My Travel Journal: London, England (Part 2)

Hey everyone! Wow, it’s been a whole year since I’ve written a “My Travel Journal” post. I actually really love writing these and sharing photos with you, so I’m glad the time has come. As you all know I recently took a trip back to Europe with my family. My last trip was with my university’s art department, so I knew this time around it was going to be a whole new experience. We planned for England and Paris, France so today I’ll be showing you all my photos from London specifically. I’ll be going through places we visited, food we ate, and what I thought of it all.

Now, since I literally have over 500 photos from England alone, I will be splitting up each city into separate posts. I hope that’s okay! Today will be London and later on I will create posts for the other cities we visited by train (if you’ve kept up with my Instagram, these two extra places are no secret). Let’s get on to the photos!









Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, & More!

So of course, one of the first sights we visited was Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye. We stayed at the St. Ermin’s hotel, which was very close to them. We ended up around this area a lot, considering the hotel’s proximity. This area was much more touristy compared to where I stayed last time, which was the Lee Abbey in Kensington. Unfortunately, as you can see, Big Ben is getting some cosmetic surgery right now and scaffolding was covering basically the entire building. Nonetheless, it was still quite breathtaking and so English! Our hotel ended up being even closer to Buckingham Palace. It was a short walk over, but right when we arrived was when the guards were practicing for the Queen’s birthday. We were there right before the birthday ceremony and after the Royal Wedding; two huge events for the country!

Happy Birthday to the Queen!


Tower of London & Tower Bridge

Another day we decided to take a long walk over to see the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. I had been to the Tower of London before, but never had the chance to explore the inside. In it’s walls lie the Crown Jewels and an endless amount of English history (which is fascinating to me). I never expected for their to be what seemed like a little city inside the walls (and a torture chamber, yikes!) The Tower Bridge was beautiful as always, and I got to walk across it this time!



Chilling on what used to be the moat of the Tower of London




Tate Modern

Tate Modern is one of my favorite art museums ever, so of course we took a little walk through and saw some pretty cool works of art. I really love pieces that are placed in large exhibition spaces that make you feel so tiny. I’m also a big fan of audio pieces with odd or interesting sounds. The Tate Modern is a great place for that, especially the central room, which is called the Turbine Room (it’s probably one of the biggest spaces I’ve ever experienced). The following photo is probably my favorite photo from the entire trip! We took an elevator to the 10th floor of the Tate, where there was a 360 degree view of London skylines. This specific view includes the large column of the Tate and St. Paul’s cathedral in the distance.



Trafalgar Square and St. Paul’s Cathedral

Trafalgar Square was another place I had been to previously. It’s my favorite place to relax in the sun while snacking on my favorite cucumber and tuna sandwich from Pret a Manger! You guys better believe I took full advantage of the Prets on every corner, LOL! Trafalgar Square is just so beautiful and I love seeing the different art pieces they have outside of the museum.

I went to St. Paul’s during my last trip, but never got a chance to explore the inside. My family planned on attending a church service with the choir planned to sing. The inside of this cathedral is absolutely breathtaking, complete with coffered ceilings, tall arches, mosaics, and gold detailing. With the enormity of the thing, the voices of the choir filled the entire space and was quite angelic. Again, appealing to my love of audio art pieces. It was so beautiful, even the outer architecture is gorgeous. My sister and I decided to take some photos at the front while a strange English man decided to give us a history lesson about the statue out front. LOL, it was quite the random (and funny) experience. Love the photos we got though!

Fountains of Trafalgar Square
I got hustled here last year, LOL


My sister (Skye) on the steps of St. Paul’s


Your girl hangin’ next to these dope columns

Food & Strolling Around Town

A few things I noticed about London this time is that there isn’t a wide range of food options. On every street, you have the option of either Nando’s, Pizza Express, Wagamama’s, or Pret a Manger. I’m not complaining though, I actually really enjoy every one of these places. Pizza Express and Pret were both huge hits with my family. There were some of the funniest places we found just by walking around. If you’re traveling somewhere new, I’d recommend taking a day just to explore and find random, weird things on your adventures. Hyde Park (which is right next to Buckingham Palace) was one of our favorite little spots to walk around and enjoy the beautiful garden they built around the water. Please enjoy the photo of me chilling with the geese that inhabit the park. I apologize if I annoyed any of them with my fascination, LOL.




This little yogurt shop called “Snog” was just too cute!


Love this mural of Shakespeare and this girl dancing around, having a grand time
Just enjoying St. Ermin’s



That’s about it for this post, I hope you enjoyed this little trip through London with me. It truly is one of my favorite places, and I’d like to think I’ve seen a lot of the world. Our last day here however, I did get a pretty horrible fever and chills, which led to a further sickness that took a bit of a toll on our travels. Check out my post here if you’d like to read in detail about what happened. With that being said, I would like to mention how kind and considerate the hotel staff was when all this happened. On our way to the train station to leave London, they sent us off with a bag full of water bottles and made me a hot peppermint tea to calm my stomach. It really was one of the most kind gestures I’ve experienced, so if you’re ever staying in London, I would highly recommend the St. Ermin’s Hotel. Not only are you getting incredible room service, an elegant and beautiful building, but also a staff that genuinely cares about their customers.

London is definitely somewhere I’ll be returning to throughout my life, if I get the chance of course. The history fascinates me and the architecture is something I wish we had here in America! Let me know what you thought of my photos down below in the comments! What’s your favorite place to travel to and what’s on your bucket list? I’d love to know! I’ll be back soon with the other cities we visited in England!


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What Happened to Me in Europe (Dealing with Sickness Abroad)

Hello my lovely readers! Hope you are all doing well. I thought I’d make a little update regarding my recent travels, since I haven’t talked about it since I’ve been home. To put it shortly, the trip was amazing and I loved showing my family around my favorite spots in London and some in Paris. However, I did have a little bump in the road which prevented me from writing any posts while I was there or exploring as much as I wanted to. So in the post, I want to describe what happened and how I dealt with it. I hope this is especially helpful to any of you avid travelers out there.

So I will be making separate posts for both London and Paris, but I’ll do a quick synopsis in today’s post. We spent a week in London, with our hotel being extremely close to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. It was so lovely and every person we met was very inviting and wanting to help my family. I absolutely love the people of London! We went all over the place, from Windsor Castle to the Brighton pier. However, during our trip to Brighton and while spending our time on the pier, I began feeling a bit funny. It’s very normal to feel a bit off or tired while traveling, but this was something different. That night, I started to get the chills and ended up having a pretty severe fever that whole night. I didn’t mention it to my parents, since I could take care of it myself and assumed it would be gone by the morning.

But I was wrong.

Waking up that morning, I still felt extremely exhausted, as if I didn’t sleep a minute the night before. My body felt so weak and I could barely walk to the bathroom. This was something that has never happened to me while traveling, and I was especially nervous because this was the day we were leaving for Paris. We had a train ride planned that was headed straight for Paris, but I could barely get out of bed! There was no choice but to think of other options, possibly to stay another night in London. I was not about to ruin this trip for my entire family though. I was the only one who had been to Paris previously, so my family was very excited to see the city. With that in mind, I forced myself out of bed and into a taxi to get onto that freaking train to Paris.

I tried to sleep on the train to Paris and by the grace of God, we made it! Our first day in the city, we spent the morning simply walking around the Eiffel Tower and taking in the stunning architecture of Paris. It really does have some of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen with the most gorgeous European detailing. Unfortunately, in the evening of that day, sickness hit me again (or it never went away in the first place). I began having horrible traveller’s sickness which the next day turned into awful stomach cramps. Normally, I’d just stick it out and get past the pain, but at this point my family was getting quite worried. Personally I was hoping this wasn’t something awful like a parasite.

Long story short, after taking a few Imodium caplets and TONS of Pepto Bismol, we asked the hotel if there was a doctor available. They were very kind (even through the language barrier) and called a doctor who came straight to our hotel room. We don’t have doctors that make house calls in America, so this was very strange (and extremely convenient) for us. In the end, the doctor said I would be alright even though I would get severe stomach cramps after eating anything. He prescribed a couple medicines and even gave us great advice about exploring Paris. I actually quite enjoyed his visit even under the circumstances, especially because he brought positive news.

I gradually was able to get back on my feet, even though I was very sad I had wasted a day in a half laying in bed. But I was very grateful to be feeling better at all, so our trip went on with lots of exploring and visiting the Louvre. The reason I bring this whole story up is because things don’t always go as you plan. Even when things go wrong, I try to put things into perspective and through all of it, I felt so blessed to travel to two unforgettable cities. And even though it may be uncomfortable to talk about topics like traveler’s sickness or stomach bugs, it happens to each and every one of us. We’re all human and sometimes these things happen. All you can do is try to get healthy as soon as possible and move on to your fun activities! This is one reason I love my platform here on WordPress. Life happens and I’m happy to share these experiences with you guys because they are raw and real. This trip was such a blessing and I love that I got to share my favorite places with my family. I’ll stop rambling now, but I hope you guys enjoyed or learned something from this little experience of mine. Remember, bad things will always happen, but recognizing the good in everything is what matters most.

Photos of my travels coming soon!!


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How I Styled My Azeredo Lashes (Discount Code Included!)

Hello loves! For today’s post I wanted to share an amazing product with you from an awesome lash company: Azeredo Cosmetics. When I saw their lashes on the site, I was completely hooked. These aren’t your day to day Target lashes. They are completely handmade, cruelty free, and can be reapplied up to 15 times! That is unheard of and I love it! Better yet, 5% of their profits go to the Cancer Research Institute. It’s amazing that this company wants to give back to such an amazing cause. If you want to know more and checkout their selection of lashes, head on over to the Azeredo Cosmetics website.

Now for the exciting part! They have been kind enough to provide my readers a discount code to their lashes. Yes, special for my lovely little fam on this blog! If you find a pair or two (or three) that you love, use the code SAGE10 at checkout for 10% off your order. Not only are their lashes completely affordable but you’re also getting them with a discount! We love a good deal and you’re helping me out as well! Okay, now onto the makeup look and how I styled them!



I bought two different styles: Legendary and Doll. The first is a very dramatic, full lash that forced me out of my comfort zone and I fell in love with them. Doll is more natural and fluffy, perfect for day to day wear. In this post, I’m wearing the Legendary lashes. I love how they flare out towards the end; this makes them super flirty and perfect for a night out on the town! I wanted the lashes to be the center of attention, so for today’s look I went for a brown/neutral color palette and I think it was the perfect backdrop to display the elegance of these lashes. I used the brown/tan shades from the Jaclyn Hill palette.


With my delivery, the Azeredo team included an adorable note. These are little details that I really appreciate when it comes to companies. I’m sure it didn’t take long to write this up, but it really shows a lot of care that is between the company and their customers. Of course, this is the Graphic Designer in me speaking. On the left is the Doll lashes and the right is Legendary.



This specific pair of lashes has a black band (compared to commonly used clear bands) which was very different for me. However, it gave the effect of black eyeliner which was super convenient because I didn’t have to apply any across my lid (I added the tiniest bit on my inner corners to make the lashes appear more natural). I paired this brown toned eye look with a natural lip using MAC’s Honey Love, a classic! On Instagram live, I actually created this entire look so be sure to check out my Instagram for future live makeup tutorials!


If you’d like to purchase the Legendary lashes, I’ll drop a link here. If you’d prefer the more natural Doll lashes, check them out here. Azeredo also offers a variety pack of their lashes, what more could we ask for?

You guys know I’ve been getting more and more into makeup/beauty lately, so this has come at the perfect time. I will only promote a product I truly love to you guys, and these lashes are definitely one of them! I find them so gorgeous, especially because they give back to a great cause. They are also saving you tons of money simply because they can be reused so many times! Again, use my code SAGE10 for 10% off your Azeredo lashes. Let me know down in the comments what you think of this look! Also be sure to drop any questions you have about the lashes down below, I’ll be answering them! Talk to you guys soon!


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My Favorite Post Workout Protein Bars!

Hello everyone! Yes, I’m back from Europe! It’s been way too long since I’ve posted, but I promise I have a ton to tell you. Lots have gone on within the last twelve days, but I’ll save that for another post coming soon! When you’re away from home traveling a lot, usually you have no choice but to buy every meal or order room service at your hotel. There is no cooking from home or knowing exactly what’s in your food.

My family and I needed a nice detox since eating this way, so we bought tons of fruits and veggies and have been cooking delicious and healthy meals since the second we walked in the door. It’s been awesome and super motivating! That being said, I made my own little trip to Sprouts to pick out some special things. I ended up finding TONS of amazing protein bars for when I can’t always make these fabulous home cooked meals. They’re the perfect post gym snack so I really wanted to share them with you guys!


The Complete Cookie

These little gems right here are called the Complete Cookie from Lenny & Larry’s. I initially found this brand from watching MissRemiAshten on YouTube, since she’s been on a health journey for a while now and I’m super inspired by her. I ended up seeing them a few weeks ago at the grocery storing and LOVING them! So naturally, I picked up a few more flavors at Sprouts. I can honestly say these things taste like an actual cookie! It’s kind of scary really that these things have no eggs, no soy, are non GMO, and are vegan! I have no words.



So I’ve tried the double chocolate chip and snickerdoodle flavors. I very much enjoyed both but I’d believe the snickerdoodle flavor was an actual cookie if someone handed it to me. Even better, one serving of these is actually half a cookie so they will last longer. One serving is 220 calories, so they could very easily be a meal replacement if you don’t have time for an actual healthy meal. If you have time to cook for yourself or buy a meal, I’d still recommend doing that first, as it isn’t healthy to just eat protein bars for your nutrition. However, if you have one of these in your car and you’re running late to work or school, the Complete Cookie is a fabulous option! I’m really looking forward to trying the peanut butter and chocolate chip flavors, so I’ll keep you posted on Instagram!



I first found out about these bars last semester when many of my friends in college were trying the Whole 30 plan. It worked very well for many people I know and these bars are a staple for the Whole 30 diet. I first tried the chocolate sea salt flavor and wasn’t actually a huge fan of it. The texture is extremely chewy and sticks to your teeth a bit. However, I gave them a couple more tries and now I’m literally obsessed with them! Once I got past the texture, I found them delicious and another great option if you’re running low on time in the morning. I will mention these are not vegan.


As you can see from the beautiful packaging, all the ingredients are right there on the front! 3 egg whites, 6 almonds, 4 cashews, 2 dates and NO B.S. I love it! They’re so simple and packed with flavor and great things for your body. They had tons of different flavors at Sprouts, so definitely check them out if you have one near you.


Quest Bars

These bars are ones I am least familiar with. They sold them at my university’s “grocery store” (lol) but I never picked one up. Before reviewing them, I opened one up and tried it for myself. I will never write about something that I don’t truly love or use myself, as I never want to mislead any of you. But luckily, I am now a big fan of the Quest bar! I chose the cookies & cream and S’mores flavor. Clearly, I love my sweets which is no surprise. The cookies & cream flavor was honestly delicious and I really enjoyed the texture. It’s pretty dense, but again tastes like you’re having dessert! This is another bar I saw in Remi’s videos, and I’m really glad I’m giving them a shot.



Thanks so much for reading today’s post! I’m very motivated to get healthy, so maybe this is the first post of a healthy series? Who knows. Let me know if a health journey/workout tracking series would be something you guys are interested in. Also comment down below if you’ve tried any of these protein bars before!


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What To Wear To Work OOTD!

Hello lovelies! Since I have just graduated from college and in the process of applying for jobs, I got a seasonal position back at Nordstrom! I’ve worked at the department store seasonally on and off since I was 18, so I’m very familiar with retail etiquette and how to build bonds with customers. I really enjoy the environment there and the company is honestly so good to their employees. I feel very lucky to have a place there. That being said, I’ve had to do a bit of shopping so my wardrobe fits the dress guidelines. I’ve found some great pieces that would work for your average work day for many people! Thought I’d share that today on the blog, so keep reading to see the look!




What I love so much about this outfit is how casual but put together it is. For my job, we cannot have any rips or holes in our jeans, which is a bummer for me because that’s all I ever buy, LOL. These jeans however, have been a pleasant surprise for me. I love how the bottoms are cut so they look asymmetrical and geometric. I’m all about that geometric look! They’re also a bit high waisted, which is something I really love in a good pair of jeans. Luckily the high waisted look has been very in style lately, so I’ve taken full advantage!



Okay, let’s just talk about this top for a minute. The stripes..the tie…the hood! I can’t get enough of it. This is what I call effortless style. I love when I can put one piece of clothing on and it creates a complete look! This top is super flowy, (which of course, if you know me, is practically all I buy) especially when it comes to the sleeves. The bell sleeves give such an elegant, yet bohemian vibe which is also repeated in the hood. I would have never though to put a hood on a top like this, but I seriously adore it. It’s also a bit of a crop top, making it the perfect summer statement piece. As you may have noticed from my last OOTD, I’ve been super into stripes and I’m not sorry about it!



Outfits like these are great when it comes to working. Walking around for hours in a store, at a restaurant, or in an office can get a bit tiring. Having something that I’m comfortable walking a lot in, but is also super fashionable is what I strive for. If you’re looking for some great work outfits, try aiming for comfortable blouses that can be dressed up with jewelry, hair, and makeup (if you’re into that).


These shoes from Madewell have been my prized possession for a few weeks now. I wore them to my Graphic Design portfolio review, and they were absolutely perfect. Of course, with any heeled shoe, they got a bit uncomfortable around the fifth hour, but I can honestly say they’re some of the best heeled sandals I have. The material is actually very soft and flexible, which was great for being on my feet that day. I think they work very well with the blue stripes in this blouse as well. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to wear them during work, but for a casual look I’ll definitely be rocking them!

Hope you all loved this OOTD! I’m bringing both these piece to Europe with me and this top has been all over my Instagram! I also hope you don’t mind my little fiddle leaf plant making a cameo in all of my OOTD’s. It’s just the perfect accent to my room and brightens up my photos. As of right now, I’m in London so again, if you have any great places in mind that you’d recommend, please let me know down in the comments! xx


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4 Things I Learned in 4 Years!

Hello all! Being a fresh out of college graduate, it’s been crazy to look back on these four years and think of everything that has happened in my life. Every person that enters college will be a completely different human being after graduation (hopefully, at least). I personally changed a ton because of my experiences and I’m very grateful for that. I thought for today’s post, I’d go through each year of my college experience and give specific pieces of advice that I took away from it. I genuinely hope this helps anyone that’s about to go into college (or uni) or anyone who’s currently on their journey.

Freshman Year: My transition into college was actually quite smooth. I learned that you are capable of so much more than you can imagine. Moving into a more adult life was so exciting and I feel I was pretty responsible for an 18 year old. I do very well with routines and was strict about doing laundry every week, changing my sheets every other week, and generally being on top of work I didn’t have to do before. This year for me was a lot about learning how to deal with different types of people. Every person in college will come across people they don’t necessarily share a lot in common with, but how you respond is everything!

Sophomore Year: This year was probably the hardest for me. I went through some friend situations that I had never dealt with before that honestly hurt me to my core. However, I feel these instances were necessary to my personal growth and being confident in who I am as person. You know exactly who you are on the inside. Don’t pay any mind to someone who wants to label you something you’re not. If any person in your life wants to spread negativity or hurtful thoughts, keep your head up and continue being your awesome, happy, and confident self! Being a bright light in the world will never do you wrong.

Junior Year: Everything was looking up junior year! It was honestly one of the happiest years and one of the most difficult academically. Since this is your second to last year of college, take advantage of the city you’re living in. Explore as often as you can, take lots of photos, and make all the mems you can! Wow, I really sound like a mom now, LOL. This was also the year I went through an intense breakup. It was my first major heartbreak but was also something that taught me a lot about myself. The process of learning to be on my own after so many years was difficult, but lonely times are sometimes needed and time heals everything.

Senior Year: After coming back from Europe, my world was completely expanded and I felt so different in the best ways. That sounds so cliché, but it’s true. I also had gotten my first apartment and I was ready to conquer senior year! This was also a year of learning how to deal with people, specifically landlords. Apartment living can be so freeing but definitely has its difficult moments. Don’t settle for anything you’re unsure about, and don’t feel guilty for wanting (and working hard for) more in life. Again, I had lonely moments learning to be on my own. However, for me personally being busy and on a schedule helps a lot with that and putting all of your time into things you love. Second semester, I was distracted 24/7 with designing my Graphic Design portfolio. It was tons of work, but completely worth it when it came to the actual review! Lastly, remember YOU GOT THIS, even though some days its totally okay to feel like this:

I hope you all enjoyed these short reviews of my years in college. I could talk for hours about college related things, so leave your post requests in the comments if you have any specific questions about the subject! This little Californian is now in Europe, so be sure to follow me on all my socials to keep up with my travels in London and Paris!


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What’s In My Makeup Travel Bag?


Hello everyone! As a lot of you may know, I’ve been going through my packing process since I’m leaving for London soon. Today I focused a bit on my makeup collection and the specific items I want to bring with me. It’s honestly so hard to narrow down on the things I want to bring. However, in order to travel (semi) lightly, I have some decisions to make.

Let’s start with brushes!


Luckily with this second trip to Europe, I have a bit more room when it comes to makeup. The perks of traveling with your fam! These are all the brushes I’ll be taking along with me: a beauty blender, a large fluffy brush for translucent powder, a fan brush, brushes for bronzer and blush, a stippling brush for foundation, and of course tons of different eyeshadow brushes. Eye shadow brushes are so small, they’re very easy to carry along with you while traveling. Although this may seem a bit excessive, they have all fit perfectly into my makeup bag (continue reading to see my bag).

On to face products!


These products are some of the bulkiest that I’m planning to bring. I will be using the tinted moisturizer the most out of everything, since I don’t want to pile on foundation throughout the whole trip. However, I’m bringing my Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation for special days. I use the Laura Mercier foundation primer specifically to go under the Marc Jacobs product, and funny enough I found a travel sized version under my sink! As for concealer, my Nars creamy concealer is coming with. I’m also taking some translucent powder from Laura Mercier; this powder is honestly one of my holy grail products, I couldn’t travel without it! Of course, I’m also bringing one of my favorite pink blushes from Too Faced and bronzer from both Laura Mercier and Benefit. Lastly, my go to highlighter: Champagne Pop from Becca x Jaclyn Hill!

Moving onto eyes and eyeshadow!




I don’t need too much when it comes to eyes (shockingly). I’m bringing my Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, although recently since I’ve been doing a lot of eyeshadow looks, I’ve gotten into the habit of using concealer and translucent powder as primer instead. I’m also bringing classics such as an eyelash curler, my go to Stila liquid eyeliner, and the Benefit Roller Lash (which I’m newly obsessed with). For brows, I’m bringing tweezers (in case they become unruly) and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. Finally, for eyeshadow, I’m bringing the Jaclyn Hill palette. I wasn’t sure if I was going to able to bring it due to its large size, but it actually packs perfectly into my makeup bag! Normally I’d bring a smaller one, but this palette simply has it all and I know I could achieve any possible look with it. Perfect for the unknowns of travel, especially as a fashion and beauty blogger!

What about the lips?


I don’t actually wear lipstick too often, but since I’d love to get some awesome pics for Insta and for future blog posts, I thought I’d bring some small ones. I’ve loved “Honey Love” (pun intended) from MAC for so long, and it’s so easy to wear. I’m also taking my go-to liquid matte from Anastasia Beverly Hills in “Stripped.” Thirdly, a lovely brick shade from the Tarte “Tarteist” collection.

Can’t forget about skincare!


When it comes to skincare, my mom and sister will also most likely be using the same products, so it will be easy to share and save space in our luggage. I can’t go anywhere without my La Mer moisturizer, it’s honestly the only product that works overnight for my skin. The Pore Refining toner from Neutrogena has also been my new favorite, it really helps to even out my skin tone. L’Oréal also has an awesome pure clay charcoal mask that I’ve been loving, and they pack a travel size with their normal tin! Of course, I’ve always worn my CoCo Chanel perfume, and the bottle is such a reasonable size that I have to bring it.

Okay, but what does the makeup bag look like?



I’m seriously in love with this makeup bag from Amazon. It was so affordable ($15.99) and perfect for a ton of traveling! Here is the link since a couple people were requesting it! When opened up, the top has sections for brushes and other items, as well as a zipper that opens to a larger pocket. I placed all my brushes here, as well as some lipsticks and smaller products. The main section of this bag comes with detachable separaters. This makes for easy organization and knowing exactly where your things are. Nothing bothers me more than needing a product and having no clue where it is!



In order to fit the Jaclyn Hill palette, I removed the separaters, although with some effort it can be placed on top of them. I organized my bag according to size and what each item is used for. It’s crazy to see just how many things can fit into this medium sized bag! It honestly shocked me. I’ve never used a bag like this before, but I would completely recommend it if you’re doing some traveling!

That’s about it for this post, I hope you guys enjoyed and was informative or helpful. Let me know as always, if you have any questions or comments. I’m so excited to get to London and Paris, I truly am blessed to be able to go to these beautiful locations! Talk to you all soon! xx


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