Tips and Tricks to Healthier Skin!

Hello beautiful friends! Hope you all are having the loveliest of days. Lately I’ve been thinking a bit about skincare and my long experience with acne. I even have a YouTube video all about my journey with acne! It’s been long and difficult, but I think at this point where my skin is the best it’s ever been, I can share a few tips with others going through a similar struggle. So keep on reading if you want a few quick tricks to keep your skin young and bright!

  1. Drink A TON of water: I know this tip is probably mentioned on every beauty blog or beauty related video out there. But there is a reason for that: it works! Recently I’ve been making a huge effort to constantly drink water throughout the day and I can tell it’s making a difference in my skin. It’s smoother and it even seems some of my breakouts are healing faster. Not only that, drinking water helps with weight loss, and who doesn’t want to lose a few pounds simply by drinking water?! Sign me up!
  2. Moisturize: Throughout my life, I wasn’t very consistent with moisturizing my face. Throughout the last 6 months, I’ve been much better about using moisturizer and I can say it’s made a 100% difference. My redness has subsided and my skin has seriously never been smoother. I have been using La Mer, which by now I sound like a broken record because I’m so freaking obsessed with it and I mention it every chance I get! I believe in it so much that if you are at the last straw with your skin, please please PLEASE try it! If not that, Clinique has a great moisturizer as well. Whatever your preference, be sure to moisturize consistently, morning and night!
  3. ALWAYS remove your makeup: This may seem like an obvious one, but I remember my times in high school where I would stay out super late and be too exhausted to take off my makeup. I would go to bed with my makeup on!!! Can you imagine that?? I could never ever do that in my life now. And if you’re one of those people, STOP! (LOL) But in all seriousness, clogging your pores while you sleep for hours is not doing you any favors. It will cause major breakouts and not lead to healthy skin. I always remove my makeup before bed with the Neutrogena face wipes and wash with Cetaphil (which is another product I swear by).
  4. Avoid sweets at all cost: This is something I still struggle with and am trying to control. I have such a strong sweet tooth all the time, but it leads to some serious breakouts. Whenever I breakout on my chin or along my jawline, I know I have eaten too many sweets (particularly chocolate). What can I say, it’s my weakness. So my advice to you is, try to get off the chocolate/candy addiction as early as possible. If you’re breaking out on that part of your face, try analyzing what you’ve been eating, and I bet it’s sweets. Cut that out and you’ll be peachy!
  5. Understand that breakouts will happen from time to time: This tip refers specifically to women. I totally get that acne is super frustrating, but for us women it tends to flare up every month around our periods. Every month I get a little annoyed when my acne flares up slightly, but I know its from my period. The trick is to know that there is a reason it’s happening and it will subside towards the end of your cycle. It won’t last forever and all will be fine once it’s over! Try to keep your head up!

So there’s a short little read for you regarding skin health and clarity. For me it’s been years and years of trying to get it to where it is now. And I totally know many, many people go through exactly the same thing. Try using these little tips and tricks to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Let me know what works best for your skin in the comments below!


Q&A! My Major, Wardrobe, Traveling and More!

Hi loves! As you all know, I recently hit 300 followers on this blog and I have a whole post about that here. In that post, I mentioned a possible Q&A to connect with you all more and give you an opportunity to learn more about me! I want to thank you guys again for the continued support and constant love, it really does mean so much. So without further ado, let’s get on to the Q&A!

Siyana: What’s the thing that you promised to yourself that you will do it, but still don’t have the courage to?

Sage: Since I have loved YouTube for so long now, creating my own channel and posting consistently is something I’ve really wanted to do. I was pretty consistent for a little while, but it takes SO much work to even put out one video. I totally don’t mind that it takes so much work because I actually love the process. But I give credit to those who can post so consistently, it really is a talent! I suppose it isn’t really a lack of courage that holds me back, but simply a lack of time being a full time college student and my Europe trip being so close.

If I ever want to try anything new, I normally don’t have a problem with courage. Everything is new and is worth trying if you love it. I may fail at something, but at least I tried and that’s normally the mindset I try to have with everything. 🙂

The Obsession Begins: Who is your favorite super hero?

Sage: This is actually a bit of a difficult question since I didn’t really grow up watching the classic Marvel superheroes. When I was younger I was absolutely obsessed with Avatar: The Last Airbender. I went through such a phase where all I wanted to be was a waterbender. I fell in love with all the characters and the world of Avatar. Lol, it’s so funny to look back on! I think that’s the closest thing to a superhero that I was into.

My real life superheroes though, are my parents. Throughout my life they have showed me what hard work means and how it pays off. They’ve always been there when I needed them and show me I have a home no matter what part of my life I’m in. I’ll always be thankful for what they’ve given me. That’s pretty super if you ask me! xx

Lauren’s Notebook: What did you study in college and what’s your dream job?

Sage: Next semester I will be entering my senior year of college, which seems totally insane to me! I am studying Graphic Design with an Interdisciplinary concentration (which basically means both Art and Design). I entered college as a Fine Arts major, but soon realized Graphic Design was more the direction I wanted to go in. I’ve actually really wanted to make a whole post about my major, so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in. 🙂 The program at my school is pretty small, so I have grown very close to other Graphic Design majors. Not to mention, my professors are brilliant and people I aspire to be like.

Hmm, I always have an internal conflict when anyone asks me about my future job or career. In a perfect world, I would be the happiest person alive if I could blog or make videos for a living. Blogging specifically is such a passion of mine, and if I could turn that into a career, it would be completely unreal. However, the more practical job for me to take would be at a Graphic Design firm or to do some sort of graphics work some other way. I know I would be happy working at a firm for a while, but I’m not sure if I see my entire career there.

Audrey @ Honestly Audrey: What’s the coolest place you’ve ever traveled to and are you a good singer?

Sage: It’s so funny you should ask about traveling, as I am going abroad in just a few days! I am going to England, France, Germany, Italy, and Greece! I know if I was asked this question after I came back, it would 100% be one of those places. I know London is probably going to be the coolest for me since I’ve wanted to go since I was little, so I’ll have to say that one. However, I’ll probably write a whole post about my trip when I come back and give a full review of my favorite place! Currently though I haven’t traveled outside of the United States, so one of my favorite places is Boston, Massachusetts. It is so full of history and is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to.

Lastly, am I a good singer? …No, I am not a very good singer lol. That doesn’t stop me from singing at the top of my lungs in the car to Coldplay or Lorde while I’m cruising, though! I wish I was good because I really admire people who can sing! I have played the piano since I was 5, so even though I can’t sing, I can definitely jam on a piano! 🙂

Avenue of Joy: What are your five must haves in your wardrobe?

Sage: This is a cool question because I’ve never had to think about this before. Firstly, a good pair of denim shorts are totally needed in my wardrobe. I usually wear these to the beach and honestly anywhere else! I love how they can be mixed and matched with casual and elegant tops. Second, my rainbow sandals. These have been great for walking around my college campus but are also great for the beach. Third, a white blouse or T-shirt. White is so versatile and can be dressed up or down. Starting with the basics is a great way to a beautiful look. Fourth, a flowy dress. I live for flowy dresses, especially in the summer! Whether that be a T-shirt dress or one with small straps, it’s definitely a must for my wardrobe. Lastly, a dainty necklace. I know this isn’t clothing, but I normally always have a little necklace on with any outfit. I love my little crystal necklace, as well as my Tiffany’s olive branch necklace that I’ve been wearing nonstop!

So that’s it for my Q&A! I seriously enjoyed receiving and answering your questions and I hope you learned a little more about me. I think this was a great way to celebrate 300 and I look forward to doing more in the future! Be sure to check out every person that sent in a question, their blogs are linked in their names. They all have beautiful blogs, so show them some love! Until next time, have a lovely day! xx

Items Easily Forgotten When Packing for a Long Trip

Hi friends! So so happy you all have been loving my posts lately, I’ve been having a ton of fun writing and editing photos! To go along with this sort of travel theme I have going on, I thought I’d make another post related to packing, since that’s the stage I’m in right now lol. And the more I make lists and get some last items, the more I think, “Oh! I really needed that small thing, I’m so glad I didn’t forget it!” So if any of you are traveling in the near future, here is a list of things you most definitely want to have in your backpack or suitcase!




  1. Ziploc bags: These are things I have normally brought along on family trips. The little sandwich bags are great to hold small items that can be easily lost, for example bobby pins, hair ties, or even Q-tips. Larger ones are great to store clothes that need to be washed on a long trip or even wet bathing suits.
  2. Hand wipes: I think this is a nifty little thing to keep in your carry on and it doesn’t take up much space. You never know where you’ll be, so having some hand wipes to wash up could come in super handy (lol, get it? Sorry, I’ll stop.)
  3. Deodorant: This isn’t something I normally forget, but I feel like it’s an item that isn’t exactly at the very top of everyone’s list. However, it’s definitely something that every person needs! I usually buy the Secret Outlast gel deodorant (scent free) from Target and again, it doesn’t take up much space.
  4. Hair brush: Conair sells this great set of brushes with a normal sized one and also a travel size. I think this is super smart of them to offer to customers who are traveling far. This little brush will work out perfect for Europe, considering I’m trying to pack as light as possible.
  5. Advil: Advil is one of those things that I can’t go anywhere without. I suffer from headaches very easily, especially when flying or if I get too hungry. Usually people don’t anticipate little pains like headaches or discomfort, but personally I would like to be prepared for those things and have medicine like Advil on hand!
  6. Hair bands: Ahh the wretched hair bands: always needed but so easily lost or forgotten! Many girls keep one of these things on their wrists at all times, but even so, the possibility of them getting lost is very high. So don’t forget them when packing for a trip, you know you’ll need them at one time or another!
  7. Band-aids: If you’re planning on walking miles and miles where you’re going, don’t forget a box of band-aids! This is an item that I absolutely cannot forget because blisters are inevitable. If you do happen to get a blister, those things are darn painful, and band-aids will ease the pain.
  8. Makeup remover: As a makeup lover, packing my makeup for this long trip is extremely important! I’ve had to replenish a few things to make sure I wouldn’t run out of them in Europe. You never know if the country you’re traveling to will have the product you normally use, so packing what you need (and enough of it) is vital. However, with all that hustle and bustle, don’t forget makeup removers to clean up at the end of the day!
  9. Face wash: I bet on your vacation you’ll be out all day exploring and having fun with friends or family. At the end of that long day, you’re going to want to freshen up for bed and get all cozy. You can’t do that without face wash. It’s definitely one of the most important items you can pack! I of course will be packing my trusty Cetaphil, can’t go anywhere without it!

*Bonus tip: If you’re worried your suitcase will be lost by an airline, which happens once in a while, store an extra outfit and undergarments in your carry on. That way, you’ll have an extra set of clothes and the ones you’re wearing in the slim chance that an airline loses your luggage!

So that’s all for another travel inspired post! Hopefully you guys aren’t getting too tired of hearing about Europe, haha. It’s just such a big step for me and I’m going so far out of my comfort zone, literally and figuratively. But man, am I excited! Stay tuned for my Q&A post coming up tomorrow along with photos once I get to Europe! xx

London Calling OOTD

Hi loves! Exciting OOTD today! My trip is getting closer and closer and I can’t get London specifically out of my head. I am getting more and more nerves everyday on top of a ton of excitement. Today is the day I start to pack, so I thought I’d make an OOTD out of an item I’m bringing along before it gets packed away. So let’s get right to it!



I swear I use this blush bralette for just about any look! It’s just so lovely and adds a cute detail where you least expect it. The dress is so simple that incorporating a little pop of color is so fun and easy to do! (Necklace from Tiffany’s).


Since I am only bringing a couple dresses to Europe, I was very picky with what I was looking for. I needed something flowy, comfortable, and not too short. Not only that, I needed a dress that could be mixed and matched with shoes and the one sweater I’m packing. Even though I had all these specific requirements, I still wanted something that would be beautiful in photos. After a lot of searching, I think this dress is going to work out perfectly!


The back of this dress is perfect for the hot weather in Italy and the other places I’m visiting. With a few straps criss crossing each other, it allows for a pretty open back and gives the dress a lightness. Not only that, but the cream color is perfect for the summer and adds to the flowy and effortless vibe of this piece.


One of my absolute favorite details of this dress is the very bottom. The little patterning stitched beautifully is the detailing this simple dress needed. I think if the designer would have repeated this partner anywhere else it would have taken away from the specialness of it. I also think it adds a bohemian look that I’m obsessed with in any clothing. I bought this dress from Melrose in the O.C. 


To accompany this little silver necklace, I threw in a gold accented crystal rock necklace. It’s quite long so I think it contrasts the shorter one nicely. The earthy tones in it are the perfect match to this cream dress. This whole outfit’s color palette from cream to pink to gold is exactly what’s needed for the warm summer weather!

That’s it for this OOTD, I hope you enjoyed or learned something! Let me know what you think of this dress in the comments below or have any travel tips before I head off to London! xx

Thank You for 300! + Q&A?

Surprise, second post! Wow, it is an exciting day (or should I say night, since that’s when I’m writing this, lol)! I just hit 300 WordPress followers, so I wanted to jump on here and give a big thank you to you all. I first started blogging about three years ago, right before I started college. That seems like an eternity ago, but I’m so blessed I began when I did. It has taught me so much and led me closer and closer to my goals and passions.

Even though 300 is a fairly low number, it seems like a million to me. Every single person that subscribes/follows my blog gives me a little joy throughout the day that I wasn’t expecting. It truly does bring me so much happiness to interact with such lovely people who care about my content. I also really love checking out the blogs of others and seeing how much heart and soul go into each post. I know how much work goes into blogging, so I respect each and every one of you and the time you put in.

I’ll be honest, I went through a phase where blogging was super hard for me because it seemed my content wasn’t reaching a single person. I had an internal conflict with myself going back and forth between, “Why am I putting the time in if I’m getting no feedback and not making any online friends or interactions?” and “I love blogging so much, I don’t care if no one is seeing it!” However, reaching 300 has given me a new motivation and makes me wish I could post every single day (but let’s be real, life happens). So thank you all for reenergizing my passion.

The success of a blog not only depends on the consistency and quality of a content creator’s posts, but also on those who love reading it. So for that, I really do appreciate all 300+ of you! My blog has grown quite a bit within these last few days, and I hope this momentum continues so we can expand this little family. My blog is like my baby and I love sharing it with you guys. So to celebrate and to build an even stronger relationship with my readers, I would really love to host a Q&A! It would be awesome if the questions created a larger discussion as well. Would you guys be into that? If so, please comment below any questions you have for me as a blogger. Whether that be anything personal, fashion or beauty related, college or graphic design related, some sort of real world issue you’d like me to discuss? LOL. Anything that pops into your head! If I receive enough questions on this post, I’ll answer them and include the asker’s blog name next to the question. Thank you all again so, so much and I look forward to your questions and comments! Have a lovely night! xx

p.s. I hope you like the blog redesign! Much more my aesthetic!

My First Apartment!

It’s official! I have finally gotten the key to my first apartment! Wow, I can’t believe I have my own place with a couple of amazing people who I love so much. After much research and looking around, and I mean A LOT, we found the perfect place that comes with so many perks. It is the perfect distance from my school, so driving won’t be an issue. Also, it is extremely close to a grocery store so we can simply walk right over to get food.

The apartment consists of a large living room, a kitchen, one bathroom, and two bedrooms. I am very blessed to have one of the bedrooms to myself and am looking forward to getting some furniture in there! As of right now, it is still an empty apartment, but I know we can make it our home once it is decorated and furnished.

It’s unbelievable that I’m going into my Senior year of college and moving into my very first apartment. Seems like my time here has flown by, but things sure are getting exciting! As I am leaving for Europe in exactly one week, there has been a lot to think about and get done including getting the keys to our place, but they have been very exciting things! I suppose there isn’t much more to say about this until I move in, but I really wanted to get a little post on the blog to remember this moment and keep you all updated! Stay tuned for more posts, or follow me on Instagram to keep up with my European excursions! (I will be more active on Instagram than this blog during the trip). Hope you all have an amazing day!!


Alter Ego Tutorial!

Hi friends! Thought I’d share another one of my videos on the blog! I’ve really been enjoying filming and editing. So for this week’s video, I created a dual look. One side is my everyday makeup look, and the other is a darker “alter ego” look. The darker shades were actually super fun to work with, while also being a challenge! I don’t normally wear black, so it was awesome to mix it up a bit! If you’d like to follow me on YouTube, that would just make my day and I normally subscribe back! Hope you all are having the loveliest of days, and I’ll talk to you soon! xx