring a good book, my sunglasses, and some suntan lotion for my face. I probably don’t wear sunscreen as much as I should, considering I live somewhere that is sunny most of the time. I love these little moments where I can enjoy the sound of the water and feel the sunshine while I’m reading. That’s what summer is all about!

Laguna Beach Excursions & Swimming with Dolphins





If I’m not lounging by the pool, you can definitely find me at my favorite place: the beach! I grew up with surfers and skaters and living within a five minute drive from the Pacific. It has created the most magical childhood for me and I couldn’t imagine my life without the sea. This place is simply a part of me and I will always come back to it.

On this day, we decided to go to Tablerock beach in Laguna. It was a short walk down some stairs to get to this beach (there’s usually lots of stairs to get to these beaches). The day was scorching, the sand was hot, and the water was cooling. There is no better feeling than laying out for a while, then jumping into the waves! The water was particularly blue on this day and we were visited by a pod of dolphins. You can always know there is no danger around and can feel protected when the dolphins are present. This beach is very special because if you swim around the rocks to the left, there is a secluded area with a cave leading to more beaches! There are endless gems in Laguna, which is one reason why we love going there. It truly is a unique place with many memories from my childhood!

Some days my sister will want to go surfing, so we pack up the car with the board, our towels, water, snacks, and our sunnies. I love tanning on the sand (either listening to music or reading) and watching her catch some waves. Other times, I will bring my own rash guard and join her out in the water. Surfing definitely isn’t an easy thing, but sometimes simply sitting out in the water can be very peaceful and calming, especially early in the morning when no one is out yet.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and got a glimpse into my summer activities in Orange County! It really is a beautiful place and would recommend stopping by if you’re ever in Southern California. Let me know what your favorite summer activity is down in the comments! Talk to you all very soon! xx


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The Perfect Bohemian Summer Accessory (JORD Wooden Watches + Giveaway!)

Hello, loves! I’m so excited to share this post with you today! As you know, summer is finally here which means we can break out those bohemian jean shorts, sun hats, flip flops and head to the beach! With that I love finding new and unique summer accessories that will complement my summer outfits. I’ve partnered up with JORD watches, who have introduced me to my newest accessory obsession! JORD watches are completely wooden with a gorgeous minimalistic design. I personally enjoy these wooden watches because they remind me so much of growing up by the beach, surrounded by palm trees and the Pacific. I know they would be a huge hit with the surfers in Orange County! You can find the whole assortment of wooden watches on the JORD website, I’m sure you’ll find one you love. Continue reading to see how I styled my JORD watch, learn more about engravings, and enter the giveaway!




First off, let’s start with packaging. I was so excited when my watch finally arrived. In the past I didn’t own many watches but while looking through the website, these watches really caught my eye. To say the least, I was really looking forward to the delivery! It came in a black box, and when opened I found another box completely made of wood. Inside, the watch sat on a small cushion, complete with an extra watch link to make it bigger if need be. JORD also provided me with some 100% natural finishing oil for the watch. My initial reaction was that this company really understood their brand. They assigned their brand attributes and followed through with wonderful packaging. As a Graphic Designer, you all know how much I appreciate and pay attention to packaging.




I’ve found since this watch is wooden, the texture and pattern works with most outfits! I loved pairing my JORD watch with my boho dress (full OOTD from my last post here). My particular watch has a lovely navy blue face with Roman Numerals. The shade matched perfectly with my dress and again added to that summer/beachy vibe. Also, the face is much larger than the actual band, which gives a very feminine yet professional look that I absolutely adore! If you’re interested in this particular watch, please follow the link here. Around the face of this watch is a very subtle rose gold band, which is why I loved pairing my rose gold Steve Madden sandals with this look. It tied everything together perfectly in a very minimalistic way!

One of the best aspects about my watch though, is the engraving. I chose to engrave a little message on the back, which makes it so unique to me. I engraved my favorite Bible verse: Psalm 23. The idea that the words behind this verse will always be with me while wearing this watch is truly meaningful and special. I love that JORD offers this to their customers!




How to Enter the Giveaway!

Alright so I know you all have already fallen in love with this accessory, so let’s get to the giveaway! Simply follow my link here to enter. Every person who enters will receive a 10% off discount code for JORD watches. Even better, one lucky winner will receive a discount code for $100 off their favorite watch! What a great deal, guys! This giveaway will only be active until July 29th, so be sure to apply before that date! Once you enter, your discount code will be available until August 12th! You all know I would never advertise something I didn’t wear or enjoy myself, but this is truly a product I am impressed with and would recommend. Not to mention, they have great watches for both men and women! Let me know if you entered the giveaway or what you think of my new watch! That’s about it for this post, I hope you guys are having a fantastic day and I’ll talk to you soon!


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A California Fourth of July! (Makeup Look)

Happy Fourth of July lovelies! My readers come from so many different countries, but to those of you in the states, happy Fourth! Last summer during this holiday, I was watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle in France. It was so magical but I missed out on fireworks that summer! This year I’ll be spending the holiday with my fam and working a short shift as well. Luckily, I”ll be home in time for fireworks and firecrackers! I wanted to share a little makeup look with you guys that I created especially for the Fourth. Hope you enjoy!



For this look, I (clearly) took a lot of inspiration from the American flag colors. If you’re in the states for this holiday, you’ll see everybody sporting red, white, blue, or all of them combined! For my lid, I started with a silver shade from the Modern Renaissance palette and added a gold shade from the same palette. This acted as a shimmery base before I started adding color. I then went in with a couple red tones from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette and placed that on my outer V, as well as blending it into my crease and the gold shade.


I also placed that same red tone on the outer corner of my lower lash line. Next, to add a pop of blue that is so iconic from the American flag, I took a couple blue shades from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette. This was placed on the center portion of my lower lash line and blended with the silver shade we used previously. I love the nice gradient the red, blue, and silver created on my lash line! Taking that same blue, I sprayed my brush with the Urban Decay setting spray and placed it in my water line to act as blue eyeliner (because I couldn’t find my actual blue eyeliner pencil).


I then took my Stila Stay All Day liquid eyeliner in black and created a simple wing to add some definition to my eye. With that same eyeliner in hand, I really wanted to add some stars to this makeup look (in reference to the stars and stripes, of course!) It took some great attention to detail and precision to create these tiny stars, but I popped them right below my wing. I think they actually turned out pretty nicely considering I was free handing this in the mirror! Let me know what you think of them!


Last but certainly not least, I placed my Azeredo Cosmetics lashes in “Doll” on my lash line. I can’t say enough about these lashes, guys. I tried falsies for the first time just a couple months ago, but my Azeredo lashes have quickly become my favorite! This pair in particular are simply an extension of my own lashes. They are so natural and extremely light on the lid. I wore them for over eight hours the other day at work and they looked beautiful the entire day! It’s just a small extra step, but they make me feel a little more put together! If you love these lashes too, be sure to use code SAGE10 at checkout for 10% off your Azeredo lashes! 



I know there has been lots of turmoil in my country lately, but I still love taking this day to appreciate where I’m from. I’ve been all over the world and experienced so many cultures but in the end, the US is my home and I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing and beautiful place. Especially being from California, I’m very biased and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!

The weather has really been heating up lately here in Southern California, so I’m hoping to spend a little time in the pool or tanning today! My mom usually makes a little snack platter in the shape and colors of the American flag on the Fourth, so check out my Instagram to see that plus the recipe! It’s definitely one of the cutest food platters I’ve seen for this holiday. Let me know down in the comments what you thought of this makeup look! Also, how do you and your family or friends celebrate the Fourth of July? I’d love to know! Talk to you all very soon!


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Glam Bohemian OOTD!

Hello lovelies! I’m back with another OOTD, yay! I’m sure you read the title and asked yourself, “Glam and bohemian are two completely opposite things! She’s losing it.” Well for this look, I did the impossible and combined some glam shoes with a totally bohemian dress! This fashion season is very unique, for example lots of modern western wear will be released. It’s not a particular look I’m into, but I thought I’d take a stab at mixing styles and doing something different! Here are some photos of the look, again I went with a more editorial style when it came to poses and the shoot altogether.



When I initially saw this dress in the shop, I wasn’t sure it was exactly my style. To be honest it kind of looked like a giant striped bag on the hanger, LOL. When I’m shopping, I try to keep an open mind though. An item on the hanger can look completely different on an actual person. I went shopping for this on my lunch break, so after my shift I was so excited to go try it on, and I’m so glad I did! When it comes to my body type, I really love when my waist is cinched and sleeves are long. This dress hit both those marks! I bought this piece at a store called Irene’s Story.



I’ve been buying lots of stripes lately, for no particular reason. The print is so easy to work with (if the stripes are vertical) and fun to style! I’m also completely obsessed with the giant pockets on the front! Nothing is better than finding pockets on the perfect summer dress. They’re easily overlooked but so incredibly useful! Changing up the direction of the stripes was a great detail to place on the pockets as well. This dress has a very deep V when it comes to the neckline. I wore this to work with a small white tank top underneath and it worked perfectly. If you need to cover up a bit for work, a simple white tank top is the easiest way to do that and still look bomb!



Now onto the shoes! I recently bought these Steve Maddens for work. They have two thick straps on the top and one around the ankle, secured with velcro. Since I’m on my feet all day, I need shoes that don’t have much of a heel but are still fashionable. The platform on these shoes are completely flat, so I don’t get that sharp pain in my heels. I’m actually shocked by how easy they are to walk in for over 8 hours! The thick platform is completely white, which is one reason I paired them with this dress. They compliment the white stripes so nicely in my opinion! I’ve also never had a pair of shoes that are so metallic and a rose gold color. Rose gold has been such a popular color lately, and for some reason I love how they contrast with my bohemian dress.



As for accessories, I wore my gray bralette underneath and a new necklace I bought recently. It’s very minimalistic and works with so many outfits for the summer. As for my watch, I have a post coming very soon so hang in there! 😉 There’s something very special waiting for you guys!

I hope you enjoyed today’s OOTD! I really love this dress and how adjustable it is with the drawstring waistline. I genuinely think this kind of dress would work well for any body type! Just like a wrap dress, it is very customizable to your own body. Let me know what you think of mixing glam and bohemian down in the comments below! Hope you all are having an amazing summer so far and I’ll talk to you in the next post! Love you lots! xx


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My Thoughts on Future Content (Videos, Taking Questions, and a Poll!)

Hello my lovely readers! Hope you are all having a fabulous day (or night), whenever you happen to stumble upon this post. I just wanted to write this up super quickly and let you know where my head has been content wise! I have a couple of fun posts coming up, but as some of you may know, I’ve been wanting to add more video content for quite some time.

In the past, I’ve made some videos just for fun. However, I’d really love to start fresh and make some new and updated videos! I always really enjoyed filming and sharing my thoughts on products, fashion, etc. but I’d really love for them to become an extension/contribution to this blog. Something maybe I could do once a week possibly? Anyways, I’ve been bouncing a few ideas around in my head and wanted to get everyone’s opinion on what my first official video for this blog should be! I really want to make things that you all would enjoy, so please feel free to contribute your ideas! I’ve left a little poll down below of some ideas, but there is also an option to add an idea. Please feel free to write whatever you’d love to see from me!

Before when I’ve created videos, I didn’t really love the process of editing. I would complete it as quickly as possible and not take the time to perfect it (which is weird coming from a complete perfectionist). It simply wasn’t one of my passions. However, I’ve had Final Cut Pro for a while and would like to become a master at it, which simply comes with practice. With my Graphic Design background, I hope it can be a great asset to my videos and this blog in general. So this time around, I’ll give myself a few days to edit so I can release quality content for you guys.

This leads me to the questions portion. One of the options is a Q&A, which might be a great introduction of myself to new readers. So if you’d like to leave me any questions regarding college, post grad life, my major, Graphic Design altogether, fashion, beauty, California, honestly anything you’d like to know please leave it in the comments! I love interacting with you guys and I think in a video it would be a whole new experience for the both of us! As for hair care, I get a lot of comments on here and on Instagram regarding my hair, which I wasn’t expecting! If you have any questions about how I take care of it or how I style it, pop a questions below! A beauty routine, fashion lookbook, and chit chat GRWM is also something I’d be interested in filming.

Wow, this turned into a way longer post than I planned. My apologies for the rambling but I wanted you to know where my head was at. Please drop a vote down below and again, any questions you might have! Hoping to film the most voted video on my next day off from work!


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