Expectation vs. Reality: Living in Southern California

Hello loves! Wow, life has been seriously so hectic lately. Like, busier than I’ve been in a long time. On one hand, it feels so good to have a routine again and on the other, I’ve been simply exhausted and sore from being on my feet all day. I’ve also been applying and interviewing for lots of companies from graphic design to social media. Post grad life has truly been a whirl wind and a roller coaster to say the least, so I’m just trying to keep my head above water right now. It’s all good things, but it feels even better to sit down and write a blog post. So for today, I thought I’d do an expectation vs. reality post! Which I’ve never done before, but it will be completely California themed. I’ll be debunking all the myths about living in Southern California and confirming anything I believe to be true. Straight from the mind of a Californian!

Expectation: Let’s start with something that has taken LA, Orange County, and San Diego restaurants by storm. Californians eat avocado everyday, without fail. They are all OBSESSED with it! 

Reality: While avocados are delicious and good for your body, not all of us have fallen head over heels for the fruit. I’m a person who enjoys the occasional avocado toast (complete with an egg and salsa) but I’m actually slightly allergic to avocados. I know others who are from California who seem to have the same intolerance. I’m actually super bummed I have this issue, because they are filled with healthy fats for your bod. So unfortunately, not all of us Californians have an avocado addiction.

Expectation: Oh, you’re from California! Do you surf?? 

Reality: True and false! Well, probably mostly false, depending where you’re from. I grew up with most of my friends spending mornings or entire days at the beach surfing. Especially in the summer, the water is filled with surfers at my home beach. It’s something I love most about my city! However, if you’re asking someone who lives more inland, they might not have ever surfed in their life. Most of the state is not near an ocean, so most likely the majority of Californians will not label themselves as surfers. It is a very frequently asked question, but simply depends on who you’re asking.

Expectation: California can totally be shortened to “Cali.”

Reality: I’ll keep this one short and sweet. You will never ever hear a Californian say “Cali.” It is simply a big old nope for us, LOL.


Expectation: People from California always put the word “the” in front of freeway numbers.

Reality: Absolutely, undeniably true! I’m not exactly sure why we do this, but it would sound weird if you didn’t say this in California. Very frequently I end up saying, “I’m taking the 5” or, “You have to take the 405.” I take these freeways everywhere! Down to San Diego, to Los Angeles, and even to work everyday. It’s a part of life here in Southern California, and I don’t know what we’d do without the 5, 405, 101, or even the 73.

Expectation: In N Out is every Californian’s favorite fast food location! 

Reality: This is a definite myth for me. While many people come to California for the beaches, the sun, and In N Out, I’m actually not the biggest fan of the restaurant! I usually get their grilled cheese sandwich, once in a while with french fries or a chocolate shake. These are very rare occasions though. In N Out usually has an extremely long line, no matter what time of the day you’re going. While the food is by no means bad, its simply not the place I’d chose if I had to eat fast food. Personally, I’d way rather have Taco Bell! Anyone with me on that? I do love that In N Out  is a Christian company though; they have little Bible verses on the bottom of their cups! Check it out next time you drive through!

Expectation: California always gets hit by earthquakes, it’s so scary to live there! The state will break off the continent one day!

Reality: We definitely experience the occasional earthquake. I’ve lived through a few in my lifetime that have been a bit scary, knocking down ceiling tiles and small objects. I remember being in my English Honors class during high school, which was on the second story of the building. Everything shook and we experienced a rolling feeling. That’s another thing: there are many different types of earthquakes that are more damaging than others. Luckily, I’ve never lived through something extremely devastating and the aftershocks are usually not as bad. I don’t feel it’s a valid reason to not live here though, since earthquakes are pretty rare. While “The Big One” is set to happen some time in the future, I don’t think we should live our lives in fear of something we can’t control. If you move to SoCal and experience an earthquake, you will be totally fine!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little expectation vs. reality post! It was super fun to reflect on my life here in Southern California and debunk some stereotypes of Californians. I feel very lucky to have grown up here and it’s definitely where I want to raise a family one day. Let me know if there’s any other expectations about living in California you’re curious about, I’d love to answer more down in the comments! See you there!


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A Typical Summer Day in Orange County!

Hello beautiful readers! Wow has it been a hot summer so far in Southern California! Like, even warmer than usual…into the triple digits some days! While extreme humidity is not my forte, there’s nothing better than sunshine beating down during a pool or beach day. My city is made for the summertime, which of course makes it my favorite season. I thought I would share with you a typical summer day in Orange County, where I grew up! When I’m not at work, you can probably find me in the ocean, on the beach, or of course chilling in my favorite pool floaties!

Pool Days & Mermaid Tails





Little fun fact about me: I’ve lived in the same house for 17 years (excluding my four years in college of course). I learned how to swim in this very pool, and it continues to be one of my favorite spots during the summer. My family loves buying these unique floaties for our pool; they add a bit of pizzazz to our backyard and are the epitome of the summer season. This year, we purchased an adorable mermaid tail floaty. It’s all pink with a scale pattern and of course a giant mermaid tail at the back. Throughout my life, I was called a mermaid because I spent so much time under water, and this floaty really brings that image to life. I can finally be a real little mermaid! We also got a rainbow themed floaty that arches all the way over your head. If you look closely, you can see the bits of sparkles inside the actual ring. It’s so fun, whimsical, and brings me back to my childhood!

Other days if I’m not getting into the water, I love laying out a towel and tanning. I bring a good book, my sunglasses, and some suntan lotion for my face. I probably don’t wear sunscreen as much as I should, considering I live somewhere that is sunny most of the time. I love these little moments where I can enjoy the sound of the water and feel the sunshine while I’m reading. That’s what summer is all about!

Laguna Beach Excursions & Swimming with Dolphins





If I’m not lounging by the pool, you can definitely find me at my favorite place: the beach! I grew up with surfers and skaters and living within a five minute drive from the Pacific. It has created the most magical childhood for me and I couldn’t imagine my life without the sea. This place is simply a part of me and I will always come back to it.

On this day, we decided to go to Tablerock beach in Laguna. It was a short walk down some stairs to get to this beach (there’s usually lots of stairs to get to these beaches). The day was scorching, the sand was hot, and the water was cooling. There is no better feeling than laying out for a while, then jumping into the waves! The water was particularly blue on this day and we were visited by a pod of dolphins. You can always know there is no danger around and can feel protected when the dolphins are present. This beach is very special because if you swim around the rocks to the left, there is a secluded area with a cave leading to more beaches! There are endless gems in Laguna, which is one reason why we love going there. It truly is a unique place with many memories from my childhood!

Some days my sister will want to go surfing, so we pack up the car with the board, our towels, water, snacks, and our sunnies. I love tanning on the sand (either listening to music or reading) and watching her catch some waves. Other times, I will bring my own rash guard and join her out in the water. Surfing definitely isn’t an easy thing, but sometimes simply sitting out in the water can be very peaceful and calming, especially early in the morning when no one is out yet.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and got a glimpse into my summer activities in Orange County! It really is a beautiful place and would recommend stopping by if you’re ever in Southern California. Let me know what your favorite summer activity is down in the comments! Talk to you all very soon! xx


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The Perfect Bohemian Summer Accessory (JORD Wooden Watches + Giveaway!)

Hello, loves! I’m so excited to share this post with you today! As you know, summer is finally here which means we can break out those bohemian jean shorts, sun hats, flip flops and head to the beach! With that I love finding new and unique summer accessories that will complement my summer outfits. I’ve partnered up with JORD watches, who have introduced me to my newest accessory obsession! JORD watches are completely wooden with a gorgeous minimalistic design. I personally enjoy these wooden watches because they remind me so much of growing up by the beach, surrounded by palm trees and the Pacific. I know they would be a huge hit with the surfers in Orange County! You can find the whole assortment of wooden watches on the JORD website, I’m sure you’ll find one you love. Continue reading to see how I styled my JORD watch, learn more about engravings, and enter the giveaway!




First off, let’s start with packaging. I was so excited when my watch finally arrived. In the past I didn’t own many watches but while looking through the website, these watches really caught my eye. To say the least, I was really looking forward to the delivery! It came in a black box, and when opened I found another box completely made of wood. Inside, the watch sat on a small cushion, complete with an extra watch link to make it bigger if need be. JORD also provided me with some 100% natural finishing oil for the watch. My initial reaction was that this company really understood their brand. They assigned their brand attributes and followed through with wonderful packaging. As a Graphic Designer, you all know how much I appreciate and pay attention to packaging.




I’ve found since this watch is wooden, the texture and pattern works with most outfits! I loved pairing my JORD watch with my boho dress (full OOTD from my last post here). My particular watch has a lovely navy blue face with Roman Numerals. The shade matched perfectly with my dress and again added to that summer/beachy vibe. Also, the face is much larger than the actual band, which gives a very feminine yet professional look that I absolutely adore! If you’re interested in this particular watch, please follow the link here. Around the face of this watch is a very subtle rose gold band, which is why I loved pairing my rose gold Steve Madden sandals with this look. It tied everything together perfectly in a very minimalistic way!

One of the best aspects about my watch though, is the engraving. I chose to engrave a little message on the back, which makes it so unique to me. I engraved my favorite Bible verse: Psalm 23. The idea that the words behind this verse will always be with me while wearing this watch is truly meaningful and special. I love that JORD offers this to their customers!




How to Enter the Giveaway!

Alright so I know you all have already fallen in love with this accessory, so let’s get to the giveaway! Simply follow my link here to enter. Every person who enters will receive a 10% off discount code for JORD watches. Even better, one lucky winner will receive a discount code for $100 off their favorite watch! What a great deal, guys! This giveaway will only be active until July 29th, so be sure to apply before that date! Once you enter, your discount code will be available until August 12th! You all know I would never advertise something I didn’t wear or enjoy myself, but this is truly a product I am impressed with and would recommend. Not to mention, they have great watches for both men and women! Let me know if you entered the giveaway or what you think of my new watch! That’s about it for this post, I hope you guys are having a fantastic day and I’ll talk to you soon!


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My Thoughts on Future Content (Videos, Taking Questions, and a Poll!)

Hello my lovely readers! Hope you are all having a fabulous day (or night), whenever you happen to stumble upon this post. I just wanted to write this up super quickly and let you know where my head has been content wise! I have a couple of fun posts coming up, but as some of you may know, I’ve been wanting to add more video content for quite some time.

In the past, I’ve made some videos just for fun. However, I’d really love to start fresh and make some new and updated videos! I always really enjoyed filming and sharing my thoughts on products, fashion, etc. but I’d really love for them to become an extension/contribution to this blog. Something maybe I could do once a week possibly? Anyways, I’ve been bouncing a few ideas around in my head and wanted to get everyone’s opinion on what my first official video for this blog should be! I really want to make things that you all would enjoy, so please feel free to contribute your ideas! I’ve left a little poll down below of some ideas, but there is also an option to add an idea. Please feel free to write whatever you’d love to see from me!

Before when I’ve created videos, I didn’t really love the process of editing. I would complete it as quickly as possible and not take the time to perfect it (which is weird coming from a complete perfectionist). It simply wasn’t one of my passions. However, I’ve had Final Cut Pro for a while and would like to become a master at it, which simply comes with practice. With my Graphic Design background, I hope it can be a great asset to my videos and this blog in general. So this time around, I’ll give myself a few days to edit so I can release quality content for you guys.

This leads me to the questions portion. One of the options is a Q&A, which might be a great introduction of myself to new readers. So if you’d like to leave me any questions regarding college, post grad life, my major, Graphic Design altogether, fashion, beauty, California, honestly anything you’d like to know please leave it in the comments! I love interacting with you guys and I think in a video it would be a whole new experience for the both of us! As for hair care, I get a lot of comments on here and on Instagram regarding my hair, which I wasn’t expecting! If you have any questions about how I take care of it or how I style it, pop a questions below! A beauty routine, fashion lookbook, and chit chat GRWM is also something I’d be interested in filming.

Wow, this turned into a way longer post than I planned. My apologies for the rambling but I wanted you to know where my head was at. Please drop a vote down below and again, any questions you might have! Hoping to film the most voted video on my next day off from work!


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My Travel Journal: Brighton, England

Hello beauties! This will be the final post from my England travels! I’m very glad I split these up into separate cities, since I clearly have way too many photos to squeeze into one post! I’m excited to share my adventures with you from Brighton, England! Brighton is a little beach city, which is on the southern coast of England and about an hour south of London. We arrived in the city on a bright and sunny afternoon, perfect for walking around and exploring. I’m super happy with the photos, so without further ado: Brighton, England!






We started off our day with a short train ride from London to Brighton. It was a very easy ride and we loved looking around the beautiful countryside of England. As I mentioned in my previous post about Windsor Castle, everything is so beautiful and green, which is so much of a contrast to California. My sister Skye read her Mini Book of Mindfulness while I watched the beautiful landscapes, which were oftentimes filled with goats and horses. Once we arrived, we were greeted by a colorful “Welcome to Brighton” sign and found directions to Brighton Pier, which was our main destination. I do have to say, I absolutely love the building with the Adventure Time art all over it. I have a very nerdy side and am such a fan of the show and the art style it exhibits. The colors and simple lines made this building one of the most unique things I’ve ever seen. We need more beautiful corners like this everywhere!



We loved stopping by the fountain to listen to the water and these birds were just so happy! 



It was about a mile walk to the coast, which I didn’t mind because of all the lovely architecture around the city. I was simply obsessed with all the colorful buildings and detailed architecture. I have never seen anything quite like it, and I wish we did this more in the states. The whimsical and exciting nature of this city really fascinated me and wasn’t anything like I was expecting. It was much more of a city environment than a tiny beach town. Growing up in a small surf city in Orange County, I was expecting more beach bums and cute bohemian houses. However, it is much more bustling and exciting than that.








When we finally made it to the beach, I was so excited to get onto the pier. I had seen videos and photos of it before, and I finally had my chance to look around! The first thing I noticed that was so different from my beaches at home were the rocks that covered the entire shore. Our beaches at home are usually full of fluffy (and sometimes scorching) sand all the way down to the water. With the lights stringing along the front of the pier, I imagine its simply gorgeous at night and a great date spot! So jealous of you Brighton couples! I also noticed a strange building (if that’s the correct term for it) in the distance that was built out into the water. It’s something I’ve seen before, but it was so fun seeing this mysterious structure for myself.


Of course, I was snapping away with my Nikon the entire day!




Looking through some photos on a little walking break

The pier is covered in arcade games, rides, and cute shop to buy food at. You could spend hours here, just playing games and having a great time. Bumper cars and a horror house included, my favorite! Another small detail I love about this pier is the detailing along the railings, and the fact that the buildings are all white! It gives such an old timey feel that I just adore. Brighton placed a large sign that said “Brighton Pier” at the very front, which is iconic but unfortunately when we were there, they were taking it down. Hopefully they just need to restore it and aren’t removing it for good! Luckily, they have a couple other signs that say “Brighton Pier” along the sides, as you can see in the photo above.


I have to say one of my favorite parts of the day was getting a little ice cream cone and walking along the streets of Brighton, parallel to the sea. I think this is one of my favorite places in England, partly because the ocean reminds me so much of home. Simply hearing the seagulls, watching the waves, and feeling the sunshine brought me back to California and made me so happy. Unfortunately I will mention, we ate lunch at a small vegan shop somewhere in the city and I ended up with a horrible fever and stomach cramps, as I’ve talked a lot about in previous posts. This was a bummer, but I feel lucky I could still fully enjoy our day in Brighton! It truly was a quaint and magical place that I would definitely recommend visiting.

Let me know what you guys think of the photos and I’ll talk to you very soon! Love you all!


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Thoughts for the Future + Ramblings

Hello lovelies! I was thinking to myself, “When was the last time I simply sat and chatted to my readers?” I’ve been doing so many highly edited posts with perfected photos and trying to plan out every word of every sentence. Of course, I always speak from my heart but if you’ve read my latest travel posts, every paragraph has a specific theme and is planned out. Anyways, I’m not sure if you guys like these life update/wordy sort of posts, but I thought I’d write one tonight. It’s very therapeutic for me and as always, one of my favorite things is reading your responses.

So what’s up with me lately?

Well, currently I’m laying in my bed with extremely sore feet. I’ve been back at my retail job for the last five days relearning the register and selling to customers. I feel very lucky to have a job at such a nice department store that has a reputation for being so good to their customers and employees. After I graduated, I gave myself a little break to just unwind from the 16 years of schooling I had just endured. I was waiting to take our Europe trip and didn’t have much planned for that first month. That was when I realized I am a creature of habit and someone that wants to always feel productive and useful. Not having homework or a job in the back of my mind was a very weird feeling…it was something I didn’t like. So being back at my job has helped with that a bit, making me feel like I’m working hard for savings that could benefit my future.

What does my future look like?

Honestly, I’ve been asking myself this question a lot. I’m an extremely passionate person when it comes to things and people that I adore. I’m ready to dive into something big when it comes to my career. I have all this bottled up energy that I just want to put into something I love. Has anyone else felt like this after college? I finally have the chance to chose a path I’m obsessed with while not having to worry about going back for another semester. I’ve never had the chance to stick with a job longer than a few months, since during my years at school I was fully dedicated to that. I also know I love fashion, beauty, and this blog with all my heart. Social media and learning how it all works is slowly becoming a new interest of mine and something I wish I would’ve studied in school. Searching for something that fits me has been hard, but I know when I find it, I’ll be the best at it and completely dedicated. Patience when it comes to this kind of thing is not something I was blessed with. Hoping it all comes together soon…

Where is my future home?

Ever since I can remember, Los Angeles has had my full attention. Growing up in south Orange County was a dream and I’ll always come back to this place. I spent my childhood on the beach, in the surf, and went to the most prestigious schools. I’ve been blessed in that aspect without a doubt. Having a mother from L.A. I also grew up taking frequent trips to the city, which carried over into my college life with my repeated trips there with my classmates and professors. I love it to say the least. It’s somewhere I can see myself without quite knowing why. Have you ever felt drawn to a place? Like something was pushing you there or gravity was pulling you in that single, solitary direction? People ask me constantly, “Sage, why would you ever want to go to a city that is so congested and with so much traffic?” I never quite have an answer for them. I also don’t see traffic as a valid reason to not move somewhere, to be blunt. Anyways, my hope for the next year and a half is to create a solid plan, which will hopefully involve L.A. and finding a place for me there (with a job or grad school included).

My message for this post is: I don’t have it all together, and I’m not sure many college graduates do within the first couple months of graduating. And if they do, that’s amazing! But for me, I’m still looking for my place. I know I have so much passion for what I love, its just finding a career in which to put all that energy and happiness. I have faith that it will come soon, as long as I keep on this hustle! I’ve loved coming home from my 8 and a half hour shifts and blogging. It honestly has been keeping me sane and reading your comments is a highlight of my day. So please, let’s keep the chat going! Thank you for allowing me to rant, I’ll talk to you all soon for another Travel Journal post in the near future!

What are your big plans for the future? And what advice do you have for any recent college grads regarding job searches, finding a career path, and networking? I’d genuinely love to know down in the comments!


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My Travel Journal: Windsor Castle, England (With Bonus Location)

Hello loves! I started work again this week, which means most of my days have been swamped with me running around the store. I haven’t forgotten about my travel posts though, and I’ve been editing photos whenever I have the chance. On top of that, my computer’s storage is completely full so I haven’t been able to use my normal editing system (Bridge from the Adobe Creative Suite). Nevertheless, I’m still determined to get these posts up and share my travel with you all! Today’s post will be about our trip to Windsor Castle, which completely blew us away and was one of our favorite places to visit! So let’s get to the photos!




The trip to Windsor was about an hour train ride from London. It was very quick and once we arrived, it was a short walk up to the castle. There were lots of cute shops, restaurants (Pizza Express was present of course), and touristy things to do. This town was very quaint and the people were very kind (shoutout to the barber who lets us use his WC when we couldn’t find another toilet).

We waited in line for a bit before starting our audio tours through the castle (probably the most touristy thing I’ve ever done, honestly). Also fun fact, if the flag is flying on a specific building, that means the Queen is home! And the flag was flying away that day! A photo of that is pictured below.



I went for a comfy OOTD that day, with a classic black flowy top, distressed denim, and my favorite Vans

Not only was the architecture of the outside of the castle stunning, but the land around it was just as beautiful! In California, we don’t have acres and acres of lush greenery. It’s simply too hot and we have so many droughts so a lot of our natural foliage is brown and basically dead. So witnessing miles of green brush and grass was just gorgeous.

One of the first rooms we entered held the Queen’s dollhouse. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Sage, what? Why would you go to a castle only to see a little dollhouse?” This was no ordinary dollhouse. This thing was enormous and incredibly detailed. It had running water and was it’s own little community. It was so impressive and creative! We weren’t allowed to take photos, otherwise you know I’d have plenty. We went from room to room listening to the history behind the architecture, decorations, and what kind of ceremonies are held in them. One of my favorite parts was the church. Since we were visiting right after the marriage of Meghan and Harry, I had just seen the inside of this church on T.V. It was so cool to stand where Meghan did on her wedding day and imagine just how she was feeling in that moment (filled with anxiety and excitement, I’m sure). I don’t believe we were allowed to photograph in here either (but I’ll photos if I find any).



My favorite part came at the end of our tour: ice cream made from the milk of the Queen’s cows! This little dessert was so delicious (and beautiful as well!) It was the perfect little treat after walking around the castle all day, and it made for some of my favorite pictures. The way this tent was designed was truly so adorable and I loved the pink walls!



Bonus Location with Photos!

Okay, so I had so many photos specifically from London, that I forgot to include one of my favorite spots in the previous post! I ended up meeting with a friend during our trip, which I’ll talk about in another post, but my family and I got the chance to explore Covent Garden. It was so beautiful and the shopping was phenomenal! I bought my first Jo Malone perfume, which is literally to die for and my new favorite beauty brand. There were street performers, flowers, and so much more! Here are some extra photos from our stop in Covent Garden!






I hope you guys loved this My Travel Journal post! I’d definitely recommend both Windsor Castle and Covent Garden if you’re visiting England any time soon. They were both so lovely and made perfect memories for me and my family. Also shoutout to my mom and  dad for being so patient while my sister and I got our photos at all these locations, LOL. Talk to you guys soon!


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