Pet Peeves: San Diego Edition!

What’s up, homies? Wow, what a throwback to Clueless! I probably should be doing homework right now, but honestly I’d way rather be blogging. So I thought I’d write out a short, fun post for you guys. I’ve written about pet peeves before, and they usually get a hilarious response in the comments, so tonight’s pet peeve post will be inspired by good ol’ San Diego. You all know how much I love this city and how blessed I am to go to school here, but like any other place, it comes with some downsides.

Traffic: Alright I’m going to be super honest with this one. Everyone assumes L.A. is the absolute worst city in California when it comes to traffic. But let me tell ya, San Diego is no better. I still have to plan my days around hours with the most traffic. I’m not sure if the entirety of San Diego experiences this; maybe because I’m so close to downtown? Nevertheless, it’s taken me 30-45 minutes to drive a mile or two down the main road I live on. It’s not something I expected from this city, but it always seems to be alive and bustling. Honestly this baboon is me right now thinking of San Diego traffic, lol.

Freeways & bad drivers: Another pet peeve about driving, yes! San Diego has so many freeways with overpasses that criss cross each other. It’s very easy to get confused or take a wrong turn. I did that today actually! I personally have a very hard time with directions, so maybe it’s just me? I won’t get too harsh with this next one, but sometimes San Diego drivers make me want to tear my hair out. I’ve been to Los Angeles countless times and never seen as bad of drivers like I have in S.D. I’ve been rear ended and almost in plenty of other accidents, and I consider myself a very safe driver.

Apartment Hunting: Before my roommates and I had found an apartment, we were searching for so long with very little results. Finding a decently priced apartment for a few college kids in a fairly safe location seemed impossible. There’s a small bundle of them out there, but its extremely difficult to find them (at least in my experience). I never realized how expensive it actually is to live here until I took a math class that involved finances and applying what we learned to real life. Living here in general has also taught me that. Working and living within your means can be tough, but San Diego sure is beautiful and may be well worth it!

Living Near Military Bases: This isn’t so much a pet peeve as it is simply some of my thoughts. San Diego is located between a couple military bases. One is called Camp Pendleton and the other is right next to downtown where giant Navy ships are held (I’m not sure if this is considered an actual base or just a military area). My point is, San Diego is very involved with the Navy and military in general. I respect the men and women in the service so much and they sacrifice their lives on a day to day basis to protect this country. However, it was always a little off putting when I was growing up and their bomb practice would shake our house. The same goes for San Diego: having a lot of military action surrounding your city can be a bit frightening; you never know what could happen. Again, I do respect our military, but I wonder what it’s like to live somewhere and not hear our military preparing for violence and war. I hope that makes sense.

Those were some of my minute pet peeves involving San Diego. It truly is a beautiful city and I wouldn’t let any of these things stop you from visiting or allowing it to be a potential home for you. But sometimes those drivers man, they play with my emotions! Lol, I’ll talk to you guys in the next post, have a great night!


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Self Care: Essential Oils, Journaling, and More!


Hello everyone! Thought I’d write up a blog post on this rainy March night. It’s really coming down tonight and inspires me to write down some ideas about self care. Through all the stress of wrapping up school lately, taking care of myself has definitely taken a back seat. Sharing some of the best ways to practice good self care is something I hope will be helpful to you guys and an important reminder to myself.

Essential Oils
I’ve known about essential oils for a while now, but just recently got an essential oil diffuser last Christmas. I know they are meant to be very helpful when applied to your wrists and various parts of your body, but I didn’t know just how effective they would be when diffused! When I got the flu a couple times this season, I put the Eucalyptus oil in the diffuser, and it really helps clear up your sinuses. I used it every night and even the calming sounds of the water were very relaxing. Speaking of relaxing, I use the Lavender scent whenever I can’t sleep. This oil seriously knocks you out and puts you in a drowsy state (which is great for insomnia, in my experience!) I love how these scents fill my room and they’re much less overwhelming than candles. As much as I love candles, most of them tend to make me sneeze and the essential oils have not been giving that effect.

When I was a kid, I would write in a journal consistently for a while and then completely forget about it. I have a few entries from when I was around 9 years old and it’s hilarious and kind of sweet to look back on. This year, when I was having a bit of a hard time, I started a journal back up again. It’s a great way to declutter your mind; all your thoughts move from your brain to the paper, and then you can forget about them! I don’t write every single night, but when I especially want to take care of myself mentally. I use it as a stream of consciousness (if you’re unfamiliar with this term, it means jotting down whatever pops into your head. They can be completely random thoughts about one topic or one hundred) and I find it very therapeutic. It may be a fun thing to look back on when I’m even older as well.

Take a Bath
Okay, throughout the years I’ve gotten tons of opinions on taking a bath. Some people are absolutely repulsed and others find it stress relieving, like me. There’s something about being immersed in water that is very calming, like it’s draining all the stress from your body. I will also through in some Epsom salt to make it smell extra good and clean. I will normally throw on a playlist or some YouTube, light a candle, and just relax. Don’t knock it till you try it!

Allow Yourself to be Pampered
This kind of goes along with the whole bath deal. Sometimes it’s okay to make yourself a priority. I love to pamper myself by doing a face mask, painting my nails, whitening my teeth, and other things along those lines. It makes me feel very put together and like I’m ready to conquer the world. It’s the little things, ya know?

This one goes out to all my WordPress/blog friends! I don’t know about you guys, but blogging is very therapeutic for me, especially with wordy posts like this one. The fact that I can write whatever I please, post it to people all over the world, and receive feedback is something I find so much happiness in. I love hearing the perspectives of others and connecting with kind people, even if we’re thousands of miles away. Blogging is something I do as a personal hobby, and it really takes me away from the stresses of school and other responsibilities (at least for a little bit, lol).

What do you like to do to destress/practice self care? I’d love to find some new ideas, and I’m sure others would love to know down in the comments! Talk to you all soon! 


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Finally Finding What I’ve Been Looking For: My Hair Transformation!

Hello, loves! If you follow me on Instagram, you noticed the little beauty journey I went on yesterday. I’ve researched various different hair colors for so long, and I’ve always done simple blonde highlights. The biggest change I’ve ever made to my hair is cutting it to my shoulders (my hair is usually quite long). The colors that have been put into my hair by so many different hairdressers have never been quite the shade I’ve asked for and I always left the salon a bit disappointed. I’ve never hated my hair, but it just never ended up the color I was expecting. UNTIL YESTERDAY!

Here is my “before” hair photo:


I asked my hairdresser that I really wanted a cooler toned blonde and very ashy. She knew exactly what I was talking about and mentioned that she would use two different types of toner after coloring my hair. This is a step I wasn’t familiar with and wondered if this was where other salons missed the mark. After a quick trim (cause girl, my hair was DEAD), the next two and a half hours were spent applying the color. Next, we moved over to the sink for the usual washing, conditioning, and of course the two toners.


After curling my hair, the whole process took about three hours, but was personally SO worth it! I don’t know if it was the colors my hairdresser mixed, the toner, or how she applied the color, but she completely nailed it! I’m just so impressed how she completely removed the golden tones in my hair and replace them with the lovely gray blonde I now have. Linked below is the Instagram accounts of the salon I went to and the account of my personal hairdresser. Definitely check them out if you’re in the Orange County area!

Salon Zinnia

Here are the final results and a side by side comparison:




It honestly amazes me, from the color difference to the perfection in the blending from top to bottom. A lot of things in beauty (including hair and makeup) I consider art, and if you aren’t convinced of that, my hairdresser used a legit paintbrush to apply the color, LOL! Let me know what you guys think in the comments below: are you more a fan of warmer tones or cooler ones when it comes to hair and makeup? I’d love to know! Thank you all for your kind words on Instagram regarding this transformation and I’ll talk to you all soon! xx


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My Quick Trip Back to L.A.!

Hey everyone! The other night I made another trip back up to L.A., one of my favorite cities! My dad had tickets to a Clipper’s basketball game and invited me to go. He’s a dedicated basketball fan, and even though I’m not the biggest sports enthusiast you’d ever meet, I still live for the experience and the chance to go to Los Angeles. The drive up was very smooth with little to no traffic whatsoever (which is almost unheard of). The Staples Center, which is where the games are held, is smack dab in the middle of the city. I personally love being right in the middle of it all, contrary to popular opinion. The night was very fun, so I thought I’d include everything we did with some photos in a post!



The first thing my dad and I did after we parked was go grab a bite to eat. There is an area across from the Staples Center called L.A. Live, where there are tons of restaurants and various other venues. We ate at Wolfgang Puck’s, which I was quite impressed with and would definitely recommend trying out if there is one located near you. The portion sizes were perfect (no food was wasted, yay!) and both plates were absolutely delicious! The atmosphere of the restaurant was great and I really enjoyed the interior design. Oh! Did I forget to mention that right before dinner a giant bowling pin ran up to me for a hug? I’m not ashamed to admit that I gave that bowling pin a great hug! The things you see/do in L.A, am I right?




Then of course, it was game time! We walked past the statues of well known basketball legends into the stadium and through security. The Staples Center has walls covered in photography of past performers that have played there, including acts like Muse, the Foo Fighters, Beyonce, and Stevie Wonder to name a few. We grabbed some popcorn and went to find our seats. The game was super enjoyable, with the score being almost matched through every quarter. With a few minutes remaining, the opposing team ended up pulling ahead, which must have really kicked the Clippers into overdrive. Finally, with a few seconds to spare, the Clippers won by a point or two. It was very exciting at this point and the whole stadium was on their feet! Disclaimer: I apologize for some of the blurry photos, the lighting was not the best in the stadium.





I hope you guys enjoyed this little peak inside my quick trip to L.A. I’ve been in the city pretty frequently this semester, whether it’s been for school or with family and I can honestly say I enjoy myself every time. I can definitely see part of my future being in L.A. so I love exploring it every chance I get. Also I know I’ve been very M.I.A. lately, but it’s all been for school and building my Graphic Design portfolio. I promise once graduation hits, you’ll be hearing from me a lot more often! To make up for my lack of blog posts, I’ve been very active on my Instagram, so please click the link below and give me a follow if you’re curious where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to! Thanks guys and hope you are all doing well! For my English readers and friends, hope you are staying warm, I know you’ve been getting lots of snow! Until next time!


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Senioritis & Finding Appreciation in Everything

Hello, loves! Just wanted to hop on here and jot down some of the thoughts I’ve been having tonight. Although this blog is mainly fashion and beauty related, these random little moments are a part of my life, and make this online collection of writings even more raw and authentic. Recently I’ve been struggling a little bit with one of my classes, that class being Chemistry. I know that’s probably a typical occurrence for a college student: struggling in a class you frankly couldn’t care less about. Especially since I caught the flu twice, I fell a bit behind in the class and missed some major assignments.

Chem is my very last general education requirement that I have to complete before graduating. If you’ve been to university, you’d know that most G.E. courses aren’t exactly ones you’d choose to take if you had that opportunity. However, even though it’s probably the farthest away you could possibly get from my major, I’m trying to look at it from a different angle. Finding appreciation in something that simply doesn’t spark your interest is an idea I want to work on in my own life. Every major and honestly everything in life has a purpose and I want to find the good in all of it.

At times in this college experience, I’ve found sometimes my artistic major isn’t exactly appreciated or understood. That has never hindered my love for art or my obsession with design. I’ve continued to grow and hone my craft regardless of what has been said to me or the opinions of others who simply don’t want to understand. I never want to be that close-minded. So although science has never been my “thing,” I’m trying to see it as a break from my hours of designing for my portfolio. Life couldn’t exist without chemistry, or in the broader sense, science, so I suppose I should be grateful. That sounds a little dumb, but my point is there’s good in every detail of school, life, friendships, families, etc, even if it seems minuscule or obvious.

I have such a respect for scientists, doctors, and anybody who works in that field. I certainly couldn’t be involved in it, so it amazes me to meet people who have a passion for it. Everything works in a system and society couldn’t function properly without the doctor, the artist, the writer, the environmental scientist, the sociologist, and all the rest! Looking at the world in this way, with a wide angle lens and not being judgmental towards things you don’t understand is vital to your own happiness, in my opinion. Respecting the passions of others is a great quality in a person, and something I want to strive to do every day of my life. So I think for today, I’ll apply this to Chemistry and see the good in these little atoms and molecules.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little rant and that it gave you some new perspectives. I love this community of positivity, so I can’t wait to read your guys’ comments about this topic! Let me know your thoughts below and we can have further discussion! Have a great night, everyone!


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Valentine’s Day OOTD & Makeup Look!


Hello, loves! Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of this day of love, I thought I’d share an OOTD. Initially, this post was going to be strictly a makeup look, however I remembered I had the perfect outfit for the day! It’s been so long since I’ve written a post like this, and I forgot how much I enjoy sharing them with you all. Whether you are in a committed relationship or a single pringle like me, I hope you can find some happiness today and celebrate the love that is so abundant in this world. Enjoy the OOTD!

Pink, Purple, and Poised

Once I knew Valentine’s Day was coming up, I really wanted to do a pink inspired makeup look. It quickly turned to a more purple look, but I’m not really mad about it. I started out with the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay, which is completely made up of pink shades. I personally love the looks you can get from this palette and I use it quite often in the spring time. I then went in with the two dark pink shades from the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette. This really brought out the perfect pink/rosey shades to the outer half of my lid. Lastly, I used the Purple Palette from Kylie cosmetics, which I wrote a full review of (you can find that here), and I was definitely not impressed with it. However, the one shade I truly do love I used today on my lower lash line and a bit in my outer V. I finished everything off with some black Stila waterproof eyeliner and the Better Than Sex Mascara (what else would I use? lol)

For skin, I used my usual Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and translucent powder to set everything in place. As for bronzer, blush, and highlighter, I went in with the Benefit Hoola bronzer, Nars blush in Orgasm, and a pinky toned highlighter from Kylie Cosmetics (let me know if you guys want a full review of her highlighters, I’m very torn on them too). As for lips, I went for a simple tinted chapstick from Burt’s Bees in Pomegranate.






For the Love of Yellow Hearts

This top I found at Topshop a while back. It’s a cropped blouse with a little tie in the front. I normally am not a fan of these types of tops, but the print completely won me over. The small black and white dots with the yellow hearts made for the perfect look today! The zipper running down the front gives a very edgy look, which of course I’m obsessed with. Sleeves are a big deal to me, and the one on this top definitely don’t disappoint! I love the length and combined with the flowy material, makes for a flattering ensemble.

I paired this top with my favorite jean skirt (which I thought was appropriate for the weather today, but it actually ended up raining!) I added these black heeled sandals and I think it went super well with the top. For accessories, I kept it simple with medium sized silver hoops. I love how casual yet put together this look is. You could definitely spice it up with some more serious heels if you’re going out at night or throw on some tennis shoes if you’re simply running errands.









I hope you all enjoyed this little Valentine’s themed OOTD. Let me know what you think of the makeup and outfit down below in the comments. If you have any questions, feel free to ask as well! Have a great day everyone!

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Life Update & Thoughts About Illness

Hey everyone! Many of you may be wondering where I’ve been. If you remember, about a month ago I came down with the flu. It was just another cold; I missed about a day of school and it was completely manageable. However, the past week I caught the flu again, and this time it was much, much worse. I don’t think I’ve had a sickness quite like this before and I missed an entire week of school. That is unheard of for me, since I’m very good about attendance. I just wanted to write a quick update on the blog and show you guys I haven’t forgotten about it (I don’t think I ever could!)

This week of illness (and this entire flu season altogether) has reminded me of a few things. Firstly, sometimes your body and your wellbeing have to come before anything else, including school. Secondly, you shouldn’t feel bad about that or be punished for it. In this society, everyone has such packed schedules and being present for every moment in life seems like a must. Although many of us love to be present for these moments, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Your health (including mental health) must come before everything at the end of the day. This week I definitely missed out on a lot and felt like I was letting some of my friends down. That’s one of the worst feelings in the world since I want everyone surrounding me to feel happy. However I came to the conclusion that if people truly and genuinely care about you, they will want your health to be at 100%.

When it comes to school, my university is extremely strict about attendance, which usually isn’t an issue for me since I’m always present for lectures, tests, etc. This week though, I missed every single class, which brings down my grade unless I bring in a doctor’s note (which I have ready, don’t you worry). I’m not quite sure if I agree with schools around the country that have this same rule. I get a little confused when professors consider a sickness an unexcused absence. Would they prefer a person come to class and infect everyone else instead of missing a day or two? I personally believe you should heal completely instead of rushing to get back to school when you’re still weak and sick. What do you guys think about illness being an accepted excuse for absences? I’d love to know your opinion since many of you have been through school.

Lastly, being sick in general makes me truly appreciate being healthy and able to finish tasks, work, etc. Life can get hectic sometimes, but we often forget to reflect back and appreciate the small things we have like health. I’m very lucky to have my good health and that this was just a second go at the flu for me. I’m excited to get back into my normal school, gym, and homework routine. Sometimes we need to reach a little low to fall back in love with our day to day lives. I hope this is a nice little reminder for you guys today! Have an amazing night, everyone!

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