Everything’s Coming Up Roses OOTD!

Hello everyone! It’s (finally) time for another OOTD! I’m so sorry it’s taken so long but I’m super excited about this one. Whenever I go shopping, I try to think of pieces I can wear to work. Better yet, pieces that can work in a professional setting and also for the weekend! I’ve definitely found a staple piece for my wardrobe and I think you guys will enjoy it too! I posted about this on Instagram and you all were spamming my notifications with likes and comments (thank you so much by the way) so I hope this OOTD is just as awesome! Let’s get into it!


The main reason I’m absolutely obsessed with these jeans: look at that embroidery! I mean come on, they’re so flowery and just exude the summertime. They are also very high waisted, which makes them perfect for crop tops. High waisted pants can at times be a bit uncomfortable, but I was shocked that these were actually comfortable the entire day! I ended up finding these at Topshop about a month ago. When it comes to Topshop, I either find so many things I love or nothing at all. These jeans were a great find in my opinion though!


One of the reasons I was drawn to these jeans was the two yellow stripes that run down each pant leg. Pale yellow has been such a popular color this season and I’ve actually been surprisingly into it. Sometimes I will pair these jeans with a more fitting crop top but today I opted for a more flowy one. It was definitely a warmer day, so I just wanted to feel comfy on top. The top adds a very laid back bohemian vibe, which of course is always what I’m going for! I feel like that word is a little overused on my blog but I’m not sorry about it, LOL. P.S. yes, I’m not wearing shoes because it’s SUMMER people!


I also really love the length of these jeans. As a shorter person, a lot of jeans end up being too long on me, so I have to roll up the bottoms. It’s so nice not to have to do that with this pair of jeans. They fall perfectly at the ankle and are fitted all the way down. Not to mention, I think they’re very flattering (especially as a curvier person). I love that these can be worn with simple sandals or with some cute all white Adidas. I’ve been loving the tennis shoe/chunky shoe trend lately, especially when they’re paired with something feminine like these jeans.


Hope you all enjoyed this short OOTD! With my new work routine, I’m going to try and be better about posting. Consistency is extremely important but one of the hardest things when it comes to blogging, honestly. But bear with me and hello to all my new readers! Please feel free to comment below any sort of content you’d like to see from me. It can be about makeup, fashion, graphic design, college, or even a Q&A. That would be super fun to post some time in the future! Have a great rest of your Saturday, everyone! xx


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My Experience Working Retail (Spilling the Tea About the Reality of Department Stores)

Hello, babes! Okay, so I’m a bit nervous for today’s post. For a couple reasons actually, but I felt a post like this was very necessary…especially for any of you considering going into retail. I worked at a retail store during my summers between college. I won’t disclose the name of the store I worked at in this post, for the simple fact that I still respect my previous place of employment and the managers I was under. With that being said, the following stories have nothing to do with management or higher-ups in the company, it is simply the things I experienced regarding customers and the retail experience in general. So without further ado, this is my honest experience and horror stories of my time in retail.

Feeling Invisible

Alright, let’s start off with something simple. As you all know, when you’re in a sales position, your job is to greet the customer and always have a smile on your face. Your ultimate goal is to build a relationship with that customer and make them want to come back in the future to shop with you. Seems simple enough, right? My coworkers and I formed a habit of immediately going up to customers to ask how they were, if they were looking for anything in particular, or just to simply say hello! It’s just part of the job. It might be important to mention the type of shopper I am personally. When I walk into store, I’m on a mission to find a few new pieces for my wardrobe and I mostly enjoy shopping alone and taking my time. Let’s just keep this in mind.

There were plenty of shoppers that came into our department who were in a similar state of mind. Sometimes there would be trouble though. In many situations I would approach a customer with a smile on my face simply to ask how they were doing or if they needed anything. On a daily basis, many people wouldn’t even take the courtesy to turn around and look me in the eye. Or better yet, not even acknowledge my presence or respond. I completely understand if a person would rather take a look around or shop by themselves because I am 100% that person too. However, I have never blatantly ignored someone if I am spoken to. I personally think attributes like age, economic status, religion, race, etc. (the list could go on) shouldn’t play a part in whether or not you respond to someone. If someone approaches you with happy vibes, you can at least say hi or, “Thank you, but I’d just like to look around.” And to the customers who did say that simple phrase, I thank you very much. It was situations like this that made me feel completely invisible and unimportant to these customers.

“You Didn’t Want to Help Me”

Man oh man! Have I had so many situations that made me want to run out of the store! I remember a very specific customer who became quite angry with me. I’d like to throw it in here that I always gave my full effort with each customer. At times when it would get busy, I’d do my best to remember specific details of each person I placed in a dressing room: what event they were going to, what size they were, what colors they liked and so on. It’s also important you know that there are many departments in this one retail store and customers can roam freely with different clothes from various departments. Which means I do not have a lot of knowledge regarding the pieces from another section.

In this specific instance, my customer had jeans from another department (my section didn’t sell casual clothes like jeans!) Of course, she asked me to get her another size in the jeans. To which I responded, “Those are from another department. Would you like me to walk over and grab them for you?” To which she then scoffed and angrily gave me a big ol’ NO! At that point, there’s not much more I can do. Long story short, this specific customer was getting angry at many things that were completely out of my control, to which my manager luckily stepped in to help out (she was a God send). Before I then run around the store attempting to find another sales person that apparently helped her as well she states, “…since you refused to help me.” Excuse me? I placed you in a nice dressing room, helped you find options, offered to find you something from another department, kept a good attitude and I “REFUSED TO HELP YOU”? Anyways, most retail workers come in contact with a customer very similar to this and I’ve learned to just shrug it off. It’s completely not worth getting upset over, especially when you’ve tried your best and still cannot please the person.

“You Purposefully Messed Up My Order!”

Now, this is an interesting one that I actually didn’t personally experience but is something I heard about time and time again from coworkers. We had the ability to look up any item of clothing in the entire company and send it to someone’s home. It was usually a fairly easy process, unless of course it was one of the last of its kind in the entire company! We were still able to attempt to send it, but sometimes it was not guaranteed that it would be fulfilled. It was protocol to mention this to our customers and it was always understood. However, some of the customers would return to the store after not receiving their low inventory item and get quite angry at the salespeople. Some customers have said, “Why did you purposefully not send me my order?” or “Why did you want to mess it up?” Let’s think about this for a second. Why would we not want you to receive your package? To keep it plain and simple: we work on commission. We want you to buy things. Not receiving the package equals no sale. No sabotaging will ever take place if there’s a possibility to earn commission, trust me.

Feeling Put Down by Customers

There was one thing that really got under my skin. Especially since I am a recent college graduate and actually feeling very good about my accomplishments lately. Earning a degree isn’t a walk in the park for ANY person, so I’m pretty stoked on life right now. Going into retail for a month after graduation though, had an interesting effect. I noticed a lot of customers would make small comments that felt a bit like jabs. For example, “Oh, you might be too young to answer this question or know this fact.” Granted, many people think I’m still in high school upon their first look at me. Regardless, you don’t know someone’s full story just by assuming their age or judging their current job position. This might not sound good, but I felt very looked down upon because I was in a retail position. I’d ask myself, “Did they say that because they think I’m unintelligent, or because I’m blonde, or because I look young?” That sounds ridiculous because it absolutely is. No one should feel less than just because they’re working a certain job to save some money or pay the bills. To wrap up this rant, everybody deserves respect and you should take the time to actually learn important things about a person before passing judgement.

The Customer Is Always Right…Right?

This was a major theme in my past employer’s mission statement. They are known for quality customer service and treating everyone with the highest values. Which is awesome! I definitely agree that customers should be treated to the best of your ability if you’re a sales person. They’re giving you their business and they deserve the happiest vibes while shopping. Unfortunately (as mentioned previously), sometimes you try your hardest and the customer still is not satisfied. At times they would become so nasty that they’d make you want to cry. Including myself and many coworkers in my past, this has actually happened. A customer will say such nasty things and make you feel so horrible about yourself that you drive home in tears. Is the customer still right? I’ve come to realize that in a business sense, the customer must always be correct. Morally though, is this okay? Is it acceptable that someone can be so cruel that they make a complete stranger cry? I just feel there is something so incredibly wrong with this, especially because it happens on the daily. Long story short, be kind to retail workers because they’re just doing their job and giving it their all.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it interesting. Even though I’ve had a handful of unfortunate experiences in retail, I wouldn’t erase them from my past. Jobs in retail are great if you’re in college or want to work in between semesters. In that sense, I think they’re really awesome. These are just some warning signs to look for! If any of these things happen to you, don’t ever take them to heart. If anyone shows you negativity, it is because of their own unhappiness, not because of you. I’ve had to build up a thick skin and realize these things while in a retail job and it’s definitely helped me develop people skills. The list doesn’t end here though, I’ve had so many other customer experiences I didn’t share in this post! Let me know down below if you’ve experienced anything like this or if you’d like a Part 2 to this post! Excited to read your responses!


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How to Grow Your Blog (The Easiest Ways to Network on Social Media)

Hey, babes! Recently my blog has been growing at a bit of a quicker pace, which is very exciting! I love connecting with more of you and helping out any way I possibly can with my posts. As I’ve mentioned before, I started this blog four years ago but never got serious about it until last summer. I’ve learned lots of tips and tricks since then and figured out lots of great ways to expand your audience. Although it is not all about numbers, growth is very important in the success of your blog. I’m sure we all wish it was different, but that’s the plain truth of it. I’d love to give back in this post and “expose” some of the ways I try to grow my following. These are tricks I simply never did at the beginning, and I seriously wish I had known!


One of the best ways to grow your audience is through Instagram. We all know Instagram is one of the biggest and fastest growing platforms the Internet has ever seen! It has gone from a simple photo editing app to a social media powerhouse. Maintaining a theme, posting on Insta Stories, commenting, liking, posting photos and more are all a part of the network process on this app. Not only that, but being genuinely interested in other accounts is extremely important. Liking and commenting on another person’s page will yield better results than not reaching out at all or simply posting a photo every so often. This is a fact I’ve learned myself through experimentation.

When I first created the account for my blog, I didn’t take it very seriously. I wouldn’t have any kind of consistency and let it sit there for weeks if not months. However, it’s an important step in my posting process now. Every blog post will get an Instagram post if I haven’t created anything yet for that day. Letting your followers on Insta know that a new blog post is up is a great way to gain exposure and share your name/content. In turn, a way to promote that same Instagram post is to share it on your Story. I use an app called Canva to create unique Stories that will promote my post well. Personally, if I see an aesthetically pleasing Story, I’m more interested to go and check out the post! I’d love to make a post all about my photo editing process for Instagram, so let me know if that’s something you’d like to see!



Twitter is actually something that is fairly new for me. I had made an account for my blog years ago, but again, I never touched it. Within the last month or so, I’ve been trying to be as active as possible and use it as a way to promote not only blog posts, but also Instagram posts. Every one of my platforms has a different audience, but I want all of them to see my content, even if they just know my Instagram or just my blog. Twitter is also one of THE BEST ways to meet other bloggers. I’ve actually found such a supportive and sweet community on Twitter as well as tons of cool blogs/Instagram accounts to follow. It’s definitely been an easier platform to connect with others on and I’d highly encourage you to make an account if you haven’t done so already. The same rules go for Twitter: have a genuine interest in another person’s work and be very active on other profiles. Don’t be afraid to like, comment, and of course RETWEET!



Now, Tumblr’s a weird one. This was the first platform I really saw a bit of success with. Granted, it’s still a small account but it’s the first website that really taught me things. I would promote my site and find other blogs to follow. I was extremely active and participated in promotion opportunities, which is why I saw a lot of success at one point. I’ve become a bit less active, since I find platforms like WordPress, Instagram, and Twitter to be more fun and rewarding. However, I do find a lot of photo inspiration on Tumblr, especially when it came to my designs in college and even now when I want to be a bit more artsy. I love the way my page looks and I definitely have maintained a specific aesthetic. Once in a while I’ll post about my blog on it, but I’m not sure if it brings in much of an audience anymore. Let’s admit it, Tumblr peaked. I’ll queue a few photos from time to time, but I think there are definitely other platforms that are more useful if you’re looking to expand your audience.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 5.43.46 PM.png


Facebook is another platform I’m still trying to develop. When I was in middle school, Facebook was booming. I was straight up addicted to it with the poking feature, “truth is” threads, and more features I honestly can’t remember because I don’t use it much anymore. This is why I have such a hard time with it. Similar to MySpace, I think Facebook has taken a bit of a dive. It’s popular with older generations and is still a great way to keep in touch with family or old friends. When it comes to growing an audience though, that will take a bit of work. In order to keep my blog consistent (and because I wanted the Instagram business feature), I created a Facebook page for my blog. I try to remember to share my latest blog post, but honestly it’s very difficult to keep Facebook active and fresh. If you have any tips for promoting your blog on Facebook, please leave them down in the comments!

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 5.52.21 PM.png

I hope this helped some of you learn how to promote your blog! I know they’re such simple tips, but they’re things I wish I would’ve known from the start. I didn’t know how social media worked and it’s definitely become more of a business opportunity than it was even four years ago. It’s crazy how fast things have moved but try to implement these tips and let me know if they help you at all! Hope this is a great start to your day, even though it’s a Monday! xx


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I Changed My Hair…Again (How I Maintain Blonde Color)

Hello, loves! Guess what I did today? Changed my hair color…AGAIN! Well technically, I just added more of the same color to the top of my hair. You all really loved my first hair transformation post (you can find that here) so I thought I’d write a little update. I’ve gotten blonde highlights since I was in high school, but like I mentioned in my old post, I could never find quite the right color. Since my hairdresser hit the nail on the head color wise last time, I didn’t want to stray too far from it. I normally ask for a balayage (which in shorter terms is an ombré effect), but this time I went for an all around consistent color. Here are the results!


It isn’t an extremely drastic change, which I don’t mind. I’m sure the day will come when I want to change my hair color completely but for now, I like it looking natural. As a baby, my hair was completely blonde all over but as I’ve gotten older it’s become much darker. I’m simply wanting to go back to my roots (no pun intended). Having blonde hair definitely isn’t the easiest (or cheapest) color to have. I recently have been using purple shampoo (only once or twice a week) and that’s really helped preserve the ashy tones. I didn’t think this was a necessity to use in the past, but it honestly is if you want to maintain your blonde color. Even though purple shampoo can get pricey, it limits the amount of times you have to go back to the salon for touch ups. I use the Shwartzkopf Purple Shampoo, but mostly recently I picked up the Not Your Mother’s Purple Shampoo from Target. I’ll make another update on whether or not I like this brand!



I mentioned to my hairdresser that I simply wanted to be more blonde and for the light colors to be more noticeable. She totally understood what I wanted and explained the process she would use, while also showing me photos of what she had previously created with this technique. She definitely knew what she was doing and made it clear what the result would be.

Other times I’ve gone into a salon, I’ve shown the hairdresser a photo and it never turned out the same. With my current hairdresser, she understood what I wanted and then presented me with photos instead of the other way around. I really appreciate this, as there’s a clear understanding that we’re on the same page. I can’t say enough about her and I’ll link her Instagram here: @hair.by.chlo.


There are many different types of blonde color: ones that are warmer toned and ones that are cooler. I personally prefer the cooler/ashy tones. Most hairdressers I went to previously just didn’t understand what I meant by icy/cool toned but Chloe totally gets it! If you’re in the Orange County area, I’d definitely recommend you check her out! That’s about it for my little hair update! I hope you guys enjoyed and that it gives you some ideas if you’re wanting to switch things up with your look! Talk to you very soon, loves!


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Londontown: New Nail Shades to Brighten Your Summer Vibe!

Hello everyone! I’m back again with a new product I think you’ll really love. For a while now, I’ve been a bit bummed with how my nails have looked. When they’re painted and kept up, it makes me feel just a little more put together. Does anyone feel that after they get their nails done? Within the past couple years, I’ve really enjoyed my time in a salon or simply sitting in my room making my nails look a bit nicer. It’s a very simple way to pamper yourself during stressful times and leaves you feeling way more colorful and happy. I’ve teamed up with Londontown USA nail polish to bring you today’s post! Keep reading to see a few items they sent me and some new colors I’m obsessed with!



I honestly don’t know how Londontown guessed some of my favorite colors, but I absolutely love the shades they sent! I normally go for very neutral shades that aren’t too extreme. I love grays, light pinks, white, shades of blue, and honestly straight up black. The four tones are absolutely gorgeous but before I get more into that we have to discuss one thing: PACKAGING! Were you surprised? The packaging for Londontown is such high quality, I was so incredibly impressed! Not only because the boxes were designed with clean black and white print, but the materials to make the boxes were so nice. You could tell they spent a lot of time on logo design and choosing materials. As always, I appreciate that so much and it says so much about a company. They also included a hand written note, which was so kind and thoughtful towards the bloggers they work with. Thanks Londontown!



One concern I had was that the lacquer seemed a little thin when it came to the lighter shades. I was happy to see though, that with one swipe the color was extremely pigmented and applied beautifully. For example, light peach shades (like the one they sent) are normally very thin and require a few coats. This shade from Londontown however, applied in a much thicker consistency than I expected! The polish overall is very high quality and something I will go back to if I’m looking for new colors.



I ended up going to the nail salon about a week ago to get some acrylic nails. I normally get gel polish since it lasts so long, but Londontown polish is not gel. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised a week later to see that the polish has stayed relatively fresh and new. Even though work, the polish has looked great and I’ve been loving the light purple tone. I’m wearing the shade “Briolette” on my nails in these photos. The gray shade is actually a shimmery shade called “Opal” and has a very pearly sheen to it; can’t wait to use this one! Thirdly, “Peach Pop” is pretty self explanatory: a light pink and very feminine. A very vibrant pink shade was also in the package and is called “Summer Fling,” what a cute name!

They also sent over a few surprises: the Londontown Protective Top Coat, Nourishing Cuticle Oil, and a Nail Hardener & Base Coat. I tried a couple of these out and noticed they really helped keep the strength of the polish. In their note they mentioned that their polishes are infused with botanicals and with these few products mentioned above, the color will stay on for a full week, chip free! How bomb is that?!


Londontown has been featured in tons of amazing magazines for their impressive products including InStyle, Elle, People, Cosmo, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and more! It was a pleasure getting to try out their products and I hope purchase some new colors in the future! They have a huge selection online, so be sure to check out the link in my first paragraph.

As always, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it revealed some fun new products for you to try out! Let me know what you think of these cute colors and if you’ve ever tried out these polishes before. I’d love to know your opinion down in the comments! Talk to you guys soon and be sure to follow me on my other socials for extra content! Love you all! xx


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Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog!

Hello, friends! Were any of you obsessed with reading when you were kids? When I was young, I would sit for hours at a time reading books. My favorite season for reading was in the summertime, when I could sit in the sun and read about mermaids or other fictional characters. As the years have gone by, reading has moved from printed books to a bright computer screen. While I prefer a good book in my hands, blogging has transformed the way we read and the way we take in information. It has shaped a new future and brought together people who would otherwise never meet or connect. How incredible is that?? For today’s post, I thought I’d talk a bit about blogging and why you should start one! If you’ve thought about starting a blog, this is the post for you!


Building a Community

Personally, my favorite part of blogging has been meeting other bloggers. I never imagined I would meet so many people that have the exact same interests as me. A lot of them are located halfway around the world! Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle have connected us all. The WordPress platform and community has been so welcoming through the years and I continue to be introduced to kind people everyday. I’ve only ever received positive feedback and advice on my posts and that has truly been a blessing. The internet can be a dark and negative place sometimes but I’ve only seen light from WordPress and all my virtual friends on here. Blogging really does give you the opportunity to open up about what you love and speak to people who feel the same way.

Getting Creative (The Process)

I first started my blog four years ago, before I went off to college. However, I didn’t get serious about it until last summer. I began reaching out more to other bloggers and simply being more active on WordPress. I never in my wildest dreams realized how much work went into posting on a blog. One post can take a couple days or at the least one day. Photography is the first major step I take when posting. This probably takes the most time when it comes to a single post. After that comes the photo editing, which again takes a decent amount of time. Then comes the writing and organizing it in a way that makes sense. Then finally adding your photos and posting! Depending on how busy I am on a given day, I will split up the photography process and the writing process. Although it is a lot of work, I always feel so creative and I get so excited for a post to go up. If you’re a creative person, blogging covers it all and would be an amazing outlet for you!

Benefits to your Career!

This is something I never thought would come out of blogging: it was a great asset to my résumé! I included my blog in my Graphic Design portfolio and it was something that was so unique and different. It helped me to stand out among the crowd. When it came to job interviews, I was asked about it which gave me a chance to explain my experience in photography, photo editing, and writing. I never thought blogging would help hone my skills in so many different areas of creativity. The fact that blogging helps you network as well is very beneficial to any company. Networking is one of the hardest things to do in any scenario, and the fact that blogging opens you up to that world is truly valuable. Don’t underestimate the small things that blogging can do for you!

I hope this post helps you make some decisions regarding blogging if you’ve been on the fence! It has added so much to my life and allows me to explore my creativity everyday. Not to mention, reading your comments is one of the happiest points of my day! I take your feedback seriously and appreciate it so much! Let me know if you have any other questions about blogging or my personal experience with it. Talk to all in the next post!


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Best Ways to Save Money (Tips from a College Grad)

Hello my beautiful readers! How are you guys on this lovely Tuesday? I wanted to talk more about life after college and discuss a topic that will most likely be on your mind after you finish senior year: saving money. While my family has been extremely supportive and giving through my college years, I still feel an obligation to work hard and at least make an attempt to support myself as much as humanly possible. With that, I’ve put most of my focus on saving money. I have so many goals for the future, which includes moving to a new city and ultimately getting a new apartment. Through my efforts, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to save a few bucks, which actually makes a big difference in the end.

Every summer during college, I worked at the same retail store and always had a bit of spending money that I earned myself. I have gone back to that job post grad while I searched for a position in my field or in social media (you can read more about my post graduate feelings and efforts here). Every paycheck I’ve gotten, 80 or 90% of my earnings have gone into my savings. I leave myself enough money to make it through two weeks before I get my next paycheck (I’m paid every two weeks). Since I’ve been doing this, my savings has grown exponentially. Every time I transfer money I think to myself: this amount could go towards a nice couch, or a T.V., or a bedside table. It’s very motivating to think this way and has constantly encouraged me to make this a habit. Which brings me to tip #1:

Always place at least 70 or 80% of your total paycheck into your savings account!

During my senior year, I realized how vital it was that I pay more attention to savings. With that, I spoke to my parents about making an arrangement with my bank. We spoke to a clerk about getting a certain amount transferred every month into my savings. I wasn’t making use of this helpful feature and I encourage any of you to take advantage of it. Even if you’re only in high school or just starting college! Begin transferring a small amount each month into your savings as soon as you possibly can. Even if it’s the tiniest amount, think how that will add up after years of accumulation! Especially if you’re too young to get a consistent paycheck, starting your savings in any way will be so extremely beneficial to you in the future. This is my tip #2:

Allow for a small amount of money to be transferred into your savings automatically every month or every two weeks. Begin as early as possible!

Many of us don’t realize just how much eating out costs. A meal can range from $8 to $15, depending on where you’re going. While $8 seems fairly cheap for a good meal, this can add up if you do it too often. For example if you do this once every day, that equals about $56 a week and $224 a month! That’s crazy guys! While I know most people probably don’t buy a meal everyday, it’s simply meant to put things in perspective. This also goes for smaller things like coffee or drinks. Of course we all need that caffeine or sugar kick once in a while, but making a frequent habit of this is not going to be appreciated by your bank account, fam! Which leads me to tip #3:

Try eating out less and cutting out small splurges like coffee or alcohol (your body will also thank you for this and can lead to healthier habits)!

Another very simple way to save some cash is by carpooling. This is a more obvious suggestion, but if you and a coworker live in the same city, try driving together some mornings. This will make your commute much quicker and save one of you gas. Maybe switch off some mornings or split the gas bill. I know I personally have to drive at least 20 minutes to work everyday and even longer when I start my new job, so carpooling would be something I’d be down to do! Tip #4:

Find a coworker or friend to carpool with if your schedules align. Saving gas or splitting the amount can be very beneficial in many ways!

I really hope you guys found some good tips in this post! I know after college finances become extra important, so I genuinely hope this helped at least one of you! I’ve been taking these things very seriously and I think my efforts are paying off. Leave any questions down below about anything post college related, I’d love to answer them or possibly make a whole post about them! Talk to you all very very soon! All my love.


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