My Winter Makeup Routine 2018!

Hello everyone! It’s been a little bit. For so long now I’ve been wanting to get another video up on my YouTube channel. Making a video takes a lot more time than getting a blog post up, but I’m so excited I got another one done! I’ve specifically been wanting to create a makeup routine, and with the holidays coming up, it seemed like the perfect time to finally make it. Being in the middle of winter, I prefer not to wear too much heavy makeup. For example a full coverage foundation or tons of eyeshadow. I’ve also been having some difficulties with my skin again, so I’ve been trying to wear as minimal makeup as possible. In this video is a simple routine that is very easy to follow. I like my brows natural and my wings subtle. With that being said, here is the video!

With each new video I’ve made, editing has becoming an easier and quicker process. It’s been awesome to see my skills improve each time, so I really hope you guys have been enjoying! I believe that even with bad skin, you can still have fun with makeup and I hope that’s apparent in my video. While most of my issues deal with scarring which can easily be covered up by concealer, I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with makeup and finding new ways to get creative. Especially with Christmas coming up tomorrow and the new year just days away, it’s the perfect time to try something new. Let me know what you thought of the video below in the comments. Maybe drop a like and subscribe if this is the first time you’re seeing my videos!


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Best Christmas Gifts for Bloggers (Blogmas Day 1)

Well, it’s that time of year again everyone! Not only is it the first of December, but it’s the first day of Blogmas!! I participated last year and consistently posted once everyday from December 1st to December 25th. It was a huge accomplishment when it came to my blog and it helped its growth immensely. I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it again this year though. Since starting my job and graduating college, consistency has still been difficult for me and I don’t want to commit to something I can’t follow through with. However, I remembered how much I enjoyed Blogmas last year and I really don’t want to miss out on that. With that being said, I’m going to try my absolute hardest to post everyday while making content I love.

So kick off the first post of Blogmas, I thought I’d make a little gift guide for the blogger in your life. Whether that’s yourself or someone close to you, these are a few items that I couldn’t create a post without!

Nikon D5500

Where would I be without my Nikon?? I received this camera a few years ago and it has made the biggest difference when it comes to blogging. While it is definitely a big investment, there is no doubt that high quality photography will be an enormous asset to any blog. I personally find photography a great creative outlet, so I love editing photos to add into my blog posts. I took a digital photography class in college, so I got a chance to learn in the ins and outs of my camera. While I’m definitely not close to being a professional, it’s a learning experience with each post and each photo. Taking blog photos with your phone is totally acceptable, but having a DSLR camera simply makes your posts much more impressive. Another great camera brand is Canon. I’ve actually considered switching to Canon in the future. From my research Canon is a better brand when it comes to video creation. So if you or a friend also enjoys creating videos, I’d recommend a Canon.


Etsy Presets

I have a post dedicated to Etsy photo presets and how to find them, so I’ll link that here. To recap, you can find extremely affordable photo filters on Etsy! This would be such a unique gift to any blogger or Instagrammer in your life. Most of the presets are only $1 to $8. If you know the person’s aesthetic, this could be a gift they really appreciate and actually use. I know I personally would love to have a collection of Etsy presets, especially if they’re being created by other bloggers or creators. Here is the url if you’d like to search some of Etsy’s photo presets.


Ring Light

This is something I bought a few weeks back for a few reasons. First of all, I’d love to have the perfect lighting when I’m taking product or outfit photos indoors. Secondly since I work all day, it’s nighttime when I get back home so there’s no opportunities for me to take photos outside or in any decent lighting. A ring light will eliminate all issues like these and make your blogger’s life so much easier. If they like to create videos as well, this will be the absolute perfect gift for them. While they also get a bit pricey, there are some cheaper options on Amazon, which is where I got my ring light.



This is definitely a cheap option when it comes to blogger gifts. From personal experience, some of the best and most popular posts I’ve written have been planned out in my notebook first. I’ll write down all the details to a post or video and allow them to guide me as I create. If it’s a simple lined paper notebook from Michaels, or something a little more ornate, it really doesn’t matter much. The fact that you are encouraging them to write, plan out, and release blog posts is such a huge gesture and sometimes the simplest way to support them is with a little notebook. Even though we live in such a digital age, I still strongly believe in writing things down whether you are studying or being creative.


Blogger Gift Basket

Jumping from that idea, a blogger gift basket would be such an incredible present. Buying a small wicker basket from a craft store and filling it with small notebooks, pens, and pencils would be incredibly cute and thoughtful. Another blogger hack: Michael’s sells poster board with textures and patterns. For example they have a white wood pattern option. We’ve all had to buy these for projects in middle school and high school and they’re seriously so cheap. I’m talking a buck or two. Including these in a gift basket to be used as lay flat backdrops would be perfect. Maybe throw in some healthy snacks like almonds, protein bars, microwaveable popcorn for your blogger to snack on while they write posts. This is totally customizable and depends on the person but I know I’d love to receive this as a gift this Christmas!

If you have someone in your life that loves to blog, I hope this gift guide was helpful! It can be difficult to find that perfect gift for someone but whether you splurge or create a customizable present, it’s the thought that counts. As someone who is fairly creative, I love receiving anything that will help me with my blog. Even if it’s something so small like a photo backdrop! Let me know what other blogger gifts you’ve found this Christmas! Talk to you all on Blogmas Day 2! xx


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Black Friday Haul 2018!

Hello loves! For all my American readers, I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with lots of good food and family! I of course always look forward to sweet potatoes topped with roasted marshmallows, green bean casserole and of course some good ol’ turkey. Sometimes though, the real fun comes on Black Friday, when prices are low and the crowds are way too condensed. I’ll be honest I’m not one of those that gets up at 4 or 5am to jump in line at my favorite store. I actually prefer to go in after the fact or shop online. I stopped by a couple places today and found a few great things for the coming winter season (not that we actually get a cold winter here in California but I like to pretend, LOL). So for today’s post, I want to do a haul of things I got while Black Friday shopping and hopefully it’ll inspire you to embrace this new season wherever you are!

Autumnal Tones & Frayed Sleeves



Starting off strong with one of my favorite pieces from Black Friday! During fall, I always am drawn to burgundy or gray tones. I love the mix of colors in this sweater, especially because I know I’ll wear them years from now. This sweater is also very cropped, which is fitting for the SoCal weather. You can enjoy a knit sweater but not worry about getting too overheated when the sun ultimately pops out. The neckline and sleeves are also very frayed, giving it a distressed and grungey look. This would be the perfect piece to wear on Christmas day or simply to snuggle up with your special person to watch a movie. I paired it with my knit beanie from Topshop that I purchased a few years back. This sweater had a 20% discount for Black Friday, which I think is a steal considering the brand is usually a bit pricey.


Normally when winter hits, I will head up to the mountains for a day and spend some time in the snow. I’d love to wear this outfit with big jacket thrown over it and maybe even a scarf depending on how chilly it is. I honestly don’t know how to dress for the snow so this is the closest I can get, LOL. But hey, sometimes being cold is the price to pay for fashion, right??

I Put a Spell on You

Image.jpgThis has to be another one of my favorite pieces from the haul. This long black cardigan really did put a spell on me. There’s something so beautiful and feminine about a fitted cardigan that reached all the way to the floor. Paired with my favorite gray hat, I feel super witchy in this outfit. I guess you could say I’m bringing back some Halloween vibes into Christmas! Especially when paired with boots, this cardigan really makes a statement. On the topic of boots, how amazing is this gray snakeskin pair from Steve Madden?! While I didn’t purchase these on Black Friday, I thought I’d give them a little shoutout because I wear them every chance I get.

Of course, I paired this cardigan with some black distressed denim because if you know me, I’ll always go for an all black look. For whatever reason, I feel very confident in all black and it’s slimming to every figure.



Underneath the cardigan I have a top I got 10% off on Black Friday. I love a good button down, and this white one that ties in the front is so versatile. It’s a piece that can be layered during winter but also worn on it’s own during the spring or summer. It’s super comfortable and I love buying simple basics like this.

Cozy by a Stormy Sea


I’ve been seeing these oversized teddy bear material sweaters all over the place lately! Most of them come in a jacket form but I found this one as a pullover. They actually didn’t have this sweater in my size, so I opted for a larger size. But honestly I really love being wrapped up in a cozy material, so I don’t mind at all. It has a very large hood, great for spending time down by the ocean on a windy day. This sweater really reminds me of sitting on the sand next to the pier, watching a stormy sea. There’s nothing more beautiful. This is another great piece if you’re going up to the snow since the material is so warm and can be layered!


More Stripes, Are You Surprised?


While I was shopping, I did a few polls on my Instagram story. I asked you guys if I should buy a certain item or leave it on the rack. I was surprised to see a lot of people thought I should leave this piece at the store. Regardless, I really loved the look of this sweater with the tie in the front and the material is extremely comfortable so I ended up buying it anyway! I love having sweaters like this to lounge around in at home, but I think this could be styled really nicely as well. I love the color and the overall laid back vibe, so I’m really happy with this purchase! It’ll be perfect for a casual work day in the office too! Let me know what you think of this piece in particular down in the comments.


I really hope you guys enjoyed this Black Friday haul. I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a fashion post, and I missed it so much! Like I mentioned in my previous post, life has continued to be a bit hectic but I’ve been focusing a lot on my health and going to the gym almost everyday. I’m slowly starting to transform my body, which has made my little break from blogging totally worth it. I hope one day I can make a transformation/how I got healthy post! Anyways, did you do any Black Friday shopping this year and what are your favorite stores? I’d love to know! Talk to you all soon! xx


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How To Make Your Summer Favorites Useful in the Winter!

Hey guys! Are some of your favorite clothes only appropriate for the warmer months? Is that top perfect for a special occasion except for the fact that you’d freeze in it?? Most of my wardrobe is made for the warmer weather, so once those couple of cold weeks hit here in California, I have to get creative. I have some styles for you that incorporate your favorite piece and are also practical for November and December! Check out these great layered looks for autumnal and winter fashion inspiration!

Comfy, Cozy, and Off to Class!




Unfortunately in San Diego and Southern California as a whole, we don’t get a whole lot of the changing of the seasons. The days are usually sunny and don’t call for jackets, scarves, or cute hats. However, its usually a bit chilly during my morning class, so I will opt for jeans, boots, and some sort of cute top. This is a great outfit if you live somewhere similar! This adorable blouse from Irene’s Story is light and airy with a beautiful fall color and floral pattern. The lace at the front gives a nice feminine touch and makes the whole look a little more extravagant. The back is pretty open and has an adorable tie at the top. The cut is super flattering and a gray bralette worked perfectly with it. (I got the bralette for $12 at Owl Fish by the way!) Simple ripped jeans worked well with this top, since I was going for a casual, comfortable look.


As for accessories, I wore these great black boots from Steve Madden. I have been wearing them everyday lately, I’m just so in love with them! Unlike most heels, they are actually very comfortable! I also wore my favorite Tiffany’s necklace to keep the look simple. I always keep it pretty plain when it comes to jewelry since I’m not the biggest fan of statement necklaces at the moment.


A Girlboss in Every Season!



There are a couple weeks in the year when we actually get rain, fog, and wind! These days call for the perfect jacket or sweater. I found this one yesterday at Irene’s Story and I absolutely love how it looks like part of a man’s suit. It’s a masculine cut but also very beautiful when thrown over this top with the lace. It’s very long and extremely cozy! Better yet, it has pockets on each side, allowing for easy access to your phone, a small wallet, or earbuds. I don’t really know what you guys keep in your pockets on the regular, but the pockets on this jacket are just great and that’s all you need to know, LOL!



This will be my face in my future career, about to walk into a meeting, knowing I’m about to slay the game.



The Next Gossip Girl



For some reason, once I threw on this scarf, I felt VERY New York, specifically Gossip Girl which I’ve been binging for the second time! Although I think whenever you throw on a nice jacket and big scarf, it always screams NYC and that sort of hustle bustle life. New York is somewhere that is high up on my bucket list, so hopefully I can wear an outfit like this some day in that bright city. I bought this enormous scarf at Zara a couple years ago before my first trip to Boston, and somehow it got buried in my closet at home and I’ve just rediscovered it! It’s almost the size of a blanket, so I like to take each opposite corner and fold it over. It’s long, warm, and totally preppy with the print! It’s crazy how one item can completely transform a look!



I hope you all enjoyed this outfit transformation! It’s amazing how you can take a lightweight blouse like this one, add a jacket and/or scarf, and it’s magically perfect for a new season! Fashion is mind blowing, people! I really loved mixing and matching these items that usually don’t go together. Let me know what you think of it or if you have any fashion advice for the winter that you’d like to share! Talk to you soon! xx

Makeup I’m wearing: Kylie Cosmetic liquid matte lipstick in “Gorg,” a mix of Urban Decay eyeshadows, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, Fenty Beauty Foundation, Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe, Laura Mercier Bronzer, and Nars Orgasm Blush.

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My Wishlist: Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve made a “My Wishlist” post! I started this a year or two ago to allow myself to shop around online and talk about the best things I found in order to reduce the need to actually buy them. The temptation is real with online shopping, and I get a chance to showcase more of my personal style with you guys. Usually it is focused on apparel, but this time I thought I’d bring back these themed posts with a makeup product. So let’s get to it!


Recently I found a collaboration palette between the makeup brand Morphe and Jaclyn Hill. I was just perusing around YouTube when I found a few reviews on this palette. Now I have only ordered a few brushes from Morphe and I just recently bought a highlighter called Champagne Pop that Jaclyn Hill helped create (I have a full post about that highlighter here, it’s amazing!) So although I am not extremely familiar with many products from these brands, I absolutely fell in love with all the colors from this palette.


Seriously just take a minute to appreciate that perfection. Every single color in these palette is absolutely gorgeous. From the mattes to the shimmer shades, from the nudes to the electric blues, this palette absolutely has it all! I went to research how much it was retailing for, and unfortunately it is out of stock (I sort of expected that, considering how freaking gorgeous it is). Check out Manny MUA’s review of this palette, its a really great summary. And of course check out Jaclyn Hill’s own review of her palette, she just seems like the sweetest person ever!

I signed up on the Morphe website to be emailed when it is back in stock. Because girl, I NEED this palette in my life! The more I see it and research it, the more I’d love to have it in my makeup collection. Especially if you watch Jaclyn’s video, be prepared to have a new obsession. You have been forewarned. I think this palette has the perfect range of shades. You have the warmer pinks, mustards, and reds for the summer season and blues and purples for the spring. Then the burgundy and browns are spot on for the fall. Lastly the greens and darker shades will be optimal for the winter season. There’s just so many different combinations and looks you could create with this palette. I know if I had my hands on it, there’d be endless makeup looks on this blog!

So congratulations to Jaclyn for making such a stunning selection. In her video she mentions just how long it took to create it and how much of her heart she put into it. It definitely shows and it’s something to be proud of. Here’s to hoping I can purchase it sometime soon in the future! Let me know what you think of this palette down below in the comments or if you have it yourself, what are your opinions on it??

November Beauty Favorites!

November Beauty Favorites!

Hey everyone! November is here! The weather is finally cooling down so grab your tea or hot cocoa and throw on that oversized knit sweater! I have so many favorites this month but for this post, I will stick with beauty products. Some items I use have changed completely and others have simply been a variation of past products I have used. In this post you will find a few products from high end department stores to drug stores. Let’s get right to it!

VSCO Cam-2-1.jpg

Laura Mercier has blown me away yet again with their makeup products! In the past, I have struggled with acne and acne scars. I still do occasionally, but definitely not to the extent that I use to. I would need a full coverage, oil free foundation to make my complexion seem even and free of flaws. However, now that I’ve gotten older and my skin has calmed down a bit, I have switched over to the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer! I can’t tell you guys what a relief it is to use this everyday instead of a heavy foundation. Not only does this moisturizer take less time to apply, but it is so much lighter than normal foundation! There’s some days I forget I’m wearing makeup. It can be applied with your hands or with a beauty blender. Personally I prefer a beauty blender since it’s a quicker clean up.

The tinted moisturizer comes in the normal formula and the oil free formula. Personally since I have naturally oily skin, I go for the oil free version. This product goes for around $40 and you can pick it up at any makeup counter where Laura Mercier is sold, for example Nordstrom. This would make for a perfect Christmas gift for any makeup lover!

VSCO Cam-1-1.jpg

Next up is the Rimmel Stay Matte translucent pressed powder. After foundation or tinted moisturizer is applied, it’s very important to top off your makeup with a finishing powder. I normally will use the Laura Mercier translucent loose powder. However, I recently ran out of it and didn’t have time to go all the way to the mall after class. After watching many beauty gurus, the Stay Matte powder seemed to be the most recommended cheap option. I never doubt that you can find a great product at a cheap price when it comes to makeup, so I took a trip to Target and picked this up. I’ve been pleasantly surprised using it! It has the same exact effect as the high end Laura Mercier product. So if you are ever in need of a good pressed powder for an affordable price, check out the Rimmel section in Target! This product also comes in a variety of different shades if you’d prefer a color close to your skin tone instead of the translucent version.

VSCO Cam-2.jpg

Lastly, the Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced. I have recently been obsessed with the waterproof version of this mascara! I’ve used the normal Better Than Sex mascara for a while now and it’s the first high end mascara I’ve ever owned. I used to normally go to Target for some affordable mascara which works amazingly! I definitely would go back to those. But this Too Faced mascara has lasted so long and I love that it’s waterproof. There are no little black flakes of mascara that fall onto my cheek anymore since it is waterproof. Not to mention, the packaging is freaking adorable! I love that there are fake little water droplets all over the tube. The applicator is also a plus; it has an hourglass shape that captures almost all of your lashes to define and elongate. Wow, this is starting to sound like a commercial for Too Faced but I promise I actually adore this product, lol!

If you invest in high end makeup, I definitely recommend this mascara. It has a ton of product to last you a very long time. You can pick this up at a beauty store, for example Sephora.

Hope you all enjoyed this little November Favorites post and that you’ve been enjoying this time of year, I know I have! Gearing up for Christmas at the end of November is definitely one of my favorite times of year! ❤

A Day in San Diego //

A Day in San Diego //

Hey friends! As most of you know, I go to a college in San Diego, California. I have grown up in Orange County, but San Diego has become my second home. This city is absolutely gorgeous, and there are tons (and I mean tons) of things to do even in the winter months! Cold days are very rare here, so you can usually expect sun and warmth! When I’m not studying or working on designs for classes, there’s a whole list of places I love to go to in a day. If you’re going on an adventure in San Diego, Eventbrite is a great way to plan out events and even invite all your friends! If I was planning to do anything around town, I think it’d be a great way to stay organized! You can even find events that are going on locally wherever you are. Here’s exactly what I would do and where I would go in San Diego!

So the very first stop we would make is the Little Italy Farmer’s Market. This goes on every Saturday, even if it’s raining, from 8 AM to 2 PM. It is held on W. Cedar St. from Kettner Boulevard to Front Street. Here you can walk around and sample food and other products from small businesses around San Diego. You can even buy flowers, fresh fruits, art, and listen to the band that is usually playing on one of the street corners! Every time I visit the farmer’s market here, it is always jam packed with people buying the freshest produce and most amazing items from jewelry to art pieces. You can park on the street or in one of the public lots (the public lots aren’t expensive). My favorite food that I always stop to sample is the Bitchin’ Sauce stand. This stuff is absolutely to die for. It’s a bit like hummus, but not as thick. It goes great with tortilla or corn chips; I’d love to try it on pita bread as well! I’d also like to mention a company called Juice Crafters, which is down one of the streets by the farmer’s market. I always stop here for a healthy smoothie or juice while I’m shopping around the market. Definitely check out the Little Italy Farmer’s Market if you love that quaint, small business feel! It’s so fun to get up early and head down there to check out what they have to offer!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset



The next place I would think of to go is Balboa Park. Here there are so many art museums and it’s even near the San Diego Zoo! As a Graphic Design major, I absolutely love exploring art museums and seeing ancient pieces. Balboa Park is very calm place to hangout and the architecture is stunning! There is also a Botanical Garden that is so fun to walk around in! You are surrounded by the most gorgeous plants and flowers. This place is 100% family friendly and an excellent place for kids!




DSC_0021PicMonkey Collage.jpg

After a full day at Balboa Park and exploring museums, I would take whoever was with me to Gaslamp Quarter. The night life in Gaslamp is always super exciting and it’s very busy on the weekends or Friday nights. There are restaurants, bars, and clubs. It’s honestly just fun to just walk around with friends there even. My favorite restaurant there is called Café 21. The interior design there is so put together and pretty much flawless! You can get tapas between lunch and dinner there (which I highly recommend). There are not too many gluten free options, so I don’t recommend it if you have a gluten allergy. Besides that, I really love going there, the food is always delicious and not super pricey! There are so many places to explore there, so if you want an exciting night in the heart of San Diego, head to Gaslamp!




If there was a day where I wasn’t in the mood for the busy crowds at Gaslamp, I would probably go to The Living Room, a small café in Point Loma that sells food, pastries, and coffee! I love the atmosphere at this place. The Living Room was created out of an old house, so there are couches and a homey feel everywhere! I have an entire post about it here, since I think it is so unique and like no other café I’ve been to before! I’d stop here for coffee before making the very last trip to another location. Another great place to get coffee is Better Buzz. I also have an entire post about this place here, since it’s somewhere I go quite often. This is another company who has clearly spent a lot of time on aesthetics and interior design. That’s something I really appreciate in a company! Their coffee is some of the best I’ve ever had and I highly recommend trying it out if you’re in the San Diego area!

VSCO Cam-1-2

VSCO Cam-1-3



And the very last place I would take someone after a long day traveling around San Diego, is Ocean Beach or better yet, Sunset Cliffs. Ocean Beach has plenty of places to shop and eat. It’s an awesome place for surfers and if you want to lay out and get a tan! There is also a dog beach, if you’d like to take your pets to run in the waves and sand. However, since is the end of the day, I would go to Ocean Beach for the sunset. An even better place to watch the sun sink into the ocean is Sunset Cliffs. Sunset Cliffs is basically my backyard, and you’ve seen plenty photos of it if you follow me on Instagram! Every night the sunsets are filled with shades of lilac and orange. It’s probably some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen!


VSCO Cam-1.jpg

VSCO Cam-1.jpg.jpeg


These are exactly the kinds of things I love to do in San Diego and I love showing people around this gorgeous city! It is my home away from home and I fall more and more in love with it every day. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I have, but it has definitely stolen my heart! Again, make sure to check out Eventbrite with all of your planning and organization for events! Thanks guys! //