Fall is Here! (An Autumn Sweater LookBook)

Hello loves! Well, September is upon us which means fall is practically here (the Autumn solstice is on September 22)! Being from Southern California, we get limited rainy days and absolutely no snow days. When fall rolls around, I look forward to the rainy weather and being able to cozy up with some nice hot chocolate or tea with one of my favorite movies. I’m also a big fan of fall fashion with layering, knee high boots, and oversized sweaters. I thought I’d kick off this new month with a brand new video on my YouTube channel dedicated to some of my favorite comfy fall sweaters!

I’ve really been enjoying making videos for you guys so I hope you’re enjoying them! I’m slowly getting better and more efficient at editing so that’s been very exciting! I’ve been posting once a week on the weekends, so be sure to subscribe if you’re new to my channel! I have a lot in mind when it comes to future videos and looking forward to more of this type of content creation. Be sure to drop your channels below if you also make videos so I can check them out! I’ll keep this post short and sweet and I’ll talk to you all very soon! Have an awesome Sunday! xx


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Everything’s Coming Up Roses OOTD!

Hello everyone! It’s (finally) time for another OOTD! I’m so sorry it’s taken so long but I’m super excited about this one. Whenever I go shopping, I try to think of pieces I can wear to work. Better yet, pieces that can work in a professional setting and also for the weekend! I’ve definitely found a staple piece for my wardrobe and I think you guys will enjoy it too! I posted about this on Instagram and you all were spamming my notifications with likes and comments (thank you so much by the way) so I hope this OOTD is just as awesome! Let’s get into it!


The main reason I’m absolutely obsessed with these jeans: look at that embroidery! I mean come on, they’re so flowery and just exude the summertime. They are also very high waisted, which makes them perfect for crop tops. High waisted pants can at times be a bit uncomfortable, but I was shocked that these were actually comfortable the entire day! I ended up finding these at Topshop about a month ago. When it comes to Topshop, I either find so many things I love or nothing at all. These jeans were a great find in my opinion though!


One of the reasons I was drawn to these jeans was the two yellow stripes that run down each pant leg. Pale yellow has been such a popular color this season and I’ve actually been surprisingly into it. Sometimes I will pair these jeans with a more fitting crop top but today I opted for a more flowy one. It was definitely a warmer day, so I just wanted to feel comfy on top. The top adds a very laid back bohemian vibe, which of course is always what I’m going for! I feel like that word is a little overused on my blog but I’m not sorry about it, LOL. P.S. yes, I’m not wearing shoes because it’s SUMMER people!


I also really love the length of these jeans. As a shorter person, a lot of jeans end up being too long on me, so I have to roll up the bottoms. It’s so nice not to have to do that with this pair of jeans. They fall perfectly at the ankle and are fitted all the way down. Not to mention, I think they’re very flattering (especially as a curvier person). I love that these can be worn with simple sandals or with some cute all white Adidas. I’ve been loving the tennis shoe/chunky shoe trend lately, especially when they’re paired with something feminine like these jeans.


Hope you all enjoyed this short OOTD! With my new work routine, I’m going to try and be better about posting. Consistency is extremely important but one of the hardest things when it comes to blogging, honestly. But bear with me and hello to all my new readers! Please feel free to comment below any sort of content you’d like to see from me. It can be about makeup, fashion, graphic design, college, or even a Q&A. That would be super fun to post some time in the future! Have a great rest of your Saturday, everyone! xx


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The Perfect Bohemian Summer Accessory (JORD Wooden Watches + Giveaway!)

Hello, loves! I’m so excited to share this post with you today! As you know, summer is finally here which means we can break out those bohemian jean shorts, sun hats, flip flops and head to the beach! With that I love finding new and unique summer accessories that will complement my summer outfits. I’ve partnered up with JORD watches, who have introduced me to my newest accessory obsession! JORD watches are completely wooden with a gorgeous minimalistic design. I personally enjoy these wooden watches because they remind me so much of growing up by the beach, surrounded by palm trees and the Pacific. I know they would be a huge hit with the surfers in Orange County! You can find the whole assortment of wooden watches on the JORD website, I’m sure you’ll find one you love. Continue reading to see how I styled my JORD watch, learn more about engravings, and enter the giveaway!




First off, let’s start with packaging. I was so excited when my watch finally arrived. In the past I didn’t own many watches but while looking through the website, these watches really caught my eye. To say the least, I was really looking forward to the delivery! It came in a black box, and when opened I found another box completely made of wood. Inside, the watch sat on a small cushion, complete with an extra watch link to make it bigger if need be. JORD also provided me with some 100% natural finishing oil for the watch. My initial reaction was that this company really understood their brand. They assigned their brand attributes and followed through with wonderful packaging. As a Graphic Designer, you all know how much I appreciate and pay attention to packaging.




I’ve found since this watch is wooden, the texture and pattern works with most outfits! I loved pairing my JORD watch with my boho dress (full OOTD from my last post here). My particular watch has a lovely navy blue face with Roman Numerals. The shade matched perfectly with my dress and again added to that summer/beachy vibe. Also, the face is much larger than the actual band, which gives a very feminine yet professional look that I absolutely adore! If you’re interested in this particular watch, please follow the link here. Around the face of this watch is a very subtle rose gold band, which is why I loved pairing my rose gold Steve Madden sandals with this look. It tied everything together perfectly in a very minimalistic way!

One of the best aspects about my watch though, is the engraving. I chose to engrave a little message on the back, which makes it so unique to me. I engraved my favorite Bible verse: Psalm 23. The idea that the words behind this verse will always be with me while wearing this watch is truly meaningful and special. I love that JORD offers this to their customers!




How to Enter the Giveaway!

Alright so I know you all have already fallen in love with this accessory, so let’s get to the giveaway! Simply follow my link here to enter. Every person who enters will receive a 10% off discount code for JORD watches. Even better, one lucky winner will receive a discount code for $100 off their favorite watch! What a great deal, guys! This giveaway will only be active until July 29th, so be sure to apply before that date! Once you enter, your discount code will be available until August 12th! You all know I would never advertise something I didn’t wear or enjoy myself, but this is truly a product I am impressed with and would recommend. Not to mention, they have great watches for both men and women! Let me know if you entered the giveaway or what you think of my new watch! That’s about it for this post, I hope you guys are having a fantastic day and I’ll talk to you soon!


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Glam Bohemian OOTD!

Hello lovelies! I’m back with another OOTD, yay! I’m sure you read the title and asked yourself, “Glam and bohemian are two completely opposite things! She’s losing it.” Well for this look, I did the impossible and combined some glam shoes with a totally bohemian dress! This fashion season is very unique, for example lots of modern western wear will be released. It’s not a particular look I’m into, but I thought I’d take a stab at mixing styles and doing something different! Here are some photos of the look, again I went with a more editorial style when it came to poses and the shoot altogether.



When I initially saw this dress in the shop, I wasn’t sure it was exactly my style. To be honest it kind of looked like a giant striped bag on the hanger, LOL. When I’m shopping, I try to keep an open mind though. An item on the hanger can look completely different on an actual person. I went shopping for this on my lunch break, so after my shift I was so excited to go try it on, and I’m so glad I did! When it comes to my body type, I really love when my waist is cinched and sleeves are long. This dress hit both those marks! I bought this piece at a store called Irene’s Story.



I’ve been buying lots of stripes lately, for no particular reason. The print is so easy to work with (if the stripes are vertical) and fun to style! I’m also completely obsessed with the giant pockets on the front! Nothing is better than finding pockets on the perfect summer dress. They’re easily overlooked but so incredibly useful! Changing up the direction of the stripes was a great detail to place on the pockets as well. This dress has a very deep V when it comes to the neckline. I wore this to work with a small white tank top underneath and it worked perfectly. If you need to cover up a bit for work, a simple white tank top is the easiest way to do that and still look bomb!



Now onto the shoes! I recently bought these Steve Maddens for work. They have two thick straps on the top and one around the ankle, secured with velcro. Since I’m on my feet all day, I need shoes that don’t have much of a heel but are still fashionable. The platform on these shoes are completely flat, so I don’t get that sharp pain in my heels. I’m actually shocked by how easy they are to walk in for over 8 hours! The thick platform is completely white, which is one reason I paired them with this dress. They compliment the white stripes so nicely in my opinion! I’ve also never had a pair of shoes that are so metallic and a rose gold color. Rose gold has been such a popular color lately, and for some reason I love how they contrast with my bohemian dress.



As for accessories, I wore my gray bralette underneath and a new necklace I bought recently. It’s very minimalistic and works with so many outfits for the summer. As for my watch, I have a post coming very soon so hang in there! 😉 There’s something very special waiting for you guys!

I hope you enjoyed today’s OOTD! I really love this dress and how adjustable it is with the drawstring waistline. I genuinely think this kind of dress would work well for any body type! Just like a wrap dress, it is very customizable to your own body. Let me know what you think of mixing glam and bohemian down in the comments below! Hope you all are having an amazing summer so far and I’ll talk to you in the next post! Love you lots! xx


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Summer on the Tennis Court OOTD!

Hello friends! I’m coming at you today with another OOTD, the first one of the summer season! This look is not only perfect for the warm weather, but also is great for a work outfit if you’re in a rush. Rompers in particular are so easy to wear. Similar to dresses, you throw them on and have a complete outfit in less than 30 seconds, what’s better than that?! Normally I have a bit of a hard time finding rompers that fit me properly, but I’ve been having some good luck lately! I’d also like to mention that I took a more editorial approach with the photography, so I hope you enjoy! Without me rambling any further, let’s get to the photos!




I was initially a big fan of this piece when I noticed the silhouette. The way the material cinches around the bust and drapes along the arms is beautiful and very feminine. The rest of the material is very loose and comfortable, making it extremely moveable and great for walking a lot. I usually gravitate towards maxi dresses that have a similar cut because it is most flattering on my body type. I bought this jumpsuit at a store called Irene’s Story.



Are you guys just loving this sunburn of mine? While going to the beach this morning, I wasn’t expecting it to be so hot, so your girl got quite the painful burn. Normally, when my skin looks not like a tomato, jumpsuits like these look beautiful and really show off your shoulders nicely. I especially adore the little fringe along the neckline, which adds to the feminine vibe. A piece like this would be perfect for a summer festival or even a concert!




As for accessories I wore one of my favorite gray bralettes, which work best for strapless pieces. I know many girls can go braless but that’s a no go for me! They are very flattering while being at least a little bit functional. I believe I bought this one at a store called Owl Fish (which have been popping up randomly in Southern California) but you can find ones identical to this at Urban Outfitters or any lingerie shop I’m sure. My gold graphic necklace is a new buy from my favorite boutique called Melrose in the O.C. I rarely go for such bold neckwear but I love the bohemian vibe it adds to this look! The shoes are from Steve Madden and have been my newest obsession. The black straps are extremely cozy and stretchy. I’ve actually been wearing them to work and they’ve been perfect, especially with the more fancy platform. The cork-esque material continues to give that bohemian look. As for my watch, you guys will have to wait for another post! 😉




I love the look of a denim jacket with jumpsuits or maxi dresses. It definitely makes it a bit more casual, yet still completely put together. If it gets chilly one night, but you still want to wear a bomb outfit, a denim jacket is one of the best ways to go! From the jewelry, to the shoes, the jacket, and the jumpsuit, this makes for a gorgeous outfit on a beautiful summer day!

For makeup, I went very glam today and wore my Azeredo lashes in “Legendary.” They’re very dramatic and I love the look they give! They are absolutely perfect for a night out or even for a date. They are very well made and I’ve genuinely enjoyed getting to use them with so many makeup looks! To top it off, they can be worn up to 15 times and 5% of their earnings go to the Cancer Research Institute. I have an entire post about how I styled them here if you’re interested. Don’t forget to use code SAGE10 at checkout for 10% off, loves! You know I got you on those sweet deals!

Alright I hope you all enjoyed the post and the photos! There were lots of shadows to work with so a bit of editing was required of course. Let me know down in the comments what your go to summer outfit is, I’d love to read them! Talk to you all very soon and make sure to check back for a special post in the near future! I have a little something for you guys. xx


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What To Wear To Work OOTD!

Hello lovelies! Since I have just graduated from college and in the process of applying for jobs, I got a seasonal position back at Nordstrom! I’ve worked at the department store seasonally on and off since I was 18, so I’m very familiar with retail etiquette and how to build bonds with customers. I really enjoy the environment there and the company is honestly so good to their employees. I feel very lucky to have a place there. That being said, I’ve had to do a bit of shopping so my wardrobe fits the dress guidelines. I’ve found some great pieces that would work for your average work day for many people! Thought I’d share that today on the blog, so keep reading to see the look!




What I love so much about this outfit is how casual but put together it is. For my job, we cannot have any rips or holes in our jeans, which is a bummer for me because that’s all I ever buy, LOL. These jeans however, have been a pleasant surprise for me. I love how the bottoms are cut so they look asymmetrical and geometric. I’m all about that geometric look! They’re also a bit high waisted, which is something I really love in a good pair of jeans. Luckily the high waisted look has been very in style lately, so I’ve taken full advantage!



Okay, let’s just talk about this top for a minute. The stripes..the tie…the hood! I can’t get enough of it. This is what I call effortless style. I love when I can put one piece of clothing on and it creates a complete look! This top is super flowy, (which of course, if you know me, is practically all I buy) especially when it comes to the sleeves. The bell sleeves give such an elegant, yet bohemian vibe which is also repeated in the hood. I would have never though to put a hood on a top like this, but I seriously adore it. It’s also a bit of a crop top, making it the perfect summer statement piece. As you may have noticed from my last OOTD, I’ve been super into stripes and I’m not sorry about it!



Outfits like these are great when it comes to working. Walking around for hours in a store, at a restaurant, or in an office can get a bit tiring. Having something that I’m comfortable walking a lot in, but is also super fashionable is what I strive for. If you’re looking for some great work outfits, try aiming for comfortable blouses that can be dressed up with jewelry, hair, and makeup (if you’re into that).


These shoes from Madewell have been my prized possession for a few weeks now. I wore them to my Graphic Design portfolio review, and they were absolutely perfect. Of course, with any heeled shoe, they got a bit uncomfortable around the fifth hour, but I can honestly say they’re some of the best heeled sandals I have. The material is actually very soft and flexible, which was great for being on my feet that day. I think they work very well with the blue stripes in this blouse as well. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to wear them during work, but for a casual look I’ll definitely be rocking them!

Hope you all loved this OOTD! I’m bringing both these piece to Europe with me and this top has been all over my Instagram! I also hope you don’t mind my little fiddle leaf plant making a cameo in all of my OOTD’s. It’s just the perfect accent to my room and brightens up my photos. As of right now, I’m in London so again, if you have any great places in mind that you’d recommend, please let me know down in the comments! xx


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Away to London Town OOTD

Hi guys! Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve done an OOTD. I missed posting about them so much. I recently have been buying a few pieces to wear to London and Paris, but also to wear to my job at Nordstrom this summer. Yes, I’m working there again and I’m super excited! The look I put together today has all the summer vibes and will hopefully make for some great Europe photos and memories. I can’t wait to bring a little bit of California to London! Check out the full look below.



I’ve been finding myself buying a lot of white lately. Maybe because it makes your skin look way more tanned? LOL, whatever the case is, I’ve been loving it and it matches with so many different pieces. This top in particular is very out of my comfort zone since I rarely buy crop tops, but I’m glad I’m trying something new. I love the three buttons on the front, as they add a very bohemian/summery vibe. The tie is also one of my favorite things about this top. It’s super feminine and makes sense for the cut of this flowy blouse.



The textures and patterns of this top are simply stunning. I love how a white threading was used to create the shapes instead of some other color. The white on white is so elegant. I love a good top that has some longer sleeves as well, but they definitely aren’t too much fabric. The whole piece is light, airy, and perfect for warmer weather!


As for the shorts, I’ve never bought anything like them before! They are definitely a little longer than most shorts, but that seems to be a trend right now. I’m obsessed with the stripes and the muted blue tone. The best part though: these shorts have POCKETS! Yes, pockets! I didn’t even realize until after I bought them. Most shorts I’ve tried that are similar to these rarely ever have pockets, but they’re so helpful if you’re going to a fair, a concert, or a festival. I normally go to the OC Fair every summer, and these shorts will definitely be perfect for that occasion! I also love how there’s a cinched band along the waist, so they’re super stretchy and move with your body.



Lastly, as my choice of shoes, I slipped on one of my favorite pairs of sandals. They’re a tan color with two straps along the front and one around the back. I bought them at Tilly’s a while back, but they’re the perfect summer shoe. With this outfit, I think they look bomb and very laid back. They have a slight heel to them, making them a bit fancier than your average sandal. I love the white, blue, and tan colors together in one outfit. I’ve really been leaning towards these kinds of muted, toned down shades lately and I think they work well.

That’s about it for this OOTD! Let me know which piece was your favorite below in the comments. Also, what’s your favorite summer go to clothing item? I love hearing from you guys! Talk soon!


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