Christmas at Santa’s Village by the Sea (Blogmas Day 3)

Christmas at Santa’s Village by the Sea (Blogmas Day 3)

Happy Blogmas Day 3 everyone!!! We’re still going strong! I’m actually really excited about today’s post. Not only because a lot more work went into it, but because this event is sure to get you in the Christmas mood! Living in south Orange County, my city puts on an event every year on December 1st. The city is often referred to as the “Spanish Village by the Sea” but to transform it for Christmas, this event was called “Santa’s Village by the Sea.” Great marketing in my opinion! The shops along downtown are all open with some sales and decorated with Christmas lights. Some of my favorite shops even offered Christmas cookies, champagne, and charcuterie. Everything was so lit up and beautiful. It was also quite the chilly night so us Californians got a little taste of what a cold December night is like, LOL.



I bundled up in one of my favorite holiday sweaters with some boots and a beanie from Topshop. Downtown was way more busy than I expected but it was awesome seeing so many people out celebrating. Lots of shops had little kiosks that lined the streets. Hot chocolate and coffee was of course being sold (and you know your girl couldn’t pass that up.) If you were in the mood for a snack, kettle corn and cotton candy was also being sold. This event was a great opportunity for small business to sell their jewelry or homemade goods as well. It’s always fun to support a local business! One shop even had a small skate ramp for the kids (you can see that in the video) and was probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever set my eyes on.


It was honestly so fun just walking around, taking in all the sights and shopping around some of my favorite clothing stores. It really did feel like a winter wonderland (minus the snow of course because we’re still in California people!) This would be the perfect date for you and your special someone if you’re ever in the area next year. What would make this event even more special would be a small ice skating rink or fake snow! So without me rambling on about this awesome event, check out the video below to watch all the fun, Christmasy things that went on! Talk to you all tomorrow xx


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High Mountains and Calm Seas

College. What a whirlwind of emotions, activities, and endless classes. It seems like every year I make these posts recounting some thoughts and looking back at what I’ve learned, specifically while attending my university. I am now in the summer of my senior year of college and I started this blog when I was in my very first year! That’s so crazy to look back and think about the person I was in the perspective of who I am now. I remember laying in my bed in the first semester of freshman year and telling myself, “Don’t worry, college will be over before you know it.” Not that I was having a horrible time freshman year, but I just knew that somehow these four years would be over in the blink of an eye! Boy, was I right! Even though I still have one year left, I know it will be the quickest year yet.

This post is mostly for myself. Even though I love each and every one of you who reads it, I really want this so I can look back and be able to know exactly how I was feeling. So let’s start with my freshman year. For those of you who don’t know, I go to a small university in San Diego. Although this is not at all far from my home, it was still a pretty big transition, as it is for anyone. I wasn’t so sure about San Diego, since I always imagined myself going more towards the L.A. area (still dreaming of that btw!) However, as the weeks and months went on after I moved, I found myself falling in love with San Diego. I’m not sure why, but I never expected that to happen! I am such a planner and an organizer; I know what I want and like, even when that comes to locations. I knew I loved where I came from and nothing could be better than that. Through these years though, San Diego has undoubtedly become my second home and I am so comfortable whether I am surrounded by tall buildings in downtown or lounging around in Ocean Beach. Not to say that freshman year was all sunshine and beach days; there were definitely some obstacles I had to overcome and I learned a lot about people and how to deal with them. Not to mention, my boyfriend at the time and I decided to try out long distance. But those tiny roadblocks were nothing compared to sophomore year…

Now I won’t go into great detail about my sophomore year at this point in my life, but I can say without hesitation, it was the year with the highest mountains and the toughest obstacles. Sophomore year was something that had me questioning myself and who I was, in not so great ways. The things I experienced were things I had never dealt with before and completely caught me by surprise. They were, with a lack for better words, very hurtful. And although in those moments I was feeling alone and unsure, they have now led me to know exactly who I am and what I stand for. Those unfortunate moments in my life were vital to my growth, to see myself and those around me with a completely clear lens. I count myself lucky though, that I had very specific people who supported me wholeheartedly and who I cannot thank enough. You know who you are. Alright, enough with the vague and depressing. Sophomore year was also a great year of growth for me artistically. My very first Graphic Design classes were teaching me knew techniques and programs every day and it gave me a great foundation for the skills I have as a designer today. Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop were throwing me for loops that were difficult, yet made me eager to master them and learn more. I am still learning with these applications, but my second year was a must to get me where I am now. My junior year was a breath of fresh air compared to my second year…

As I just finished up my junior year, I look back and think how blessed I was. The sea had seemed to calm in my life and things were looking great again. My roommate (if she’s reading this, Hey girl, you’re da bomb!) and I had a lovely little room with a breathtaking ocean view. The entire year I was surrounded by people who loved and encouraged me. I feel so lucky to have made bonds with such special individuals. I thank God I had these people, because they’re part of the reason I got through another major obstacle: heartbreak. I hope one day I can go more in depth about this topic to give advice to anyone going through the same thing. This year I also feel I really grew in my designing skills. Although I’m still trying to find my style, I absolutely loved my design classes and my professors. It was definitely a creative year for me and quite a different experience from the year before when I barely knew what Graphic Design was!

Anyways, this is getting to be a little too long of a post for my taste. To sum it up, I have a crazy summer planned with a lot of traveling and much more! If I could go back and give my freshman-self some advice, it would be to hang on tight because the road will get bumpy. Embrace the difficult and do what you love. I’m sure I’ll look back on this years from now and hopefully have the same advice. And I’m praying there is something even better to come! Thanks for reading, and I’m sorry if this post is a little long winded, but I hope you enjoyed. See ya in my next post! xx

The Lazy Hummingbird Coffee Shop

The Lazy Hummingbird Coffee Shop



If you have followed my posts for a while, you know I love finding adorable little hole in the wall places. Especially coffee shops! My friends at school introduced me to this place in San Diego. It’s called the Lazy Hummingbird. There are certain details that make shops like this so special and unique. The paintings and different kinds of art on the walls made for awesome decorations. Small details like having different kinds of bowls and cups is something I think is super different and interesting. All of their furniture was different as well. None of the chairs were matching exactly and it totally fit the atmosphere. Back where the baristas made the coffee and acai bowls, the walls were painted black and everything looked very urban.

Outside they had an old chandelier with fairly lights draped around. Again, these unique details are something I really appreciate in a little place like this. Seeing things you don’t expect is something that makes a restaurant or coffee shop truly special. Not to mention, the acai bowls were amazing! I’ve gotten in a habit of getting peanut butter in mine and it is actually to die for! If you’re going to any acai place I definitely recommend getting one with peanut butter. It adds more protein and is totally delicious. I believe their large size was around $8, which is the typical price for an acai bowl that size. I saved half of it for the next morning’s breakfast since it was so much acai. If you’re in the San Diego area, definitely check this place out!

Poncho Dress

Poncho Dress


Hello lovelies! I feel like I haven’t posted about actual fashion in so long! Which is super sad because that’s the whole point of this blog. Anyways, I’m back at it and super excited to show you guys some new stuff! I just got this new dress and I am head over heals in love with it.

As you can see, it’s got the coolest pattern all over with cream and navy blue. The material is so light and airy; I could even wear this on a hot day in San Diego! It’s a super flouncy dress that drapes over in the nicest way. You can get a dress that fits like this at so many places, but the detailing is what makes this dress so unique. The front comes down in a V shape and there’s small tassels that tie in little bows. I absolutely love this intricate part of the dress. This combined wight he larger sleeves totally make this look like a poncho. I love that it has that vibe since I’m so close to the beach!

This V shape also continues on the back, so you can show a small amount of skin. The cut is also very nice; it’s shorter in the front, so it’s longer on the sides and in the back. (I have to watch this when I’m walking around school all day to keep myself covered haha). However, it’s totally worth the extra effort.

Lastly, the dress is designed to look as if it has pockets on the sides. It doesn’t have any pockets, but that’s the way it falls and it’s a super cool shape. I chose my simple holographic crystal necklace to go along with this since the pattern is already a little out there (in the best way, lol). I then threw on my Rainbow sandals since these are so comfy to walk around in in the hot weather. So I hope you guys are loving this dress as much as I am! I got this from the store Girl Cave.

p.s. I took these pictures in my dorm, so I’m sorry the background is a little dull, but it’s the best spot I could find! Hope you like them regardless! 🙂

Saving My Skin

Saving My Skin
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Hey guys! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a week. It’s been hectic adjusting to school and my new schedule. Nevertheless, I’m not going to stop blogging! Anyways, I wanted to share with you guys a product that is absolutely essential for this crazy hot weather. Where I’m going to school, we hit the beach nearly every weekend and even some weekdays. It’s awesome, but I have a tendency to not wear sunscreen for hours and I end up getting pretty burned. This does turn into a tan, but I’m trying to be a little more careful with my skin.

In case I do get sunburned, I like using aloe to soothe the burn. This is a well known remedy for sunburns. I bought this big bottle at Trader Joe’s and it’s just your typical aloe solution. (It also doesn’t test on animals, which is always a plus!) I don’t only use this for burns though, I use it as a day to day moisturizer as well. Aloe is great for anyone’s skin, so I definitely recommend it for any skin type! Especially if you’re dry or your skin needs some livening up, this is the product for you! Love you all and hope you’re having a fantastic start to the school year! ❤

First Day of Sophomore Year!

So it’s official. I have moved into my dorm and I’m about to start my sophomore year of college. Summer went insanely quick, but I think I’m ready to knock out this year. I just wanted to run by what has been going on within the last couple days. This should be helpful to those who are just starting college. So since my college is only about an hour away from my house, I started packing the day before. I bought all my stuff throughout the summer and did one major shopping trip at Target a few days ago. I started to actually pack my stuff up into bins the day before move-in.

So come move-in day, my family, my boyfriend and I packed everything up into three cars. Yes, three cars. Don’t underestimate how much space you will need to transport everything. Moving in takes less time than packing everything up and moving out. Just remember this whenever you feel yourself getting stressed or overwhelmed. Once I was moved in, I said goodbye to my mom, dad, and sister. I took the rest of the day to spend my last hours with Trey. I took him around San Diego and to some of my favorite places. Once the day was coming to an end, we sat on the lawn of my dorm and just talked for a while. We knew it was time to say goodbye, but our time apart will fly by since we both have full schedules and are going to work this semester.

The first day has been a little tough for some reason, but much better than moving in last year. You’re much more sure of yourself Sophomore year. You know where everything is and you have people you know. I’m usually completely used to college life after about a week or so. So if your’e new to the college life, you will probably feel some nerves at first, but that will definitely go away when you start your school routine.

Anyways, just wanted to update you guys on my move in. Today I’ve been spending the day with my roommates; going to the beach and such. Also, my roommate and I are meeting a family that we will possibly be baby-sitting for. Cross your fingers we get the job! ❤

Aqua Eyes

Aqua Eyes

IMG_7564 IMG_7565

Just a quick makeup look for you guys. For some reason I felt like trying a different makeup look I’ve never done before. This one was inspired by the ocean/summer. I took a lot of blue shades and made an ombre effect across my lid. I used so many different brands and shades and I just want this to be a quick little post, so if you’re curious as to what I used, comment down below! I know the quality isn’t as good as my other photos but I didn’t have any natural lighting since I did this at night, so I apologize for that. I think it’s a great look if you want a little pop of color. I added some white eyeliner in my waterline to brighten up the look since I had such a dark purple/blue shade on my outer lid.

I’m thinking about recreating this look and doing it with more elements added during the day. But for now, this is just an idea I’ve been having and inspired by Roxxsaurus’ look, which I posted about here. I used more purpley tones than she did, however. I’m bummed that the photos don’t show just how blue the middle tone is. It’s much brighter in reality and is actually a very beautiful shade for the summer.

This is very different from the natural shades that I usually use but once in a while I like to switch it up and try some brighter colors! Hope you enjoy and that it gives you some new makeup ideas!