Blog Party & Thank You for 1K!

Hey everyone! Wow, I can’t believe I’m writing this post. THANK YOU GUYS FOR 1,000 FOLLOWERS!!! As I was sitting in Chemistry the other day, I watched as the number changed and that class instantly got 1000 times better (quite literally). I know that in the entire blogosphere, this is still a tiny number. For me however, I never expected it to reach this. I’ve never actually had a specific number to set as a goal, but I feel this is a great milestone for my blog. I hope it continues to grow because I genuinely love this little community I have on here.

A little background for ya…As most of you may know, I started this blog before entering college four years ago. Over half of that time, I wasn’t very dedicated to this platform and at times even forgot it existed! It wasn’t until last summer that I really became enthralled with blogging and reaching out to like-minded people. I wish I would’ve been doing that all along! Anyway, my blog has become something I would completely forget about to a major project in my Graphic Design portfolio! I’ve realized within this past year that it’s been a gradual project for me that I love building upon and getting better at. Not to mention of course, chatting with you guys and receiving feedback is amazing! Now, with college coming to an end in a short couple weeks and this blog about to get some major changes as my life transforms into a new adventure, 1K couldn’t have come at a better time.

So with that said, I really wanted to give back to all my readers as a thank you. While I would have loved to make a little gift bag and sent it out to one winner, that simply is not possible for me right now. Instead though, I want to throw a BLOG PARTY!! Here are the simple requirements to participate: give my blog a quick follow and in the comments please post your name along with a short description of your blog. Also post the URL so it can easily be viewed. If you have any other sort of website as well, please feel free to post the URL and write a quick description. This is a great way to meet new bloggers and support each other on WordPress, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, or any other social media! Being active and networking is the best way to grow your brand.

Thank you guys again for this milestone, and hope your week is going well!


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Life Update: My Graphic Design Portfolio!

Hey, guys! First off, I can’t believe the first week of April is over. The days and weeks of my time in college seem to be passing me by faster and faster. As some of you may know (or for those of you who are new readers, hey!) I have been studying Graphic Design at my university for four years now and I’m graduating in a short MONTH! How insane is that?? Before graduating though, I have been preparing for one event that may be just as important as graduation itself: Graphic Design Review. 

What is a Graphic Design Review?

I’m sure most of you are unfamiliar with this event. I believe most schools that have a Graphic Design department have something very similar. Long story short, my entire semester was spent revising all my old work and creating a collection of these pieces. I have immersed myself in Adobe Creative Cloud for months to create one complete book containing all the love I have put into these artworks. At times I have adored the process, other times I wanted to break down and cry, feeling like I wasn’t good enough to truly create something I could show to future employers. I received constructive criticism, coupled with endless encouragement from friends and family. Both were absolutely necessary to my growth as a designer.

I am ecstatic to announce that my portfolio is officially completed and has been sent to a printing company (Clearstory in San Diego) to be bound and printed on beautiful paper. It should be done within the next couple weeks, just in time for the review, where I will be sitting down with a couple Graphic Design professionals from around the San Diego area. With the reviewers, I will be flipping through my entire book, explaining my projects and answering any questions they may have.

What else do you need to design for the review?

The review involves a few elements outside of the portfolio book itself. Each of the students in my class gets their own table to design and match to their unique aesthetic. I have been thinking about my own table for some time, and I’d love to make a whole separate post (with photos) about it when the time comes. I won’t spoil any surprises yet! 😉 Some elements every person will lay on their table are business cards, postcards, and résumés for professionals to take home. Other publications I have created and printed will be sitting on my table for people to take a peek at as well.

I also had to create a website for my portfolio to live online! This is something I’ve been super excited to tell you guys about. On Instagram, I’ve gotten a few comments of followers wanting to see my work. This is seriously so sweet, and I’ve been wanting to share my artwork for so long! Well, it’s coming your way, if you’re interested! I am still in the process of creating my website, making it custom to my own design choices, and giving it unique touches. Once I am completely happy with the outcome, you better believe I’ll be posting about it! Stay tuned for that.

What kind of pieces are in your portfolio?

Our portfolios had to include 8-10 works. Initially, I had planned for 10, but ultimately decided I wanted to eliminate a couple in order to give a little extra love to my pieces. A few of my projects include an album cover (which has a full alternative playlist listed on the back), a sustainability poster, a complete rebranding of a city in Orange County, and more! Once my website is up, you will be able to view the full portfolio, with hi-res photos and descriptions.

Couldn’t have done it without them! (Acknowledgments)

Many people contributed to the success of this portfolio (or, I like to think it’s a success, lol). I acknowledge that many students do not receive 100% support from their parents to become art or design majors. I personally have always been encouraged to pursue art, and more recently in my college years, design. I think there’s always going to be a sense of uncertainty if your kid comes to you and says they want to be an art major. I wouldn’t doubt if my parents ever felt that, but they’ve never shown it; they have pushed me to move farther with my art and truly make something out of my passion (including this blog). My sister also, has always been interested to see my work. Through the stress of portfolio, she was the one to receive the the late night Snapchats of my exhausted being.

My close friends and roommates who are excited when I offer to show them my work. They’ve shown genuine interest in what I do, especially this year when I needed their support the most. In turn, I love their work and find fascination in the differences between our majors. Everyone’s major should be celebrated! Lastly, the Point Loma Nazarene University Art department, who took me (and a large group of other students) on a personal tour through five European countries and have taught me all I know about art and design. Without their concern, criticisms, and love, I’m not sure we all would be where we are today as designers. Moral of this whole rant, I can’t take full credit for the completion of my bachelor’s degree and this portfolio. It has been the combination of various influences from good people who have gotten me through this major. To all of them, I couldn’t thank you enough.

That’s about it for this post! I hope it was informative to any of you who had questions about my major or this cap stone project. I do mention it quite a bit, but I leave out a lot of details when it comes to what I do exactly. Graphic Design has been a rollercoaster of a major, but ultimately brought me SO MUCH happiness! I encourage any of you entering college and interested in this major to give it a chance. If you have any questions about Graphic Design, my portfolio project, or my school even, please comment down below or shoot me an email! I’d be more than happy to answer questions! Talk to you all soon!


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My 22nd Birthday with Panic! at the Disco

Hey, everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Currently I am on Easter break, which I’ve been spending in a city near LA with my fam. My birthday was on March 28th and I honestly didn’t have much planned except for driving home from San Diego. The craziest thing happened though! A couple days before my birthday I was sitting in Chemistry, waiting for class to start. While browsing through Facebook to pass the time, I came across a post from Panic! at the Disco, one of my absolute favorite bands! They had a concert planned for March 28th in my county! What are the odds that they’d be a short drive away from me on my birthday?! That’s fate, people! I ended up buying tickets so me and my sister could attend. Here are some of the photos from that night!





To be honest, I captured way more videos than photos, which I shared on my Insta story. The following are a few snippets from those posts, so I apologize if they are blurry. Cue my obsession with Brendon Urie…



Brendon is an absolutely unbelievable performer. He is so in love with his music, just as much as his fans are (including me). The entire concert I was screaming and singing along, the little emo girl inside of me just couldn’t help it! Their music has evolved quite a bit throughout the years, along with the dwindling members of the group. With each person who left, there seemed to be a seismic shift in their musical vibe. They started off as high schoolers with very emo music, but have slowly become more punk and alternative pop at times. Panic! has been around for 14 years now, which is crazy! I remember listening to their music when I was just in middle school; look where they are now!

The concert lasted about an hour and a half, with the finale coating the pit with gold sparkles and confetti. Honestly, it was one of my favorite concerts I’ve ever been to (partly because the venue was so small and we were feet away from Brendon). Also because I’ve followed Panic! for so long now and continue to enjoy their music more with each album. I definitely recommend checking them out if you’ve never listened before. Alright well, I’m off to class. Talk to you all soon!

p.s. Thank you to everyone who made my 22nd so special!


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Vlog 2: Sushi, Grocery Haul, and the Ghost Next Door

Hi loves! About a week ago I posted a day in my life vlog. There was no reason for it, but I’ve really been wanting to include more video content on my blog. I had a lot of fun making and editing it, and you guys loved it! Honestly I didn’t think there’d be requests for another one, but here it is!

In this vlog, I discuss my thoughts about going to the gym, grab some food with my roommate, and shop for groceries at Whole Foods. If you’re vegan, this is definitely the vlog for you. Most of the things I picked up at the store are vegan, so there’s plenty of great options for you! Not to mention, there may or may not be something mysterious going on next door to our apartment. I touch on my conspiracy theory a bit in this video!

Again, I’m sorry about the bad quality, I filmed this on my iPhone. I think it gets my points across though. Feel free to leave a like on my video, it’d be much appreciated. I don’t post consistently on YouTube, but once I graduate I’d love to start making videos more on the regular. So subscribe if you like! Alright, that’s it for me. I’m off to the gym and enjoy the vlog!


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Day in the Life of a College Student (Vlog)

Hey loves! Hope your’e all doing well. The other day, I decided to film a vlog! Honestly I’m not quite sure why, but I realized my life here in college is ending so soon, and I want to remember what my normal days were like. I go more in depth about this in the vlog. Be warned that I filmed this on my iPhone and there are a lot of bad angles and lighting in this, but its very authentic. I discuss topics from my major, music, traveling, and more! If you’d like to know what life is like in San Diego, California, then this is for you! Click the video down below to watch my first vlog!

Again, I’m not super great at vlogging, but I’d like to incorporate video more into my blog. Let me know down in the comments if you enjoyed or if you’d like to see more “Day in the Life” type content. It was super fun filming my day and I’d love to build upon my editing skills more. Talk to you guys soon!


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Pet Peeves: San Diego Edition!

What’s up, homies? Wow, what a throwback to Clueless! I probably should be doing homework right now, but honestly I’d way rather be blogging. So I thought I’d write out a short, fun post for you guys. I’ve written about pet peeves before, and they usually get a hilarious response in the comments, so tonight’s pet peeve post will be inspired by good ol’ San Diego. You all know how much I love this city and how blessed I am to go to school here, but like any other place, it comes with some downsides.

Traffic: Alright I’m going to be super honest with this one. Everyone assumes L.A. is the absolute worst city in California when it comes to traffic. But let me tell ya, San Diego is no better. I still have to plan my days around hours with the most traffic. I’m not sure if the entirety of San Diego experiences this; maybe because I’m so close to downtown? Nevertheless, it’s taken me 30-45 minutes to drive a mile or two down the main road I live on. It’s not something I expected from this city, but it always seems to be alive and bustling. Honestly this baboon is me right now thinking of San Diego traffic, lol.

Freeways & bad drivers: Another pet peeve about driving, yes! San Diego has so many freeways with overpasses that criss cross each other. It’s very easy to get confused or take a wrong turn. I did that today actually! I personally have a very hard time with directions, so maybe it’s just me? I won’t get too harsh with this next one, but sometimes San Diego drivers make me want to tear my hair out. I’ve been to Los Angeles countless times and never seen as bad of drivers like I have in S.D. I’ve been rear ended and almost in plenty of other accidents, and I consider myself a very safe driver.

Apartment Hunting: Before my roommates and I had found an apartment, we were searching for so long with very little results. Finding a decently priced apartment for a few college kids in a fairly safe location seemed impossible. There’s a small bundle of them out there, but its extremely difficult to find them (at least in my experience). I never realized how expensive it actually is to live here until I took a math class that involved finances and applying what we learned to real life. Living here in general has also taught me that. Working and living within your means can be tough, but San Diego sure is beautiful and may be well worth it!

Living Near Military Bases: This isn’t so much a pet peeve as it is simply some of my thoughts. San Diego is located between a couple military bases. One is called Camp Pendleton and the other is right next to downtown where giant Navy ships are held (I’m not sure if this is considered an actual base or just a military area). My point is, San Diego is very involved with the Navy and military in general. I respect the men and women in the service so much and they sacrifice their lives on a day to day basis to protect this country. However, it was always a little off putting when I was growing up and their bomb practice would shake our house. The same goes for San Diego: having a lot of military action surrounding your city can be a bit frightening; you never know what could happen. Again, I do respect our military, but I wonder what it’s like to live somewhere and not hear our military preparing for violence and war. I hope that makes sense.

Those were some of my minute pet peeves involving San Diego. It truly is a beautiful city and I wouldn’t let any of these things stop you from visiting or allowing it to be a potential home for you. But sometimes those drivers man, they play with my emotions! Lol, I’ll talk to you guys in the next post, have a great night!


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Self Care: Essential Oils, Journaling, and More!


Hello everyone! Thought I’d write up a blog post on this rainy March night. It’s really coming down tonight and inspires me to write down some ideas about self care. Through all the stress of wrapping up school lately, taking care of myself has definitely taken a back seat. Sharing some of the best ways to practice good self care is something I hope will be helpful to you guys and an important reminder to myself.

Essential Oils
I’ve known about essential oils for a while now, but just recently got an essential oil diffuser last Christmas. I know they are meant to be very helpful when applied to your wrists and various parts of your body, but I didn’t know just how effective they would be when diffused! When I got the flu a couple times this season, I put the Eucalyptus oil in the diffuser, and it really helps clear up your sinuses. I used it every night and even the calming sounds of the water were very relaxing. Speaking of relaxing, I use the Lavender scent whenever I can’t sleep. This oil seriously knocks you out and puts you in a drowsy state (which is great for insomnia, in my experience!) I love how these scents fill my room and they’re much less overwhelming than candles. As much as I love candles, most of them tend to make me sneeze and the essential oils have not been giving that effect.

When I was a kid, I would write in a journal consistently for a while and then completely forget about it. I have a few entries from when I was around 9 years old and it’s hilarious and kind of sweet to look back on. This year, when I was having a bit of a hard time, I started a journal back up again. It’s a great way to declutter your mind; all your thoughts move from your brain to the paper, and then you can forget about them! I don’t write every single night, but when I especially want to take care of myself mentally. I use it as a stream of consciousness (if you’re unfamiliar with this term, it means jotting down whatever pops into your head. They can be completely random thoughts about one topic or one hundred) and I find it very therapeutic. It may be a fun thing to look back on when I’m even older as well.

Take a Bath
Okay, throughout the years I’ve gotten tons of opinions on taking a bath. Some people are absolutely repulsed and others find it stress relieving, like me. There’s something about being immersed in water that is very calming, like it’s draining all the stress from your body. I will also through in some Epsom salt to make it smell extra good and clean. I will normally throw on a playlist or some YouTube, light a candle, and just relax. Don’t knock it till you try it!

Allow Yourself to be Pampered
This kind of goes along with the whole bath deal. Sometimes it’s okay to make yourself a priority. I love to pamper myself by doing a face mask, painting my nails, whitening my teeth, and other things along those lines. It makes me feel very put together and like I’m ready to conquer the world. It’s the little things, ya know?

This one goes out to all my WordPress/blog friends! I don’t know about you guys, but blogging is very therapeutic for me, especially with wordy posts like this one. The fact that I can write whatever I please, post it to people all over the world, and receive feedback is something I find so much happiness in. I love hearing the perspectives of others and connecting with kind people, even if we’re thousands of miles away. Blogging is something I do as a personal hobby, and it really takes me away from the stresses of school and other responsibilities (at least for a little bit, lol).

What do you like to do to destress/practice self care? I’d love to find some new ideas, and I’m sure others would love to know down in the comments! Talk to you all soon! 


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