My Fall 2018 Bucketlist (Things to do During Autumn)

Hey everyone! I seriously can’t believe it’s already October! Time seems to be flying quicker and quicker each month but October is such a busy and exciting one. Personally, even though I’m so bummed summer is over, I really enjoy the cooler days and all the fall festivities. Even though I live in a place that never gets extremely chilly, we have a few fun traditions that I look forward to every year. Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday (I mentioned this in my 10 random facts about me on Instagram) and I love every spooky movie or T.V. show. So for today’s post I thought I’d put together a fall inspired activities list, including things I’ve done every year and new things I want to try!


Traditions Never Die

Let’s start out with some things I’ll definitely be doing to kick off the fall season! These have been some of my favorite things to do even as a kid.

  1. Pumpkin carving (my artsy self loves to go all out with pumpkin designs)
  2. Looking for/putting together a Halloween costume
  3. Falling asleep to the rain (when we actually get rain)
  4. Going to see a movie on a rainy night
  5. Going to a pumpkin patch
  6. Walking through a corn maze
  7. Visiting Julian (near San Diego county)
  8. Decorating the house/my room for fall
  9. Watching psychological thrillers/classic Halloween movies (for example one of my favorites, Nightmare Before Christmas)
  10. Go to Knott’s Scary Farm to get a good spook
  11. Watching (and re watching) classic Halloween T.V. episodes from my childhood
  12. Driving through Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte (yes, I do actually really enjoy a PSL once in a while, LOL)
  13. Making a cup of tea or hot chocolate and snuggling up on the couch with a large blanket on a cold/rainy night
  14. Eating too many Kit Kats
  15. Breaking out some Halloween inspired playlists (which always include Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, Rihanna’s “Disturbia”, and Shakira’s “She Wolf”)
  16. Layering fall outfits with knee high boots, long coats, and scarves
  17. Watching fall inspired YouTube videos (especially spooky story times)
  18. Going to the beach on a stormy evening. A choppy and dark sea is actually very beautiful even though it’s very cold.


Trying Something New!

  1. Bake a pie! I absolutely love apple and pumpkin pies (especially around Thanksgiving) but I’ve never attempted to make one before. I’d love to do more baking in general during the holidays!
  2. Try making a homemade pumpkin spice drink
  3. Make a bullet journal
  4. Create some fall inspired videos for YouTube/the blog!
  5. Visit Solvang (a Danish town in California)
  6. Read some Edgar Allen Poe to get in the Halloween mood


I need more new fall activities on my bucket list! Let me know down in the comments if you have any unique traditions you think I should try. I’m always up for something new! Hope this post gave you some good ideas, new autumn posts coming very soon to the blog! Talk to you soon xx


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3 Quick & Easy Breakfasts for College Students & Workaholics! (Video)

Good morning everyone! I finally have another video up on YouTube. It’s taken me so long to edit this one even though it’s only a few minutes long, LOL. Life just gets crazy, ya know?? Check out my three simple breakfast recipes for when you’re in a rush in the morning. Life can get so hectic at school or if you’re working, so these three simple meals will definitely get your morning going. It’s always a good idea to start your day with something healthy in order to have a productive afternoon so I hope you all find these recipes helpful!

Let me know down in the comments if you tried any of these or if you’ve had something similar! Honestly, I think the protein shake is my favorite, partly because it tastes like a chocolate shake and it’s VEGAN! I’ve only had vegan protein shakes and I love them so so much. I’m a sucker for sweets, even in the morning so it really curbs my sugar craving for the day. I always try to have it before or after I hit the gym as well to help out my muscles.

I also really love a rice cake with peanut butter and jelly. It’s a healthier alternative to a normal PB & J since you remove any carbs that come from bread. The egg dish is another recipe I normally have after the gym. Combined with spinach and salsa, it is extremely flavorful and packed with good things for your bod! Add half an avocado to this for some healthy fats and deliciousness!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you’re new and drop a like! I love finding new bloggers and YouTubers to connect with so don’t be shy! Talk to you all soon! xx


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Where to Find the Most Instagram Worthy (and Affordable) Photo Presets & Filters

Hey everyone! As you can probably imagine from my posts, I’ve been thinking about Instagram a lot lately and how I can help you guys grow and better your themes. I genuinely enjoy giving out tips and you guys seem to like them as well! Today I wanted to focus specifically on the editing process and photo presets. Having a cohesive theme is becoming increasingly more important on Insta and can actually make posting very fun! I know personally I love building a theme and watching it grow with every post! So for today I’m spilling all my editing secrets along with some new tricks I’ve found recently! Keep reading for before and after photos!

Created using the “Golden” preset

Normally when it comes to editing my photos, I use Adobe Bridge. It is a part of the Adobe Creative Suite which also includes Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator which I use everyday at my job. I always keep my photos very low on saturation, with high levels of white and low levels of black. This guarantees I maintain the edgy and at times dark theme that I really love. I’ll also use a variety of different apps, for example Facetune to smooth things out and Afterlight to add dusty filters. This was quite a process and I would have to be at my computer in order to edit and ultimately post a photo.

After a little while of that process, I tried to find different apps that could provide me with filters that would take the pain out of my editing process and would allow me to edit on my phone. I downloaded Adobe Lightroom, which again is part of the Creative Suite. Ultimately, I wasn’t sure how it could help me filter wise, so I deleted the app. I also stumbled upon some great presets and filters through bloggers on Instagram. However, they were quite expensive. Some being priced at $60 or $70 and that was just a bit much for me. Today I really decided to dive into some preset research and find what I really wanted in a theme (as well as something in my price range). I’m happy to say my search was successful and I want to share some of what I found with you guys!

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 7.35.09 PM.png

I ended up finding A TON of cheap presets on Etsy. I didn’t even know Etsy offered presets! Seriously, you guys have to check this out. Etsy offers tons of filter sets and individual presets, all at very cheap prices. I ended up trying out both an individual filter and a full set. The set came with six filters in it, three of which I’m sharing with you guys today. If you’ve been looking for a specific filter, odds are Etsy sellers will have it. As you can see above, they have rows and rows of different color themes and vibes that you’re looking for. They all range from under $5 to about $10, which I think is fairly reasonable for something you’re going to repeatedly use.

“Golden” preset

You can find this new filter as my new Instagram theme! It isn’t far off from my old theme, but I love what it does to blue tones. It’s dark but somehow still vibrant? Totally my vibe. It’s called “Golden” and it’s a part of one of the sets I purchased for $5. I’ve been looking for a preset like this for so long, so I’m stoked to keep trying it out! The one hiccup I will say with downloading these filters is that you must have Lightroom, meaning you must have an Adobe Creative Suite account. As a graphic designer, that’s no problem for me but I understand most people probably don’t have the Creative Suite. It was also a bit of a process to figure out how to install the filters, even though the sellers include step by step instructions. Some filters even required other app downloads in order to install, so be aware of that. Aside from those two bumps in the road, getting these filters was totally worth it!

“Brunch” preset

This filter is great if you love your colors bright and vibrant! It definitely changes the tone of your hair I will say, but some may like that! A lot of these presets are used as a base for your editing, so you can make changes to the saturation, exposure, etc. in Lightroom if a color or hue is too intense for you. However, there are lots of themes dedicated to extra saturation and heaps of color. This is definitely the filter for you. It brings out the orange tones in your photos, which might actually be a great asset to your Instagram for the new fall season! Very autumnal!

“Gloss” preset

This is another great filter if you like the darker themes. “Gloss” has a slight blue hue while also deepening any orange or pink tones. Themes with this preset are always so fun and I think it’d be great for music festival photos. I love how the shadows and dark colors are intensified and I think once this filter is built up over time, your theme would look sick. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these gorgeous filters, I will link the Etsy account I bought them from here. Go show them some love and try out some of their filters! I hope this post was useful to you guys and that you’ll take advantage of these awesome deals. Being creative doesn’t have to be hard, and all these filters can be personalized to what YOU enjoy! Let me know down in the comments if you tried these out and what you thought of them! Talk to you all very soon! xx


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A Casual Day with Me! (OOTD)

Hello everyone, happy first day of October! I posted a photo on Instagram the other day of a very casual OOTD, what my childhood was like growing up, and how that has affected my fashion sense now as a 22 year old. It was a very brief post, but I wanted to dive into that a little more in a blog post! Being surrounded by a beachy environment as a kid and growing up with lots of surfers and skaters, my fashion sense was definitely influenced. My style has always been a good mix between feminine and edgy but when I was young, I was a MAJOR tomboy. Keep reading for full outfit details!


I love my fancy outfits, done up hair and detailed makeup as much as the next fashion lover, but you won’t find me wearing that on the regular. My usual look is a t-shirt usually tucked into some ripped jeans and some tennis shoes. I really love accessorizing with simple looks like these, so I’ll throw on a long necklace or even a dainty one if I’m feeling extra minimalistic. Sometimes it’s the smallest details that can throw an outfit together!


The main focus of this OOTD is my new Vans. I’ve had countless pairs of Vans throughout the years. From black high tops to checkered slip ons, to their classic black pair like these. I partly wore a lot of vans because they matched with my school uniform when I was younger. Going to private Christian schools my entire childhood, the dress code was always very strict but Vans were always a good way to style your uniform and try to be a little different in a sea of identical clothing. I always find it funny that I’m so into fashion considering I didn’t have many options except plaid skirts and collared shirts for the majority of my life.


I purchased this simple and flowy white tee from Nordstrom a couple months ago and I’ve been living with it. Simple shirts like these are great for layering under spaghetti strap tops or even dresses. I love that that specific trend has come full circle and is popular again! These ripped jeans are seriously some of the comfiest I’ve ever owned and I love the rugged bottoms and where they fall on my legs. I prefer jeans with holes any day over regular denim. I got the jeans and the long rock necklace at a little shop called Melrose in the O.C. (which is where I buy the majority of my clothes nowadays, LOL). Of course, I purchased my classic black Vans at a Vans shoe store. I’ve been wearing these nonstop with any outfit I can even though they’ve taken a couple days to break in. I’ve also been obsessing over my checkered phone case, which I got from Wildflower online. It’s been extremely protective (I’m prone to always dropping my phone) while also very in style which is at times hard to find in a phone case! I’d definitely recommend the brand!

I hope you guys enjoyed another OOTD! I know I personally enjoy seeing a more casual side of some of my favorite YouTubers or bloggers. Let me know what you think of this simple look or if you have a favorite basic piece! Sometimes buying the most minimal pieces can be a great asset to your wardrobe, so don’t forget to pick up some tees or simple tank tops the next time you’re out shopping! See you guys in the next one!


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Why You’re Not Getting Engagement on Instagram (Real Talk About Social Media)

Hey guys, what’s up? As you all know, we live in an age of technology. The world has developed so rapidly within the last 100 years due to so many technological advances. From flip phones (RIP) to iPhones, from dinosaur-like first generation Apple computers to portable MacBooks, we’ve made some incredible strides as human beings in such a short time. Even social media has come a long way only in the last ten years! When I think back to Instagram, I downloaded it simply because I was interested in the fake “film photo” filter. I only posted photos because it was the only way to save them with said filter! How bonkers is that?? Today, it is a social media powerhouse leading the way in the virtual world. Instagram in particular has gone through so many updates, which have been both beneficial to its users but also a little destructive. In today’s post, I want to talk about engagement on Instagram and why maybe you’re not improving as much as you’d like to.

why youre not getting engagement on insta.png

The Business Side of Instagram

Here is my main point of today’s post right off the bat: Instagram can be a fun, creative place with tons of positivity, but in reality it is now a place of business. As I mentioned above, I downloaded Instagram only to use one of the filters. I mean, I found it through a freaking Facebook comment! What a turn of events. Facebook is now becoming less and less used and I never in my life would touch an Instagram filter, let alone use the app because of one. Social media is very funny that way. Anyways, my point is that Instagram is now a business tool. Whether we like it or not, in order to grow we must treat it as one. The app is used by large companies now to grow their platforms, so can’t small bloggers use it in the same manner? Totally!

Playing the Game

Some may or may not believe this. In my experience however, Instagram has become a bit of a game in many different ways! As in any other board game, you need to know how to play the game and what kind of a strategy to use. Many people take the easy route: buying followers, likes, or comments through sketchy sites. While this may give them a temporary increase in numbers and a short lived social media high, it simply won’t last. Creating a genuine audience that interacts won’t come from dollars, euros, pounds, pesos, or whatever the currency is wherever you are right now. What I recommend: having a true interest in growing a real life audience. What I mean by “real life” audience is people that will interact with you online; real people who love networking too and want to keep coming back to your content.

play the game.png

Your game plan: find as many accounts that you genuinely enjoy. Like their photos, comment kind things, and of course give them a follow! As for myself, since my niche on Instagram is fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, I normally always follow accounts that have similar content. I also really love finding people that I personally believe would enjoy my content. I don’t find anything wrong with reaching out to lots of people to grow your name and giving some love in return for their follow. And yes, I do try to keep my following ratio down. There are mixed opinions on this. However sometimes if I end up following too many people, it’s hard to sift through all the accounts and my feed gets overwhelmed. If I truly enjoy your content, I will never unfollow. Unfortunately this is the new game of Instagram, so why not be strategic about how you play it?

The Algorithm & My Insta Experiment

The dreaded algorithm. We all know about it and we’ve all felt its effects. Probably the biggest no-no Instagram pulled was creating feeds out of chronological order. I actually heard a rumor they were bringing back the chronological order feeds, can anyone confirm or deny this in the comments? The changed algorithm made it so much more difficult for users to connect with new accounts and expand. They also introduced “promoted posts.” Like any other major business, Instagram is looking for ways to make more money. Promoted posts was the perfect way to do this.

Now guys, I did a little experiment myself. I wanted to see just how much promoting one of my posts would help grow my numbers. I chose one of my photos to promote for a total of 7 days. This cost $7, or $1/day. Not too bad. With this, Instagram promised about 1,400 views on this single post. At first, it was a very slow incline and I didn’t see much difference in my numbers. However, by day 7 the post had reached its goal and Instagram gave what they promised. Did the promotion actually help with numbers? Yeah actually, it did. Have I reached those numbers before, completely on my own? Absolutely! The main takeaway is, there isn’t always a shortcut when it comes to this stuff. Sometimes if you play your cards right, create genuine content you love, and network with as many other bloggers as possible, you can totally do this on your own! I don’t have any promotional posts planned for the future, as Instagram is almost a competition with myself. I’d rather see how far I can get on my own and keep trying to beat myself with each new post. This experiment was very interesting though and showed me just how far you can get on your own if you’re truly passionate about something!

Why You Aren’t Growing

So to sum things up, there’s a few reasons why your Instagram isn’t growing like you want it to. The kicker is: you’re probably not reaching out and getting your name out to other bloggers or Instagramers. Other times it may even be your content! If you don’t care about your photos and you’re throwing one up just to post, odds are that won’t work in your favor. Instagram is also supposed to be fun and creative, so get creative! Create content that you would want to see and would double tap on! Another tip: consistency is key with everything. I’ve tried to get into a habit of scheduling posts or having photos backed up from previous shoots. Having too many photos can come in handy in the future.

doubletap on-1.png

I hope you guys found this post helpful in any way! Let me know down in the comments any social media tips that you may have! Being genuine online is one of the most important things to me, especially when it comes to my content. But remembering that Instagram has become a business platform is necessary for today’s digital age. Talk to you all in the next post!


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First Day of Autumn OOTD!

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! It’s the start of a new week so let’s make it a great one! I want to kick this week off with an OOTD. It’s been a minute since I’ve posted one and I’ve got tons of new things for the fall. Muted tones have definitely been a big trend this year. From light pastel shades in the summer to pale yellows and auburn tones for this new season. As you know, Southern California doesn’t get extremely cold, even in the winter. Sadly, even our rainy days have become extremely limited. So although you won’t see tons of heavy jackets and snow shoes in any of my looks, I can show you the best ways to layer and get into the autumn mood even if you live somewhere warm!



I’ve taken any chance I can get to wear these pants. They’re probably some of the comfiest pants I own, partly because the fabric isn’t super thick and they move well with your body. The waist of them is so unique. The cinching really helps bring in your waist and give that old timey look. The fabric flares out near the top while a bow ties at the front to give that feminine edge. The “belt” is actually sewn to the pants so you don’t have to worry about it moving around. The black with white stripes are giving me serious Beetlejuice vibes for the Halloween time, and I kind of don’t mind!



It’s amazing how many looks can come from one pair of pants! I originally imagined these pants with an oversized sweater tucked into them. I’m really going for the cozy yet put together look this season. I would love to wear that outfit on a rainy day on my way to work.  For today’s OOTD though, I paired them with a simple white spaghetti strap tank and a light cardigan. Again, today was a pretty warm day so I didn’t need anything super heavy. I honestly felt super comfortable in this look but I’d totally wear it out. As for shoes, I’ve been wearing these black Rebecca Minkoff mules everywhere. I especially adore them with this outfit. They’re so easy to slip on if you’re in a hurry and I love the small jeweled details. They also carry these in white and a pale pink, but I knew personally I would wear the black ones more often.


I’d also love to wear a big denim jacket with these pants. Depending on where you’re going I think a denim jacket or a cardigan like this is the best way to go. Pants like these are perfect for the work environment but can also be transformed for a fun lunch date. From the cuffed bottoms to a cozy cardigan, I’m in love with this outfit! Let me know what you think of it down below in the comments. Do you have any specific pieces that are perfect for the transition from summer to fall?


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I Was Born in the Wrong Generation (Being Single in 2018)

Hey loves! Interesting topic for you guys today: being single in 2018. It’s something I don’t talk about too often for a multitude of reasons, but a topic I want to touch upon today. I’ve been single for about a year and a half now and it’s definitely come with its ups and downs. At the beginning there was lots of uncertainty and feeling uncomfortable and trying to just “do me” again. However, a lot of clarity and growth has come out of it and I’m not in that uncomfortable place anymore. I want to talk about this because I know tons of people who hate to be alone, but I want to give you a few reasons why it’s completely beneficial and why it’s making me even more excited for my future! It can be completely lonely, but only if you allow it to be so.

A Quick Synopsis of My Past

This is something I don’t want to get super into detail about, but it might be necessary to explain how I got where I am now. I started dating my best friend in high school. I was 17 and he treated me very well. Very, very long story short, we dated for three and a half years mostly long distance because we went to schools on opposite sides of the country. Things ended up not working out which I won’t get into out of respect for him and his privacy. It was a major shift in my life and I won’t lie, it was extremely hard for a long time. I had good days and some not so good days when all I wanted to do was cry. Through this year and a half, I’ve learned quite a bit and that’s the main focus of this blog post.

Maybe There’s a Reason

I remember having days in my old apartment when I was just straight up lonely. Sometimes it would physically hurt my heart and I didn’t know that was possible. It wasn’t fun guys, but slowly I had less and less of those days. I would dive right into my schoolwork, especially when it came to my Graphic Design portfolio. I tried to say yes to as may things as possible and actually started going out here and there with my friends. I loved exploring San Diego, but the whole “going out” scene was a bit hard for me since I actually don’t drink very often and it honestly isn’t my thing (but that’s just me). Graduation rolled around and I was so, so happy. I was excited for this new chapter and for what was to come. My days of course kept getting better and I was becoming more comfortable with this single life. One thing that helped me through the rough days and what got me to a more comfortable point was talking a lot to my parents and friends about how I was feeling. You can’t hold those types of feelings in and not expect them to coming pouring out some time in the future. Those kinds of conversations helped me realize that maybe there’s a reason for being single and maybe there’s tons of good that can come from it!

Season of Waiting

Here’s how I see it now, after all the lonely days and thinking I might be alone forever (yes, overdramatic I know but bear with me): I want to be prepared for whoever comes into my life. I want to be completely strong mentally, physically, in my career, and in what I love to do. Molding myself into the best version I can possibly be has been my goal when it comes to relationships. Not only for my future boyfriend or husband but for myself as well. I don’t want to be an unsure, sad person when I meet the one. How can I expect a strong, confident, committed person if I can’t reflect that back to them? The more I dive into blogging, making videos, photography, editing, and everything I’m passionate about, the more I feel like myself. The stronger you are in what you love, the more you’ll be ready when that day comes. You’ll know exactly who you are and what you want in a significant other. So what have I been doing in this season of waiting? Chasing what I love and preparing the best version of myself for whoever comes along. Plus, who know what the future will bring! That’s pretty exciting to me!

I Was Born in the Wrong Generation

To be super honest with you guys, one thing I haven’t been doing a lot of is dating around. I think the major reason for this (aside from working a lot and being so incredibly focused on blogging/social media) is I’m very old fashioned. Yes, I tried the whole online dating thing for a hot minute and realized it definitely wasn’t for me. There are so many modern ways of getting dates nowadays but none of them really fit in with what I want. Was I born in the wrong generation? Maybe I was meant to be in the 20’s when men actively pursued women and courted them. Is courting still a thing? I’m not so sure anymore. Call me a grandma but there’s nothing I love more than a man holding the door open for a woman or bringing her flowers. Not because he has to or because it’s some gender stereotype, but because he WANTS TO.  I’ve been hearing this phrase a lot lately: we live in a generation where people don’t want relationships. Hookup culture is stronger than ever but where exactly does that lead? What about getting to know someone and allowing a good thing to build over time?

I’d love for this post to start a conversation in the comments! Let’s have a dialogue about singleness in 2018 and where you stand on the topic. I’m just scratching the surface in this post, so I’ll be replying to comments. Leave any questions you may have as well! Talk to you all soon!


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