Christmas Post Ideas for New Bloggers (Blogmas Day 8)

Hey guys! How are you all? I’m so sorry Blogmas Day 8 is going up so late, but I’ve fallen a bit behind with scheduling and my day was extremely busy and spent in San Diego. While it was such a fun Saturday, this post is going to be a bit short. However, I think it will be very helpful for any new bloggers out there or for anyone that needs some extra ideas. Christmas is a very busy time for everyone and sometimes you need some fresh ideas or inspiration from others. Especially when it comes to Blogmas, sometimes thinking of post ideas can get difficult. I know for me, it helps to research! So for this post, I wanted to give a quick list of Blogmas post ideas. Feel free to try out any of these ideas for your own blog. They are posts I’ve created myself or ones I’m wanting to create soon. Let me know if this is helpful or if there’s any that should be added to the list!

1. Gifts for bloggers
2. Family traditions/storytime
3. Family Christmas cookie recipe
4. Trader Joe’s Christmas haul
5. Day in my life in December
6. Christmas wishlist
7. Year in reflection
8. Round up of bloggers/posts you’ve loved this year
9. Blogmas post ideas
10. Stocking fillers
11. Favorite christmas candles
12. How to make the perfect hot chocolate
13. Holiday bucket list
14. Goals for next year
15. Christmas eve night routine
16. Visit a christmas tree farm
17. Gift guide for the beauty lover
18. Favorite christmas films
19. Best places to shop online for gifts
20. How your city/country celebrates Christmas
21. Christmas blogger tag (look up questions on google)
22. Holiday OOTD
23. Best appetizers for christmas day (if you’re cooking)
24. Christmas makeup look
25. Christmas party playlist

Extras: Downloadable Christmas wallpapers for phones/laptops. Lastly, for my designers out there: best Christmas fonts available on Google Fonts 

I hope this little post was helpful to you guys! I definitely didn’t want to miss a day of Blogmas so I hope you don’t mind that it was brief. I know lists like this are so helpful to me and my blog around Christmastime. Feel free to leave any extra ideas below and leave a link to your blog if you’re participating in the challenge this year! Talk to you all tomorrow for Blogmas Day 9! xx


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It’s Time to Tell You Guys…

Hello guys! Well, it’s official. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now and I think it’s time to finally announce it…I’m doing Blogmas 2018!!! I was going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to participate this year. With my work schedule and things just being so crazy right now, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it. I never want to commit to anything I can’t follow through with, but I think the thought of failure was holding me back. I successfully posted everyday from December 1st through December 25th last year and it seriously helped my blog. Not only that, I loved seeing everyone take part in this fun online challenge and reading other Christmas posts!

Even though posting everyday can be a bit challenging (especially towards the end) it allows me to do something creative everyday and I think that’s important. This time of year is so special and it’s celebrated so differently around the world. My blog is my little slice of the internet, so I want to share with you every aspect of a California Christmas! Look forward to lots of cozy posts, ideas on fun things to do this holiday season, and much much more! Let me know if there’s anything specific you guys would like to see, as I’m still scheduling out posts in advance. Whether that be makeup looks, Christmas OOTD’s, recipes, or videos. I’m up for anything new!

I’ll admit I’m still a little afraid of missing a day or two, but I’m going to try my absolute hardest to post from December 1st all the way to Christmas Day. Wish me luck and I look forward to reading Blogmas posts from all my blogger friends on WordPress! Talk to you all tomorrow on the first day of Blogmas!! xx


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October Date Ideas!

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 3.28.32 PM.png

Hello lovelies! Hope you are all doing well on this fine Saturday. So even though I am a single lady, that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about magical dates and adventures. I thought I’d make a little list of romantic dates I love going on and future plans I’d love to be a part of. It’s going to be October themed, since I love going on excursions according to the season. So here’s a few ideas for you guys, let me know if you’ve ever gone on dates like these or which one is your favorite!

  1. A little trip to the pumpkin patch! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still a bit of a kid at heart. I absolutely love going to pumpkin patches during the fall time and making those memories. Everything is so warm and beautiful and orange and I just think it’s such an adorable place to visit with your significant other. It works great for a first date as well, in my opinion. It’s something unique you can do once or twice a year and it gives you an opportunity to talk to the other person while exploring through the pumpkins.
  2. Get lost in a corn maze! This is very similar to the pumpkin patch idea, but definitely involves more walking and a little bit of thinking. I did a corn maze with my boyfriend at the time last year and it was tons of fun! It was quite the easy maze, but seriously so fun to walk through! Not to mention it was pretty hilarious to hide in the corn and pop out to scare him…muahaha! It’s also nice to simply stroll through, take your time, and admire the tall leaves and ears of corn.
  3. Go to a theater for a scary movie or stay inside and binge some classic horrors! About this time of year I can’t get enough of the scary movies, especially classics like the Shining or even the Nightmare Before Christmas (that’s one of my favorites!) I recently went to see “It” in theaters with a couple friends, and it would be a great date movie in my opinion. It freaks you out just the right amount but was also quite hilarious. The perfect mix for a scary date movie! I’m also a fan of sitting on the couch with a bunch of blankets binging some classics on Netflix. Usually during this time Netflix will add a bunch of horror or Halloween inspired films. As mentioned before, Nightmare Before Christmas is on there right now, as well as Corpse Bride and Coraline!
  4. Listen to the rain and drink some tea/pumpkin spice. One of my absolute favorite things in the world is listening to the rain. It doesn’t rain too much here in Southern California, but when it does I can’t get enough of it. The smell, the patterns it makes on the pavement, and the sound create a dreamy environment that I wish we could experience more often. Honestly a perfect moment I want this minute is to get a giant fluffy blanket, some tea, turn on some American Horror Story, and listen to rain against a window with a significant other. It doesn’t take much to make me happy, lol. Simple moments like that are what I live for.
  5. Carve some pumpkins! Again, I am such a child at heart. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to carve pumpkins. The guts are disgusting, so he can always do that part, lol. Designing and carving your own pumpkin together is just so fun and you end up with something special in the end.
  6. Take a trip up a mountain. I am very lucky to live in a place where I can experience both the wide ocean and tall mountains. Even though I prefer the water, I love driving up a mountain during this time of the year. A great place a lot of people from San Diego like to go is Julien. This is about a couple hours’ drive inland from San Diego. Julien is a little town up the mountain that sells the well known “Mom’s Pies” and apple cider. There are pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and the whole town is an autumnal wonderland. It is a truly unique place surrounded by pines and crisp air.
  7. Beach/backyard picnics! This is absolutely my favorite date of all time. I know a lot of people don’t have access to sand or surf, so I am really blessed to be able to have a romantic picnic on the beach. I usually would bring a blanket and a large picnic basket full of dinner, dessert, and lemonade. After dinner, sitting and watching the sunset was the perfect end to a simple and extremely romantic date. This was quite a frequent event for me, but it was always my favorite. This can be done anywhere, you don’t need a beach! A quaint park, or even a cute little setup with candles in your front or backyard would be just as amazing!

So those are some of my favorite dates to go on and some things I wish I could experience this season. Do you have a favorite date to go on or is there anything specific you’d like to do with a significant other? Let me know down below! xx

Glam Werewolf Makeup Tutorial!

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a week, its been a very hectic time for me. But I’m back with something very different! As you may or may not know, I absolutely love makeup and creating unique looks for every occasion! Especially during Halloween, I love pairing my costumes with eye catching makeup. I wasn’t sure what to do for a costume this year, so I decided to start playing around with some makeup looks I’v never tried before. I normally like to go slightly scary or spooky with my costumes, since creating those kinds of looks are more fun for me than creating anything super sweet or bright. I do enjoy stepping out of the box and throwing in some color here and there, but mostly I love the dark, smokey looks. I posted this look on my Insta story a few days back, so some of you might have seen this. So without further ado, here is my glam werewolf look! I go step by step with how to create this, so if you try it out, tag me on Instagram @sageoliviablog or comment down below so I can see it!!


Start With A Strong Base

I always start of looks like these with a clean face. We will be adding multiple layers of makeup, so having any previous products on your skin or eyes is a no no. As you can probably tell, I’ve been struggling with some breakouts along my chin and a bit on my cheeks. But hey, if you are too, keep on smiling because you’re gonna kill this look anyways! The very first product I’m going to apply is the Laura Mercier skin primer (oil free). I started using this before Europe this summer and it’s been a life saver. I can tell especially my concealer works a lot better with this primer underneath it.



Conceal the Under Eyes and Any Blemishes

Before I begin, I put my hair up so it’s out of my face and I don’t have to worry about anything getting in the way. The first actual makeup product I’m going to apply is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Concealer. I’ve been using this for a while and I’ve been pretty pleased with it, although I’d still like to experiment with other concealers on the market. I put some of this under my eyes and a bit over my blemishes and scars. Lately I’ve been using an angled concealer brush from Morphe and I’ve been loving it. I normally use my beauty blender but the brush is actually a lot quicker.




Prime Those Eyes

The next step I like to do is prepare my lids for eyeshadow. It’s actually a super important step to take, especially if you want your makeup to stay on all day or all night. Since this is specifically for Halloween, we want our eyeshadow to stay on through any event you’re attending. I’ve used the Original Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer for years now and continue to love it. I know they have a bunch of different versions but the original has just always worked so well for me.


Flawless Face

Alright now I’m going to move onto skin. Any foundation will work for this look, but I’m going to use my normal tinted moisturizer (oil free) from Laura Mercier. The goal for this look is to be quite “tan” or to use colors similar to a wolf’s fur, so my shade of tinted moisturizer seemed to work pretty well. I put about half a dime’s size on my beauty blender (yes I know it needs a cleaning) and if an area needs more coverage, I’ll do another coat there.




Once you look like a true maniac, blend that ish in! Don’t forget to blend down your neck so you don’t get that dreaded line down the jaw.


Matte-ify Your Life!

To finish up this little skin routine, I’ll set everything in place with my Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. I’ve been using this for seriously so long, I definitely swear by it! If you’re looking for a good setting powder, I’d definitely recommend this one. It comes with a good amount of product and makes your skin look so flawless. The tinted moisturizer leaves your skin looking quite wet, so for me setting it with this powder is an essential step. By the way, I use a big fluffy brush from Sephora and pat the product  along my skin. I try my best to avoid any dragging or pulling along my skin, since it’s pretty sensitive.



Extreme Contour

This look has A LOT of contouring going on, so prepare yourself to use multiple products for this one step. I started off with one of my lighter bronzers from Laura Mercier on a fluffy contouring brush from Morphe. I contoured in the normal areas: down the check to create a more pronounced cheekbone, up my temples, and on the sides of my forehead. I also took this a step further and really accentuated my jawline all the way around. It just added to the look and you can definitely choose to not place it there. I then went in with the darker (more brown toned) Hoola bronzer. I took a real techniques brush and really focused this near my hair line so it would create a nice gradient with the first bronzer. For a little extra dark color, I also took this brush in a grey eyeshadow from the Naked Smokey Palette and applied in the same spot, but that is completely optional. This really darkened up the look and made it more “wolf-esque.” I was going for a straight out of the woods and dirt vibe, and I think this combination achieved that.





Intense Eyebrows

Now is the time to get into some crazy makeup details. I don’t do my eyebrows on a day to day basis, but for special occasions I will do them. I filled them in normally with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, trying my best to make them look fluffy and full like a wolf’s fur. Now this next step is something everyone avoids when doing their eyebrows: when creating the tail I winged it out a bit, almost like winged eyeliner. I brought it out as far as possible without it looking too wild. I think it’s a pretty cool effect for werewolf makeup! I think if I were to do this look again I might go with a slightly darker color and maybe use an eyeshadow so I can have more control with the winged effect.



Make Those Eyes POP!

My favorite part, yes! The eyes. I really love eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara so this is the point I really went all out. I started out with a fluffy blending brush from Sephora and went into the shade Nude from the Naked Ultimate Basics palette. I used this as a base and placed it all over the lid.


Secondly, I took the shade Extra Bitter on a crease blending brush from Morphe and ran it all across my crease, focusing on the outer corner. This shade can get heavy super quickly so I started off very light and built up if I felt it needed more. I brought it out further than I normally would since the eyebrow is a lot longer. It gives a more intense look. This is seriously the perfect fall shade and a good choice for this wolfy look.



Next, to darken up the look and bring in that brown fur color, I took the shade Cyprus Umber from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and placed it along my outer V. Make sure to blend this shade well with that auburn shade. Go through with a clean blending brush between shades to make sure it creates a seamless gradient. Again, I brought out this brown shade further than I would normally so it meets the length of the brow.



To brighten up the look and make it pop a bit, its time to put some colors directly on the lid. Again, from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, I took Tempera first and with my finger swiped it along my lid so it merged with Cyprus Umber. I then put Vermeer on top of Tempera to add a little bit of shimmer. Any shimmery shade will do for this part. I had to go back a bit with the brush I used for Cyprus Umber to blend the shimmery shade and the brown.




This little detail will really make your look turn out quite professional. I took Extra Bitter and ran it along my lower lash line, bringing it down a little more than I normally would. I also took Cyprus Umber and did the same thing, focusing both on the outer edge of the bottom lid.



Now comes the tricky part, but I believe in you guys to try it out! Winged liner. It took me years to be able to master a good winged liner, but I think I can create them pretty confidently now without mistake. I use the Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner from Stila. I normally will do a slight winged liner either with brown or black liquid eyeliner. During fall and winter, I use black. For this look, I created an extreme winged liner, bringing it out so it would almost connect with the extended brow. I also don’t normally place it along my entire top lid; I will stop halfway. But for this werewolf look, I brought it all the way to my inner corner and created and extra little triangle to give that wolf-like effect.




To make the eyes look extra big, I lined my waterline with a white eyeliner from NYX.


And to finish off this spooky eye look, I coated my lashes a couple times with the Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara.



Creating a Wolfy Nose

Now here’s the unique part of this look. Creating a little wolf nose. I know a lot of people like to contour their nose, but I actually have never tried it. So for this, I took a couple shades out of the Ultimate Basics palette and drew a couple lines down along my nose from the inner section of my eyes. Specifically, I mixed the shades Tempted and Faith with a small detail brush from Morphe.




I then simply took two brown shades from the same palette, Faith and Lockout, to create a little nose. I did not bring it down towards my nostrils, and kept it strictly at the tip and down the sides just a tad. I focused the darker shade Lockout more towards the bottom of my nose and used Faith to bring it up towards the bridge of the nose. I hope that made sense! This basically just gave a little more dimension, but feel free to use one brown shade if you like!



Darken Those Lips!

For the lips, I wanted to go with a darker shade that would perfectly match the lids. I actually just got this matte shade from the Tarteist line, and at first I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. But I think it really went well with this look, so I’m glad I kept it! It doesn’t dry very fast, which is surprising for a matte shade, so make sure you don’t have it on your teeth if you want to try out the line! I over lined my lips just a bit and accentuated the natural shape of them.



Flash That Highlighter All Night!

The very last step, we made it fam! I know this was a long post, but thank you for sticking through if you made it this far! Lastly, I took the Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter and place it on my upper cheek area and along the bridge of my nose. I have a full post about the highlighter here if you want to know more about it. It is essential to place highlighter along the entire bridge of your nose to really make those nose effects pop. I also put a bit under the arch of my eyebrow.



So that’s it!!! Here are some final photos to show you guys how the look turned out. I really love it actually and if I end up being a werewolf for Halloween, I’d love to make my hair super full and get a little pair of wolf ears. Comment down below if you know a good place to get some wolf ears! Also let me know if you have any questions about the products or brushes I used. Most of the brushes here from Morphe are extremely cheap, so definitely check out the site! Also, random thought, if you guys would rather see these kinds of posts in video form, I could do that as well. I realize this was a very long post, and I’d love to work on my video/editing skills! Alright, thanks for sticking around guys, talk to you soon!






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My Aesthetic and How I Would Decorate a Room

My Aesthetic and How I Would Decorate a Room

Hi cuties! I’ve been dying to redecorate my room lately since my taste and aesthetic have changed dramatically since the last time my room was done. An obnoxiously purple room for a college student doesn’t really suit me anymore lol. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to redo my room, but in the meantime, I’ve been having tons of fun collecting ideas and building my aesthetic. The following photos are taken from my Pinterest (I don’t use very often) and my Tumblr, where I get all my decorating ideas and just plain adorable photos. Hope this provides you with some decorating ideas and if you’re interested in seeing more of what exactly my aesthetic is, definitely check out my Tumblr. It’s kind of my baby and I work hard to make it beautiful for my followers! 🙂

So let’s start off with a bedroom and some things I would put in it.




I’d start off with an all white bed set. You’ll realize throughout this post that I am IN LOVE with an all white room. It’s so bright, clean, and beautiful! Some other more decorative pillows might help the room become more interesting as well.

Let’s move on to a desk area…





I love the look of marble with white and little pops of color. I’d love to have marble accents in a room be it marble knobs on a desk or marble notebooks laying on the top. I think light pink/blush or rose gold make for beautiful and sophisticated accents to any room. Little candles with black and white designs are gorgeous as well for little details around the room. Baies candles make for great decorative details, but they are a bit pricey. I love the last photo with the simple black holder containing the small plant. Contrasted with the white, it really stands out.

Now continuing on with small room decorations…



Again, I love the idea of a bunch of candles throughout a room. I also thought that picture of the candles was simply gorgeous. For the next photo, I would love to have small succulents all over my room to bring out more life in a primarily white room. Also, the idea of suspending shelves is amazing to me. I would love white suspending shelves with succulents and black and white or marble decorations.

Now that you know a little bit about my decorating style, here are some photos that further show my love for this aesthetic.






Hope you enjoyed this unique post and let me know what you think or which photo you liked best! What does your ideal room look like?? ❤

Vegan Recipes You Have To Try! (Even if You’re Not Vegan) //

Vegan Recipes You Have To Try! (Even if You’re Not Vegan) //

Hey loves! Since I’ve been researching so much about health and vegan/vegetarian diets, I came across this video in my suggested video category on YouTube. This video by Bonnyrebecca shows so many different meal options for vegans. They look super simple to put together and incredibly yummy! They’re so easy to pack in some tupperware and take to go! This is especially perfect for me since I have over four hour blocks of art and design classes a couple days a week.

Although I am not a vegan, I do aspire to eat this healthy one day. For those of you who are full blown vegans, I think you’ll really enjoy these recipe ideas! I the wrap, which is the last meal she showed, sounds especially delicious! Even if you are not a vegan, try these out! You might be pleasantly surprised.

I’m hoping during the summer I’ll have more time to make recipes like this and try to eat like this everyday. I love how she said to make meals in bulk and save them for the week. This would definitely save you time and energy during your busy schedule on weekdays! Plus, just look at how beautiful every meal is!

Anyway, I hope this inspired some of you or gave you some ideas on how to eat in a way that will benefit your body and health! I’ll definitely be trying some of these out! Check out my last post about my pescatarian journey so far! Thanks!! 🙂

Future Room Decor Ideas

Future Room Decor Ideas

rooms 2 roomsSo I’m hoping that sometime in the future I’ll get the chance to redecorate my room. At the moment it’s all purple with my childhood furniture. I definitely need a “grown up” room. I’ve had a few ideas of what I want it to be and I have a whole board on it on Pinterest. (Find me on Pinterest!) These are only a few of the many photos I have on there.

I definitely want an all white room with some black accents. Also, some white see-through drapes would be nice to hang somewhere. I’d actually like to drape some white ones like there are in the photos in my dorm room with some lights. (Lights make a dorm room look WAY more homey). Of course I’d love lights in my room at home too.

Anyways, since I don’t have a long mirror in my room I’d like to get one of those or get my closet doors mirrored. White sheets are a must for a white room as well. I also love the idea of the big boho blankets on walls (but I’d like this only for my dorm room lol).

I also saw this picture of all the records and albums on a wall (left first photo). This is totally me since I’m so in love with music and collecting records. It looks like a cool collage on your wall and I really like that idea. Lastly, I would love to have some succulents in my room. It really livens things up. Those are some of my ideas so far for a future room, let me know what you guys think or if you have any suggestions that would go with this black and white style!