“The Little Mermaid” Inspired Makeup Look! (Collab)

Hello lovelies! It’s finally time for a collaboration post! The theme for this collab is our favorite Disney movies, so we each chose a particular film and created a look based on it.  This post was made in partnership with EmilyBurnsMUA, she has a great love for makeup but is also an extremely sweet person! Definitely check out her blog (linked above) and what Disney movie she chose to create a look on (here). Thanks so much Emily for working with me and brainstorming such awesome ideas!

Since I have lived very close to Disneyland my entire life, I am very familiar with the park and have grown up watching movies from them. “The Little Mermaid” has always been my favorite movie from Disney, since I related to the ocean theme so much. I spent my childhood either in our pool, in the ocean, or on the sand so it seemed fitting to try and create an Ariel inspired look. At first and after a bit of research, I attempted to create a look from the colors of her tail, which is a beautiful green/teal shade. However, green was NOT the color for me and simply wasn’t working. However, I love the shade of her little seashell top, so I created the look you’ll see today! Makeup is all about trial and error, but when you create a look you adore, it’s all worth it!



As you can see, I got very into the bright blues and purples. I’ve never done a look quite like this before, but I really love how it turned out. I used three palettes to achieve this look: Naked 3 from Urban Decay, the Purple Palette from Kylie Cosmetics, and the Jaclyn Hill palette.

Firstly, I placed a light pink shade from Naked 3 with a Morphe fluffy brush to work as my transition shade. I then took a slightly darker mauve color from Naked 3 and placed it along my crease to blend into the transition shade. I then cut my crease with a creamy concealer from Nars.


After cutting the crease, I took a metallic dark blue shade from the Jaclyn Hill palette and places it on my outer V and inner corner to create a halo effect. I also ran this color along my crease to blend with that beautiful mauve shade. These two blended together a lot better than I was expecting! Of course throughout this entire look I would have to go back with past colors and blend to make sure everything looked seamless and airbrushed.

I then took a rounded flat brush, sprayed it with the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray and dipped into a bright teal metallic from Jaclyn Hill. That was placed on the very center of my lid and blended with that dark blue. Quite a bit of blending took place between these two to create the perfect halo eye! To darken up the look, I took a burgundy/purple shade from the Purple Palette and placed it ever so slightly on my outer V. To add a bit of detail work, I took a light purple and metallic pink shade from the same palette and placed it on my inner corner to blend with the dark blue. Details are everything, people!



Speaking of details, I placed a bit of the metallic teal on the center of my lower lash line. A mix of a couple purple shades were then used on the outer and inner sections of my lower lash line. Make sure to blend that lower line to the outer corner when you finish up the look! The last bit of eyeshadow to be applied was inspired by small details found in “The Little Mermaid” movie, which are the little bubbles you see floating around in nearly every scene of the film! To mimic these features of the ocean, I took a white cream eyeshadow from NYX, the end of an eyeshadow brush, and made small dots along my winged eyeliner and one on my inner corner. I think this really made the look unique to the movie and gives a cool festival vibe. This would also look nice above the eyebrow, if you wanted to go crazy with it for a party or event.


Of course I threw on a pair of my favorite falsies (Eye Spy lashes) and a lovely nude lip from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Also, since I obviously do not have bright red hair like Ariel, I opted for a brick colored sweater that is so insanely cozy. We’ve been getting some chilly weather here in SoCal lately, so it was perfect! I hope this look emanates the vibe of “The Little Mermaid” and that you guys enjoyed! Definitely check out Emily’s look over on her blog and please feel free to leave any comments or questions about products below! Talk to you all soon!


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Elementals: Fire Inspired Makeup Look!

Hello everyone! Today is the start of my new makeup series, woo! These specific posts will be called the Elementals, because each look will be inspired by a special element found in nature. That is: fire, water, earth, and air. For the very first post in this series, I thought I’d start with fire! I wanted it to be very clear that this look emanated the vibes that come with a flame. That is, hues of yellow, red, pink, and a dark purple (which reflects the smoke of a fire). I kept a very simple technique, layering from light shades to dark. Since it was so smoky, the rest of the look is without eyeliner, but with very feathery lashes.



I began with a gorgeous yellow/orange shade from the Jaclyn Hill palette to act as the lightest transition shade. I used a fluffy Morphe brush to apply it and bring it out towards the end of my eyebrow. Using a couple pink/red tones from the Modern Renaissance palette, I blended those into the transition shade and moved closer towards my lid. Then comes the tricky part!



Taking a dark purple shade from the Urban Decay Naked Basics (extended) palette, I packed on the color directly to my lid and blended upwards. I did my best to make sure the pink blended seamlessly with the purple. Although I will admit, this takes some time when you’re dealing with such a dark hue. Don’t give up though, blend blend blend! If there is one trick when it comes it makeup, it’s blending. Most people don’t use this technique enough! Lastly, I took a tiny bit of black eyeshadow and placed it on the outer V and on my inner corners, just to smoke everything out even more.


For lips, I used a liner and lipstick from the brand ColourPop. I absolutely love ColourPop, I don’t have enough of their products! Similar to Morphe, it can be found online and it is priced very well, which makes the brand accessible to so many people (including students on a tight budget). This is not a matte shade however, so when wearing it for hours I will probably place a bit of translucent setting powder over it. Just to ensure no smudging takes place.



For a highlight, I used a gold and rose gold shade from the Urban Decay After Glow palette. I love the shades in this palette, but unfortunately they don’t give a blinding highlight that I’m looking for. Still pretty, though!

This look was inspired by @atarahmayhew on Instagram. Let me know if you enjoyed this post and are excited for the rest of the Elemental makeup looks! Did you get a fiery vibe from it? I didn’t go the expected route and use a lot of red shades, so let me know if you prefer this smokey look instead!


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New Beauty Series Coming Soon and Collaboration Opportunity!

Hello everyone! For today’s post I actually wanted to announce a short series I’ll be starting on the blog. As you may know, I’ve loved creating makeup looks and you all seem to enjoy them or want some tutorials. So I thought a cohesive series would be one of the best ways to showcase some inspired makeup looks. I won’t announce the theme of the series yet, but I think it’ll be a great opportunity not only to practice my makeup skills, but hopefully give you ideas for your own looks as well. I want to find different ways to explore and share beauty on this blog, whether that is through different series or through collaborations. With that being said, if you love beauty/makeup and would like to work with another blogger to create different looks, please contact me through my email (sageoliviablog@gmail.com) or comment below! We can brainstorm and of course think up the perfect posts together!

I also wanted to share a quick makeup look with you guys today. The funny thing with makeup (at least for me) is going in with a specific idea in mind, and the look going in a completely different direction. That’s exactly what happened to me this time around, but I still think it turned out pretty cute and very wearable.


I used very warm tones in the crease as well as a gray/smokey color from the Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette. This was my first go at a halo eye, which is placing shades at the outer corner of your eye, but also the inner corner. This leaves an empty space on the middle of the lid for a metallic or glitter shade. I went for a rose gold glitter and a classic gold shade.



I made my winged liner a little longer than I normally would, but a dramatic look deserves a dramatic wing, right?! I also layered dark blue and teal glitter shades on top of each other for a bright and colorful under eye. Lastly, I put on a pair of Eye Spy lashes from Dani Mansutti. This was my first time trying these lashes, and I love how gorgeous but natural they look! That’s very important when I’m buying lashes; I adore that extra flare falsies give, but I don’t love when they look too thick or too fake.


I finished off the whole look with a warm lip color. I used a brick tone from Tarte and layered a nude shade from Anastasia Beverly Hills on top. I made sure to concentrate the nude shade at the center of my lips to create a light to dark effect. It’s very subtle, but these shades worked well together. It was a bit difficult to blend them together to create a gradient because they are both matte shades. Once everything was complete, the look actually ended up matching my t-shirt very well which was great for photographs!

Let me know what you guys think of this look! If you have any questions about anything makeup related that you’d like me to create a tutorial on, please let me know in the comments! Again, if you’re interested in a collaboration please reach out to me through email or in the comments letting me know you’d like to be involved (and of course include some ideas if you’d like!) Talk to you all soon!


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James Charles Inspired Makeup Look!

Hello, loves! I am SO excited to share this makeup look with you. It really pushed my makeup skills to the next level and gave me an opportunity to work on my technique. I’ve found the more I play around with makeup and practice, everything comes together so much better in the end. It is actually very similar to painting, which I am very familiar with and I think has helped when it comes to my makeup journey. Beauty and style really is an art and I’ve been learning that more and more often!

Recently, I’ve been into watching James Charles on YouTube. While he is quite eccentric, he is an extremely positive person and I appreciate his motivation and backstory so much. He has a lot of great tips when it comes to makeup and has really helped me learn specifically how to apply eyeshadow properly and beautifully. With that said, I adored his last look and decided to give it a whirl! I will leave a link to his video where he completes this look here. Keep reading to see how my own look turned out!



I didn’t watch James’s video while I created this look, so all of the colors I matched as best I could to his and applied them in the most logical sequence possible. This look involved more colors than I’ve ever used and more blending than I’ve ever done! (Blending is key, make no mistake!) I started with oranges and deep burgundy tones near my brow bone and the crease to start, beginning with the lightest shades and working into the dark. I also created a cut crease with concealer before I dove into the purple shades and the blue hues.



I even decided to add a little pop of black shadow at the outer corners of my eyes to really deepen it up. In James’s look, the corners are very smoked out while the inner corners are bright and sparkling. I didn’t have any large sparkles to place over the shadow, but I used a light pink highlighter from Kylie Cosmetics to really make that blue pop and shine!


I also made sure to repeat these colorful shades on the bottom lash line. I do this with any makeup look because it ties everything together and adds that extra sense of professionalism. I again started with the lighter shades and moved the darker ones up towards my waterline. While concentrating the burgundy shades towards my outer corner, I kept the blue shades toward the inner corner.

Of course, I finished off by highlighting underneath my brow bone and inner corner with Champagne Pop (a gold toned highlighter). I also threw on a pair of falsies, which I’ve been super into lately! I didn’t think they were of much importance, but they really do add a special flare to your eyes! They give an elongating effect, which makes your eyes look extra feminine and pretty. I used the Benefit Roller Lash to blend these into my natural lashes and for my bottom ones.


The Jaclyn Hill Palette, Kylie Purple Palette (finally found a use for it, LOL), and the Modern Renaissance Palette all played a part in creating this look. It took quite some time to perfect it, but I’m really happy with the result (it kind of makes me feel like a mermaid!) I’ve seen a lot of videos and blog posts on people recreating the looks of beauty gurus. I’m super interested in making a video like that, so let me know if that’s something you all would like to see! I know I’d have a ball filming it!

Lots more makeup looks and tutorials coming for you guys soon, I really enjoy making content like this! Talk to you in the next post and good luck to those of you taking finals in high school/college in the coming week!


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Practicing a Cut Crease!

Hey everyone! First of all, thank you for the kind comments on my graduation post. You are all so awesome and supportive! Recently, I’ve been getting super into makeup again. I’ve been having a ton of fun experimenting with looks that are out of my comfort zone and I think I’ve been improving my skills. A look I’ve really been wanting to master is the cut crease. I had only tried it one time before, and it was extremely difficult for me. A week ago, I took another stab at it and I actually used a cut crease for my graduation! In this post, I’ll chat with you guys a bit about that and the technique I use.


There are a couple things you’ll need to create a cut crease (or half cut crease):

  • Concealer
  • A flat eyeshadow brush

For this look, I actually started by placing tape from the outer corner of my eye to the end of the brow. This way, I can achieve a clean line that can be a guide for eyeliner. I also made sure to create a gradient in my crease with a few shades, which will later be carved out by concealer to create the cut crease. I also focused the darkest shade on my outer V.


Once all your shades are complete, it’s time to reach for the concealer! I personally will take my flat eyeshadow brush and apply product from the concealer wand. Be sure to start out light and build up if you need to. I find it a bit overwhelming if I apply too much concealer initially and can’t disperse it evenly across my lid.

I begin with small strokes and once I’m feeling brave, I will start at the highest point on my lid where the cut crease arch will be created. Once I have a decent amount of product on the lid, I will open my eye completely and allow the concealer to touch the hooded part of my lid (if that makes sense). I do this because, since my eye is definitely hooded, I don’t tend to make the cut crease high enough. Letting it make a mark naturally on my lid creates a good guide to create a perfect arch.


Sometimes I will have to go in with the darkest shade in order to define the cut crease a bit more. For this look, I chose a shimmery shade from Kylie Cosmetics to place on my cut crease. I would love to create a simple look in which a leave the concealer as it is, but I was feeling glittery this time! I applied a wing and some falsies and voilà! The look is complete!

This was the first time I created a full look with a cut crease, so I’m definitely open to suggestions. The next time around, I want to keep perfecting this technique and make the cut crease more apparent. However, I’m pretty happy with how this look turned out. Have you ever tried a cut crease, and if so, how did it go? Let me know in the comments below!


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Sephora Haul!

Hello, everyone! I’m coming at you today with a SEPHORA HAUL! Yes! I ended up strolling into the store a couple weeks ago and buying probably more than I should have…oops. However, there were a few products I’ve really been wanting to try out! I’m sure there is a product or two that you will find interesting during this haul, so let’s get right to it!




As I entered the store, I made a beeline for the Marc Jacobs section. I have heard time and time again how amazing the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation is, so it was the one product I had planned to purchase. I asked to be color matched by one of the employees and she found me an almost perfect shade! As for packaging, I’ll admit it is a bit small considering the price. However, this is totally okay! You use so little of the foundation during each use, that one bottle will last you months and months! I was told by the employee that this foundation can get cakey real quick, so start small and build up if you need to. Also, this foundation should be applied with a brush and not a beauty blender. This product retails for $55.

My experience: To be perfectly honest, I was blown away! It’s rare when I seek out a different foundation, but this is 100% the best product I’ve used. It’s velvety and as I mentioned before, a little goes a very long way!




Next, I picked up another jar of loose translucent setting powder from Laura Mercier. I’ve used this for years and is a Holy Grail product for me. I’ve tried some cheaper drugstore setting powders (for example the Rimmel Stay Matte powder) but they tend to break me out at times. My skins is extremely sensitive, so personally it’s worth it to spend a little more on a product that won’t cause acne. Not to mention, the Laura Mercier powder usually lasts a very long time! It sells for $38.


Thirdly, I really wanted to try out a setting spray! I had never used one of these before, but since my skin is on the oily side (and with graduation in a few days) I really want my makeup to last. Especially during a night out surrounded by people, you want your makeup looking fresh to death and flawless! I picked up the All Nighter Setting Spray from Urban Decay (it’s oil free!). I’ve used their products for a while and definitely trust the brand. They have about four different versions of this for various types of skin, but I simply chose the original. I haven’t gotten a good chance to test it out yet, but I could do a short review on it when I do. The one thing I did notice though, is the scent of this product. I expected it to smell of a light perfume or maybe a generic fresh scent, however it doesn’t smell good at all. If it sets your makeup well though, this doesn’t matter much. This setting spray was $32.


Last but not least, Sephora actually gifted me a sample product since it was around my birthday. They gave me a couple products from Glam Glow, and I was stoked! I’ve heard a lot about their masks so I was excited to give it a try. The box came with an illuminating moisturizer and a face mask.

My experience: I’ll mention that I did try the mask and it ended up leaving my skin very red. Luckily I put makeup on for the day, but the redness lasted longer than a normal mask would do. I’m hesitant to try it again since my skin is so sensitive, but I want to understand what the hype is all about. Let me know if you’ve tried this product out and what you think!



Hope you guys enjoyed this little haul! Let me know down in the comments if you’ve tried out any of these products and what your thoughts are on them. So far, I’m definitely loving the Re(marc)able foundation and of course the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. I’m excited to see if the Urban Decay setting spray lives up to it’s name and hopefully the Glam Glow mask won’t make me look like a puffy tomato again! Anyways, I’ll talk to you guys soon and thanks for reading!


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Dark Glam Coachella Look!

Hello, lovelies! I’m coming at you with another makeup look, this one specifically geared toward COACHELLA! Are any of you attending the festival this year? I’ve actually never been, but I’d love to go within the next few years. Coachella season is super fun, even if you aren’t actually going. I love the makeup tutorials and fashion videos that creators post on YouTube that are Coachella themed, so I thought I’d create a look myself this year! Of course, being me, I went a little dark and vampy. So if you’re into that, keep on reading!


So this makeup look actually started off with me experimenting with a new foundation. I rarely ever buy or even wear full coverage foundation, but I’ve been dying to try out the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation. I’d love to do a whole separate post on it because guys…it’s freaking incredible. Of course I then whipped out an eyeshadow palette and the look was built from there. Here are some themes I was going for with this look: dewey, glowy, glam, bronzed, and witchy with a little desert vibe. This made sense in my head…let me know if you understood any of that, LOL.



As you can tell, I went extremely heavy with the highlighter and glitter shadow. I really wanted to do a sparkle/jewel freckles look, but I didn’t have any of those materials. So I opted for the next best thing: glittery eyeshadow on the cheeks, horizontally across the nose, on specific points of the eyelids, and even on the center of the lips (by the way, I’m wearing a Kylie lip kit in “Gorg”). I never do an ultra highlighted look, so this was super fun to create! For this, I used a combination of the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop highlighter and a Colour Pop shadow in Birthday Girl. 



Zooming in specifically on the eyes, I used the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. I made sure to use the lighter shades toward my brow bone and the second to darkest shade on the majority of my lid. I placed the Champagne Pop highlighter on the center of my lid and lower lash line. I also dabbed it in my inner corner, directly under the wing of my liquid liner, and under the arch of my brow. With this look, the more highlighter, the better!



As I mentioned before, I really wanted this look to emanate a day out in the sun and very bronzed. So of course, I used the Benefit Hoola Bronzer along the usual cheek area, as well as my jaw line, temples, and sides of my forehead. I also used a bit of rosy blush from BareMinerals (I’ve had it forever, so I’m not sure of the name). Combined with the Colour Pop eyeshadow on my cheeks, this left a very sun kissed, almost sunburnt look (which, if you’re going to Coachella, you’re more than likely to get a sunburn). Growing up in Southern California, I spend the majority of my summers sunburnt, so I’ve gotten used to the look, LOL.

After throwing a couple braids in my hair and some bohemian inspired jewelry, I’ve completed my dark Coachella look! Let me know if you like it down in the comments below! Also if you’d like specifics on any of the products I used, don’t be afraid to ask!

*Also, just thought I’d throw this out there, I know the lipstick application on my bottom lip looks a little wonky. Sometimes we get breakouts in the worst places and it messes with our fabulous lip colors. But hey, smile through it right?


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