All About My Hair! (Products, Styling, & How I Keep It Long & Healthy)

Hey everyone! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. It’s Sunday and almost time to start a new work week. I know sometime it’s hard to face Monday, but I have a new video out that I think you guys will love! You all have been leaving me a lot of comments on Instagram about my hair, and I so appreciate it. I honestly don’t think too much about my hair but I figured since there were some questions about it, I would let you in on some tips and tricks. Check out the video below, drop a like (if you liked) and subscribe if this is the first you’re seeing of my videos!

In the video, I let you guys know what type of hair I have as well as what I ask for when I go into the salon. I’m pretty particular about the tone of my hair, as I always like it on the cooler side. I’ve also found a few holy grail products that I’ve been using for years, so I left a full list of the products I mentioned in the description of this video. So in case you want to try them out for yourselves, it’ll be easy to search! Let me know what you thought of this video down in the comments or if you have any other questions. I’ll be reading through and answering all of them! xx


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New Londontown Fall Line + Giveaway!

Hello everyone! I am so excited for today’s post (what’s new?) A little while back, I told you guys about my collaboration with Londontown nail polish. I was amazed by the high quality of this polish and so happy to be working with such an awesome brand. For today’s post, I’m partnering with them again to bring you their fall line! Yes, I know, we don’t want summer to end but honestly with these new shades I’m ready to kick off the Autumn season with a bang and a Giveaway! (Products and rules to enter below)


I don’t believe I mentioned this in my last Londontown post, but each of these bottles sell for about $16. For the average person this may be a bit pricey, but if you’re serious about your beauty products, you definitely get what you pay for. The quality is seriously amazing and has lasted WAY longer than your normal Target nail color. Since I’ve been in a student’s position, I’m so happy to be announcing a giveaway with Londontown! Not only that, but you guys have been so supportive of me throughout this past year of taking blogging more seriously so I’m stoked to be able to give back!


The Fall Shades

Londontwon was sweet enough to send me four new colors in their autumn line (two of them are included in the giveaway). “Kissed by Rose Gold” is one of the most gorgeous shimmer shades I have ever laid eyes on. It’s the perfect mix of silver and rose gold (which would be great for November and Thanksgiving in my opinion). “Jane Austen” is a lovely pastel pink/purple shade. It is almost white with a little hint of lavender. Next, “Iconic” is a bold blue tone. If you’ve been loving the bright nail shades this season, this is the blue shade for you! Last but not least, “Vendetta” is a deep red and really sets the whole tone for the entire fall collection. While I normally reach for the cooler tones on my nails, I’m excited to try this red shade out this season!



What You’ll Receive from Londontown!

There will be one lucky winner that will receive quite a few items from Londontown to take their autumnal look to the next level! In your package you will be getting:

Briolette and Opal you can learn more about in my last Londontown post if you’d like to know more about those shades and what I thought of them. This is all a $123 value that you can win by taking a few simple steps!

How To Enter!

There are a few simple steps to this Giveaway. First, head on over to Instagram and give both @sageoliviablog and @londontownusa a follow. Second, tag a friend you think should also enter the giveaway or you’d share these goodies with! Lastly, like any photo on my feed! This should only take you a few seconds and will make you eligible to win all of these quality items from Londontown. I know I say this in all my collaborative posts but I wouldn’t endorse something I don’t truly love and I think you guys would really enjoy these products so please enter this awesome giveaway if you’d like! Best of luck to you all and I will be in contact with the winner once the giveaway ends! Talk to you very soon! xx


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I Changed My Hair…Again (How I Maintain Blonde Color)

Hello, loves! Guess what I did today? Changed my hair color…AGAIN! Well technically, I just added more of the same color to the top of my hair. You all really loved my first hair transformation post (you can find that here) so I thought I’d write a little update. I’ve gotten blonde highlights since I was in high school, but like I mentioned in my old post, I could never find quite the right color. Since my hairdresser hit the nail on the head color wise last time, I didn’t want to stray too far from it. I normally ask for a balayage (which in shorter terms is an ombré effect), but this time I went for an all around consistent color. Here are the results!


It isn’t an extremely drastic change, which I don’t mind. I’m sure the day will come when I want to change my hair color completely but for now, I like it looking natural. As a baby, my hair was completely blonde all over but as I’ve gotten older it’s become much darker. I’m simply wanting to go back to my roots (no pun intended). Having blonde hair definitely isn’t the easiest (or cheapest) color to have. I recently have been using purple shampoo (only once or twice a week) and that’s really helped preserve the ashy tones. I didn’t think this was a necessity to use in the past, but it honestly is if you want to maintain your blonde color. Even though purple shampoo can get pricey, it limits the amount of times you have to go back to the salon for touch ups. I use the Shwartzkopf Purple Shampoo, but mostly recently I picked up the Not Your Mother’s Purple Shampoo from Target. I’ll make another update on whether or not I like this brand!



I mentioned to my hairdresser that I simply wanted to be more blonde and for the light colors to be more noticeable. She totally understood what I wanted and explained the process she would use, while also showing me photos of what she had previously created with this technique. She definitely knew what she was doing and made it clear what the result would be.

Other times I’ve gone into a salon, I’ve shown the hairdresser a photo and it never turned out the same. With my current hairdresser, she understood what I wanted and then presented me with photos instead of the other way around. I really appreciate this, as there’s a clear understanding that we’re on the same page. I can’t say enough about her and I’ll link her Instagram here:


There are many different types of blonde color: ones that are warmer toned and ones that are cooler. I personally prefer the cooler/ashy tones. Most hairdressers I went to previously just didn’t understand what I meant by icy/cool toned but Chloe totally gets it! If you’re in the Orange County area, I’d definitely recommend you check her out! That’s about it for my little hair update! I hope you guys enjoyed and that it gives you some ideas if you’re wanting to switch things up with your look! Talk to you very soon, loves!


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Londontown: New Nail Shades to Brighten Your Summer Vibe!

Hello everyone! I’m back again with a new product I think you’ll really love. For a while now, I’ve been a bit bummed with how my nails have looked. When they’re painted and kept up, it makes me feel just a little more put together. Does anyone feel that after they get their nails done? Within the past couple years, I’ve really enjoyed my time in a salon or simply sitting in my room making my nails look a bit nicer. It’s a very simple way to pamper yourself during stressful times and leaves you feeling way more colorful and happy. I’ve teamed up with Londontown USA nail polish to bring you today’s post! Keep reading to see a few items they sent me and some new colors I’m obsessed with!



I honestly don’t know how Londontown guessed some of my favorite colors, but I absolutely love the shades they sent! I normally go for very neutral shades that aren’t too extreme. I love grays, light pinks, white, shades of blue, and honestly straight up black. The four tones are absolutely gorgeous but before I get more into that we have to discuss one thing: PACKAGING! Were you surprised? The packaging for Londontown is such high quality, I was so incredibly impressed! Not only because the boxes were designed with clean black and white print, but the materials to make the boxes were so nice. You could tell they spent a lot of time on logo design and choosing materials. As always, I appreciate that so much and it says so much about a company. They also included a hand written note, which was so kind and thoughtful towards the bloggers they work with. Thanks Londontown!



One concern I had was that the lacquer seemed a little thin when it came to the lighter shades. I was happy to see though, that with one swipe the color was extremely pigmented and applied beautifully. For example, light peach shades (like the one they sent) are normally very thin and require a few coats. This shade from Londontown however, applied in a much thicker consistency than I expected! The polish overall is very high quality and something I will go back to if I’m looking for new colors.



I ended up going to the nail salon about a week ago to get some acrylic nails. I normally get gel polish since it lasts so long, but Londontown polish is not gel. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised a week later to see that the polish has stayed relatively fresh and new. Even though work, the polish has looked great and I’ve been loving the light purple tone. I’m wearing the shade “Briolette” on my nails in these photos. The gray shade is actually a shimmery shade called “Opal” and has a very pearly sheen to it; can’t wait to use this one! Thirdly, “Peach Pop” is pretty self explanatory: a light pink and very feminine. A very vibrant pink shade was also in the package and is called “Summer Fling,” what a cute name!

They also sent over a few surprises: the Londontown Protective Top Coat, Nourishing Cuticle Oil, and a Nail Hardener & Base Coat. I tried a couple of these out and noticed they really helped keep the strength of the polish. In their note they mentioned that their polishes are infused with botanicals and with these few products mentioned above, the color will stay on for a full week, chip free! How bomb is that?!


Londontown has been featured in tons of amazing magazines for their impressive products including InStyle, Elle, People, Cosmo, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and more! It was a pleasure getting to try out their products and I hope purchase some new colors in the future! They have a huge selection online, so be sure to check out the link in my first paragraph.

As always, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it revealed some fun new products for you to try out! Let me know what you think of these cute colors and if you’ve ever tried out these polishes before. I’d love to know your opinion down in the comments! Talk to you guys soon and be sure to follow me on my other socials for extra content! Love you all! xx


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A California Fourth of July! (Makeup Look)

Happy Fourth of July lovelies! My readers come from so many different countries, but to those of you in the states, happy Fourth! Last summer during this holiday, I was watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle in France. It was so magical but I missed out on fireworks that summer! This year I’ll be spending the holiday with my fam and working a short shift as well. Luckily, I”ll be home in time for fireworks and firecrackers! I wanted to share a little makeup look with you guys that I created especially for the Fourth. Hope you enjoy!



For this look, I (clearly) took a lot of inspiration from the American flag colors. If you’re in the states for this holiday, you’ll see everybody sporting red, white, blue, or all of them combined! For my lid, I started with a silver shade from the Modern Renaissance palette and added a gold shade from the same palette. This acted as a shimmery base before I started adding color. I then went in with a couple red tones from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette and placed that on my outer V, as well as blending it into my crease and the gold shade.


I also placed that same red tone on the outer corner of my lower lash line. Next, to add a pop of blue that is so iconic from the American flag, I took a couple blue shades from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette. This was placed on the center portion of my lower lash line and blended with the silver shade we used previously. I love the nice gradient the red, blue, and silver created on my lash line! Taking that same blue, I sprayed my brush with the Urban Decay setting spray and placed it in my water line to act as blue eyeliner (because I couldn’t find my actual blue eyeliner pencil).


I then took my Stila Stay All Day liquid eyeliner in black and created a simple wing to add some definition to my eye. With that same eyeliner in hand, I really wanted to add some stars to this makeup look (in reference to the stars and stripes, of course!) It took some great attention to detail and precision to create these tiny stars, but I popped them right below my wing. I think they actually turned out pretty nicely considering I was free handing this in the mirror! Let me know what you think of them!


Last but certainly not least, I placed my Azeredo Cosmetics lashes in “Doll” on my lash line. I can’t say enough about these lashes, guys. I tried falsies for the first time just a couple months ago, but my Azeredo lashes have quickly become my favorite! This pair in particular are simply an extension of my own lashes. They are so natural and extremely light on the lid. I wore them for over eight hours the other day at work and they looked beautiful the entire day! It’s just a small extra step, but they make me feel a little more put together! If you love these lashes too, be sure to use code SAGE10 at checkout for 10% off your Azeredo lashes! 



I know there has been lots of turmoil in my country lately, but I still love taking this day to appreciate where I’m from. I’ve been all over the world and experienced so many cultures but in the end, the US is my home and I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing and beautiful place. Especially being from California, I’m very biased and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!

The weather has really been heating up lately here in Southern California, so I’m hoping to spend a little time in the pool or tanning today! My mom usually makes a little snack platter in the shape and colors of the American flag on the Fourth, so check out my Instagram to see that plus the recipe! It’s definitely one of the cutest food platters I’ve seen for this holiday. Let me know down in the comments what you thought of this makeup look! Also, how do you and your family or friends celebrate the Fourth of July? I’d love to know! Talk to you all very soon!


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How I Styled My Azeredo Lashes (Discount Code Included!)

Hello loves! For today’s post I wanted to share an amazing product with you from an awesome lash company: Azeredo Cosmetics. When I saw their lashes on the site, I was completely hooked. These aren’t your day to day Target lashes. They are completely handmade, cruelty free, and can be reapplied up to 15 times! That is unheard of and I love it! Better yet, 5% of their profits go to the Cancer Research Institute. It’s amazing that this company wants to give back to such an amazing cause. If you want to know more and checkout their selection of lashes, head on over to the Azeredo Cosmetics website.

Now for the exciting part! They have been kind enough to provide my readers a discount code to their lashes. Yes, special for my lovely little fam on this blog! If you find a pair or two (or three) that you love, use the code SAGE10 at checkout for 10% off your order. Not only are their lashes completely affordable but you’re also getting them with a discount! We love a good deal and you’re helping me out as well! Okay, now onto the makeup look and how I styled them!



I bought two different styles: Legendary and Doll. The first is a very dramatic, full lash that forced me out of my comfort zone and I fell in love with them. Doll is more natural and fluffy, perfect for day to day wear. In this post, I’m wearing the Legendary lashes. I love how they flare out towards the end; this makes them super flirty and perfect for a night out on the town! I wanted the lashes to be the center of attention, so for today’s look I went for a brown/neutral color palette and I think it was the perfect backdrop to display the elegance of these lashes. I used the brown/tan shades from the Jaclyn Hill palette.


With my delivery, the Azeredo team included an adorable note. These are little details that I really appreciate when it comes to companies. I’m sure it didn’t take long to write this up, but it really shows a lot of care that is between the company and their customers. Of course, this is the Graphic Designer in me speaking. On the left is the Doll lashes and the right is Legendary.



This specific pair of lashes has a black band (compared to commonly used clear bands) which was very different for me. However, it gave the effect of black eyeliner which was super convenient because I didn’t have to apply any across my lid (I added the tiniest bit on my inner corners to make the lashes appear more natural). I paired this brown toned eye look with a natural lip using MAC’s Honey Love, a classic! On Instagram live, I actually created this entire look so be sure to check out my Instagram for future live makeup tutorials!


If you’d like to purchase the Legendary lashes, I’ll drop a link here. If you’d prefer the more natural Doll lashes, check them out here. Azeredo also offers a variety pack of their lashes, what more could we ask for?

You guys know I’ve been getting more and more into makeup/beauty lately, so this has come at the perfect time. I will only promote a product I truly love to you guys, and these lashes are definitely one of them! I find them so gorgeous, especially because they give back to a great cause. They are also saving you tons of money simply because they can be reused so many times! Again, use my code SAGE10 for 10% off your Azeredo lashes. Let me know down in the comments what you think of this look! Also be sure to drop any questions you have about the lashes down below, I’ll be answering them! Talk to you guys soon!


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What’s In My Makeup Travel Bag?


Hello everyone! As a lot of you may know, I’ve been going through my packing process since I’m leaving for London soon. Today I focused a bit on my makeup collection and the specific items I want to bring with me. It’s honestly so hard to narrow down on the things I want to bring. However, in order to travel (semi) lightly, I have some decisions to make.

Let’s start with brushes!


Luckily with this second trip to Europe, I have a bit more room when it comes to makeup. The perks of traveling with your fam! These are all the brushes I’ll be taking along with me: a beauty blender, a large fluffy brush for translucent powder, a fan brush, brushes for bronzer and blush, a stippling brush for foundation, and of course tons of different eyeshadow brushes. Eye shadow brushes are so small, they’re very easy to carry along with you while traveling. Although this may seem a bit excessive, they have all fit perfectly into my makeup bag (continue reading to see my bag).

On to face products!


These products are some of the bulkiest that I’m planning to bring. I will be using the tinted moisturizer the most out of everything, since I don’t want to pile on foundation throughout the whole trip. However, I’m bringing my Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation for special days. I use the Laura Mercier foundation primer specifically to go under the Marc Jacobs product, and funny enough I found a travel sized version under my sink! As for concealer, my Nars creamy concealer is coming with. I’m also taking some translucent powder from Laura Mercier; this powder is honestly one of my holy grail products, I couldn’t travel without it! Of course, I’m also bringing one of my favorite pink blushes from Too Faced and bronzer from both Laura Mercier and Benefit. Lastly, my go to highlighter: Champagne Pop from Becca x Jaclyn Hill!

Moving onto eyes and eyeshadow!




I don’t need too much when it comes to eyes (shockingly). I’m bringing my Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, although recently since I’ve been doing a lot of eyeshadow looks, I’ve gotten into the habit of using concealer and translucent powder as primer instead. I’m also bringing classics such as an eyelash curler, my go to Stila liquid eyeliner, and the Benefit Roller Lash (which I’m newly obsessed with). For brows, I’m bringing tweezers (in case they become unruly) and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. Finally, for eyeshadow, I’m bringing the Jaclyn Hill palette. I wasn’t sure if I was going to able to bring it due to its large size, but it actually packs perfectly into my makeup bag! Normally I’d bring a smaller one, but this palette simply has it all and I know I could achieve any possible look with it. Perfect for the unknowns of travel, especially as a fashion and beauty blogger!

What about the lips?


I don’t actually wear lipstick too often, but since I’d love to get some awesome pics for Insta and for future blog posts, I thought I’d bring some small ones. I’ve loved “Honey Love” (pun intended) from MAC for so long, and it’s so easy to wear. I’m also taking my go-to liquid matte from Anastasia Beverly Hills in “Stripped.” Thirdly, a lovely brick shade from the Tarte “Tarteist” collection.

Can’t forget about skincare!


When it comes to skincare, my mom and sister will also most likely be using the same products, so it will be easy to share and save space in our luggage. I can’t go anywhere without my La Mer moisturizer, it’s honestly the only product that works overnight for my skin. The Pore Refining toner from Neutrogena has also been my new favorite, it really helps to even out my skin tone. L’Oréal also has an awesome pure clay charcoal mask that I’ve been loving, and they pack a travel size with their normal tin! Of course, I’ve always worn my CoCo Chanel perfume, and the bottle is such a reasonable size that I have to bring it.

Okay, but what does the makeup bag look like?



I’m seriously in love with this makeup bag from Amazon. It was so affordable ($15.99) and perfect for a ton of traveling! Here is the link since a couple people were requesting it! When opened up, the top has sections for brushes and other items, as well as a zipper that opens to a larger pocket. I placed all my brushes here, as well as some lipsticks and smaller products. The main section of this bag comes with detachable separaters. This makes for easy organization and knowing exactly where your things are. Nothing bothers me more than needing a product and having no clue where it is!



In order to fit the Jaclyn Hill palette, I removed the separaters, although with some effort it can be placed on top of them. I organized my bag according to size and what each item is used for. It’s crazy to see just how many things can fit into this medium sized bag! It honestly shocked me. I’ve never used a bag like this before, but I would completely recommend it if you’re doing some traveling!

That’s about it for this post, I hope you guys enjoyed and was informative or helpful. Let me know as always, if you have any questions or comments. I’m so excited to get to London and Paris, I truly am blessed to be able to go to these beautiful locations! Talk to you all soon! xx


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